The soul of my life…. Episode 12 “cute eyelock”


Hi guys waiting for the next episode right. So here I m to give u next update. I’m glad that some are following my ff regularly thank u so.much whoever following my ff regularly.

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Recap: swara past, shemish calling sanky as yash, raglak ooty.

So now let’s start episode

Same day
Swara returns to her house(BM)
Shemish are lost in their thoughts thinking y yash said like that….
They see swara coming.
Shek: shona…..
Mishti: she squeezes his hand n signs him not to ask her anything.
Swara: yes Papa.
Shek: ntng… I just want to ask how is ur office.
Swara recalls her recent moments with sanky.
Mishti: shona….where have u lost..
Swara: ntng ma..(fake smile) Yup My office is so nice. It’s so awesome. Man kar raha hai ki vahi rukh jau.
Shemish: ahaaaaaa
Shek: so koi Mila hai kya…
Mishti beats him on his shoulder.
Shem: arey what did I do. U only tell she is giving more preference than home that too on first day of her, in her office.
Voice: yes uncle….
All turn to see the side from the voice is coming.
Swara: Alleppy….
Mishti: how much time will u take to return to ur house neethi.
Alleppy: aunty u know na mom I’ll return to that house once in a month. So whenever I go there mom will not leave me.
Shek: arey now she came back na. What is the use of talking all nonsense. Shona neethi go to ur rooms.we will talk after dinner OK..
Swaneeti: yes Papa/uncle
They go to their room.


Sun rays are falling on our sleeping beauties. They are disturbed by the rays…..
Rag: Reena plz close the curtains Yar…
Reena: ragu u go n close na.
Some one closes the curtains…
Now they sleep nicely..
Meera: ragini di, reena come get up (u all thought they are our heroes right lol)
Rageena: arey plz let us sleep some more time.
Meera: arey Yar we have to go to see the places if u people sleep like this then when will we go. Now come on get up…
Still they won’t get up.
There is a knock on the door.
Meera opens the door soon she stand astonished. She opens her mouth wide…
Lak: arey meeru close ur mouth oresle mosquitoes will go inside.
Meera immediately closes her mouth
Meera: but duggu(guys laksh Nick name is duggu meera n laksh are twins so she call him duggu sometimes n Bhai sometimes) what’s all this.
Kar: what happnd… R we looking bad.. They are adjusting their dresses
Meera can’t take anyone she burst out into laughter…
Raj: what hppnd meera y r u laughing….
Meera: raj it’s not Goa that u guys will wear like this……
Lak: I said na but this karan only told to wear this. Meine kaha na….now see what she is saying.
Kar: arey I thought it’s good… N is there any rule that we will wear these type of dresses only in Goa.
Raj: guys already we r late if u go on like this then sure we will be late still.
Mee: OK OK but they didn’t wake up yet..
Lakkarraj: what still not woke up…
Lak: no prblm meeru they will see now.
Both raj n lak goes inside. They sees their loves sleeping peacefully they r lost in their beautiful faces. But are disturbed by karan meeras fighting.
Lak: guys guys what hppnd why r u shouting again.
Raj: lak frst we should wake them after wards ask them abt their fight.
Suddenly rageena woke up shouting…
Rageena: tsunami tsunami… (Yes guys lakraj poured water on them)they sees that all are standing in front laughing holding their stomachs…
Both get angry n chase their partners….they also ppur water on them.
Now again laksh pours water on her… She chases him pour water on him but it missed n fell on meera…. Meera pour water on rag laksh on karan. Like this they played for 30 min….at the end they stop poring water on each other due to tiredness.
Kar: (huffing): guys now stop n get ready we r already late.
Lak:(huffing): yes….yes…..
Laksh sat with ragini n raj with Reena karan with meera.
When they are trying to get up they slip due to water fall on each other.
Rag on top of lak on bed, karan on top of meera on sofa, reena on raj on chair….all the pairs share a cute eyelock….
Laksh tucks rags hairs behind her ear with one hand while other hand is on her waist… All another have same position.

They were lost in each other’s eyes. They remain in this position without bothering abt surroundings. They remain like this for nearly 10 min. All were disturbed by a knock on the door…
All get embarrassed. Meera goes to open the door. She finds a guy standing outside….
Mee: yes
Guy: mam u have ordered breakfast…
Mee: ohh yeah keep it..

