The soul of my life…. Episode 13 “I love u sanky”


Hi guys thank u whoever commented on my previous episode n whoever is commenting on my ff. As per somebody’s request I’ll give more raglak scenes compared to meekar, rajeena.

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recap: swasan in hugli, raglak meekar rajeena masti

Swara wakes up shouting yash…
Sanskar who is sleeping on couch wakes up listening to her screams n runs to her….
Swara was sweating badly….
San: (concerned)swara….swara…..what hppnd…what hppndhppnd… Cups her face..
Swa: yash…yash….
San: (confused): yash….swara see here once ntng happnd just a mere dream ntng to worry she leans on his shoulder…
San(in mind): who is this yash.. They also told shona but is she the one they r talking abt… He then sees that she was asleep so he makes her lay on bed n went to washroom.

After sometimesometime
Swara woke up n sees the room.
Swa: where m I n… She sees him coming out of washroom.
Swa: sanskar u r here…
San: haa actually yesterday u slept early so without disturbing u I bought u here.
Swa: but u n me r in same room whole ngt
San: oh yeah we booked two rooms but due to their irresponsibility we got only one room.
Swa: so.u should take to other hotel na
San: hlooo madam I don’t do anything wrong n one more thing yesterday it was so late so we can’t get another hotel at that. Then I thought to be here only.
Swa: sry….(guilty)
San: by the way….. He forwards his hand
Swa sees him confused
San: arey budhu…saying this he takes her hand n shakes her hand.
San: frnds OK…
He then hears a knock on the door
He goes to open the door..
San: ohhh u… Please come in.
Ow: yes I thought as u were tired I thought to give u this soup.
San: but why do u strain urself we can call waiter na…
Om: don’t worry young man my wife will make good one. Don’t doubt in that.
San: it’s not like that sir…
Om: frst thing don’t call me sir call me dadaji.
Ow: hi beti..m Mrs ashwin khurana.
Swa: hlo dadi
Ow: I think ur husband loves u a lot.
Swa: (confused): husband….
Ow: haa…she sees sanskar n says. Yesterday when we saw u we saw ourselves in u…
Swara understands that she is talking abt sanskar..
Swara thinks to say no but she stops n thinks
Swa: no swara u can’t tell them if they know that u r not husband n wife then they will take wrong as we both r in same room. It’s a matter of 4 days n u will busy in ur work so u can’t face off them it’s better not to tell them.
Om: haa sanskar take care of ur wife…
San: sry sir but…
Swara understand that’s he is going to reveal the truth. Soon she calls him n says
Swa: sanskar….
He sees her…
Swara then excuses ow n go to sanskar.
Swa: aunty said that u took grt care of me yesterday.
Sanskar didn’t understand why she is behaving like that….
San: swara……(confused)
Swara understand that he is confused
Swa: I love u sanky…
He was totally stunned to hear that from her mouth. But somewhere he is happy. His face is showing mixed emotions.. Happy shocked confused……

Ow: awwww such a cute couple…she sighs her husband to leave them alone…
They goes….
Swara sighs seeing them going
Sanky was still stood shocked.
Swa sees him n comes near him.
Swa shakes him but no response
Swa shakes him more now. He comes to his senses…
Before he could speak she interrupts him
Swa: sry…vo.. If u tell them that we r not husband n wife they may think bad so ….
Sanky understand what she wanted to say
San: ohhh so u also have a brain…
Swa: what do u mean I don’t have a brain…
San: when did I say that
Swa: now only….
San: nahi tho…
Swa: you…..(stamps her feet to the ground n goes to get ready)

Scene shifts to ooty
Rag wakes up n sees Reena missing…
Here lakkar also sees raj missing.
Lak: arey where did this raj go..
Kar: m also thinking that only….
Rag: meera where is Reena
Mee: I don’t know di….
They all get ready n goes out… After 10 min they reach a place n see that rajeena were hugging each other.
Rageera keeps their hands on mouth…
Lak: arey what hppnd why did u keep ur hands on mouth
Rag:do they love eachother
Kar: that’s y I said u r dumb.
Mee: oyy don’t call her dumb
Kar: y r u reacting if I call her dumb..
Mee: becoz she is…..she stops (in mind): meeru what u r going to do….control ur mouth…
Kar:hlooo waves his hand infront of her.where r u lost
Mee: ntng she is my frnd na.
Rag: awww tq meeru.she shows tongue to both karlak
Lak: arey Yar I know raj loves reena but i don’t know that reena too loves him
Rag: we too dont know.
Rag sees lak seeing rajeena without blinking eyes.she also sees why he is seeing like that.
Soon she realises that theythey(rajeena) were going to kiss.
Rag closes his eyes. He then got disturbed n scolds her for interruting.
Lak: what the hell y u r disturbing me.
Rag: don’t u have shame to see if someone is kissing. Isa ghur raha hai ki koyi laddo dekhe ho
Lak: what to do madam never I had saw someone like this before lively. Yeh toh live show hai. Again he started staring.
This time rag come inbetween. N stops him from seeing.
Lak: why r u coming in between in middle. Kash I have a ff who gives me a kiss. Saying this he acts like he is getting a kiss.
Rag fumes in anger.
Kar: arey stop u both.
While both rajeena are leaning towards eachother others cough.
They get disturbed n embarrassed.
Reena: guys it’s ntng like what u think. Just something went into my eyes n he is removing it…
Lakkar: ohhh…
Raj: yes guys…it’s…..nt… that..
Rageera: Reena don’t hide we all saw what u were going to do.
Reena: so if u came to know then what is the use of hiding yes I love raj.
Rag: but h never told us…how mean u r hiding things from us.
Reena: ragu I wanted to tell but frst u want to listen from his mouth that he too loves me. Par ye Banda tho sharam ke maare kuch nahi bola. Man kartha tha ki vahi thappad lagake bulva du.
Lak: finally he told u thank God… M proud of u mere Bhai

Reena: hloo don’t praise him. He is fit for ntng. He even can’t dare for his love. Meine hi ye kadam utaya.
Mee: par reena u shouldn’t have proposed him frst
Rag: I agree with meeru.
Reena: guys chill I didn’t propse him
Kar: then…
Reena: he only proposed me…
Rag: how’s that..
Reena: simple jealousy it make everything normal….
Lak: it means u felt jealous n told ur feelings….
Raj nods..

Rag: ok OK reena I’m happy for u…ha u r right. If u love anyone then u shld tell him/her immediately becoz we dont know what happens. Agar vo kisi aur SE pyar kar baiti tho.
Lak imagines rag hugging other person n leaning to kiss him. Suddenly he shouts
Lak: no……..
All are startled to.hear him…
What hppnd duggu he caresses his back…seeing this karan fumes with jealousy
Lak: ntng ntng come let’s go….
Lak(in mind): yes ragu u r right I have to tell u my feelings as soon as possible
Kar: yes ragini u r crct I have to tell my feelings to meera as soon as possible but I never talked to her politely also we fight with each other. How can I say that I love her. No not now I have to make her fall for me.

Scene shifts to swasan

San: this place is nice for our factory…turning to other person: tq for guiding us mr karma. I thought u will meet me after I return but…
Mr.karma: I also thought that only Mr.sanskar but later I thought it’s better if we meet n clear all the matter before getting any dbts.
San: OK we have to leave.
Mr.karma: haa…my uncle kept a party…could u come there he wanted to meet u
San: yeah of course Mr.karma it’s my pleasure I’ll definitely come.
Mr.karma: u too miss Bose.
Swa: yes Mr.karma I’ll.

Scene shifts to raglak
Lak gets a call
Lak: hlooo murli…how r u man….it’s a long time….
Murli: shutup u stupid. I hate u…
Lak: now what did I do…
Murli: dont tell me that u don’t remember anything
Lak: what r u talking abt….
He remember that his wedding is there.
Lak: ohhh freek
Mur: I know man I know u won’t remember my wedding
Lak: shutup don’t shout. Not u I have to shout on u. How could u think that I won’t attend ur wedding. How could u even think that. U know what I thought to give u surprise. I also asked my friends to.join u but u…. I know u will question me.
Mur: sry mere Bhai sry where r u now
Lak: aur kaha ooty mein
Mur: what ooty.I’ll send u car
Lak: yup..he cuts the call. Bach gaya…
Lak: to others : guys I have a friend here his wedding is there so we have to go there
Mee: but duggu who is he..u never told me that u have a friend here..
Lak: meeru(he keeps hishis hand on her shoulder) u know him Murali.
Mee: what …..murali he is marrying without
telling me.
Lak: Bach gaya tu or else he would have married u
Kar: what (shock)….
Lak: u know what karan he is after meeru. Bit
she didn’t give any heed to him…so guys tomorrow at 7 am we r leaving for wedding
All: yeah…..

Screen freezes on happg faces of raglak

Precap: swasan in party, raglak in mrrg, lak confession. Sanky jealousy.

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