Rageena: arey what is this…pointing to their dresses..
Lakraj gives death glares to kar.
Mee: guys if u completed with ur laughing could u plz get ready..
Boys leave while girls got ready…

Scene shifts to sanky room…
Sanky: maa is everything ready
Ap: ha sanskar..
Sanky: ma my file.
Ap: arey baghawan. Sanky u have grown up still u dont known how to keep ur stuff.when ur wife come na she will be tired of doing ur work.
Sanky: ma whoever is that girl but I wish she look after u as u r like her mom.
Ap: I think I have done good deeds in my past life then only I got son like u.
Sanky: no ma it’s my luck that I got parents like u…
Dp: sanskar u r getting late….
Sanky: yes Papa.. Now stop ur tears. He wipes them n says plz send me with smile…OK..
He leaves mm…

He goes to BM
Sanky: calls her: miss Bose r u ready.
Swa: ha mr. Maheshwari. Just five min…
Shemish sees sanky through window.
Mishti: shekhar does shona that yash returned.
Shek: mishti he said he didn’t know us. But why he is here..
Swa: ma papa…
Mishti: shekhar come shona is calling us..
They go down.
Swa: ma Papa I forgot to say I’m going to hugli for some work I’ll return back within 4days.
Shemish: OK bye shona
Mishti: tumhari khayal rakhna
Shek: u don’t start ur Rona Dona she is my tigress she will take care.
Swa: right Papa OK I’ll go..bye Alleppy
She goes shemish sees swa sitting sankys car..
Shek: mishti shona knows abt him.
Mishti: shekhar we will ask her when she will return.
All: what hppnd aunty.
Shemish: ntng beta now go u r late for ur work.
Alleppy goes…

In car
Sanky sees swara sitting calm.
Sanky remember their kiss..
Sanky: sry….
Swa: huh!!
Sanky: m sry for yesterday..
Swa: no prblm it’s OK.
Sanky: really I don’t mean to kis…..
He sees swa n stops in the middle embarrassed.
Swa: sir I don’t want to talk abt that it’s just an accident leave it.
Sanky: offf thank God I was so scared…
After sometime.
Sanky: haaa swara
SSA: yes sir…
Sanky: can u plz stop that sir word at least outside the office
Swa: OK sir…
Sanky glares at her..
Swa: sry sry sanskar…
Sanky: that’s good.
Sanky: how many are there in ur family…
Swa: 4, dad mom me n Alleppy
Sanky: ur sister
Nope: no she is my frnd But more than a sister. She is like my soul mate. U know sanskar(she keeps her two palms on his arm with excitement.)
Sanky felt something different feeling.. He looks at her hands n her face but swara was busy in talking…
Swa: we were so naughty… We used to torture others so much.
She sees sanskar stating her…..she stops n looks front she notices a car coming towards them.
Swa:(shouts): sanskar..sambhalke.
He comes into his senses n turns the car…
Swa sighs sanskar what r u thinking…
Sanky: ntng…
After 2 hrs of their journey they reach hugli.
Sanky stops the car in front of a hotel. He then sees swa who is sleeping peacefully.
He adores her peaceful face….
Sanky: she is sleeping now what to do. If I woke her up she will get disturbed. Ek kaam kartha huhu ise lekar andar jatha hu.

He locks her up in bridal attire n goes inside.
Carrying her he goes to receptionist. Sanky: excuse me m sanskar maheshwari we have booked two rooms yesterday can u give is keys plz.
Rec: one min sir… She checks n says sry sir due to some reasons u got only one room.
Sanky: what….we have booked two rooms na..
Rec: sry sir but try to understand.
Sanky: it’s ngt we can’t go to other hotel too. Ok give me. He takes the keys n goes towards his room along with swara.
He tries to open the door but as he is carrying her it’s difficult to open it. An old pair comes their at the same time.
Oldman: hlo Mr young man can I help u.
Sanky: well tq sir..
He opens it n takes swara inside..

Oldwoman: nice pair hai na…
Oldman: yes looking too good.
Keeping swara on bed sanky comes to them
Sanky: tq sir.. M sanskar…
Oldman: hlo sanskar I think u love ur wife a lot…
Sanky:(confused): wife…
Ow(oldwoman): yes sanskar u two make a good pair… (Pointing to swara)
Sanky: no no no…..
I’m(old man): dont feel shy we r like that only when we r young. We r staying next to u. If u need any help them call us OK saying this they go without listening to them.
Sanky: arey what they are thinking….
Soon he sees swaras cut sleeping face… He don’t want to disturb her so he also goes to couch n sleeps there..
Scene shift to raglak
Lak: offff we r tired too much… Now let’s sleep… Soon lakrajkar doses off.
Here rageera also sleep.
Screen splits on sleeping faces of swasan raglak…

Guys I know some body r silent readers of my ff but just write whether it is nice ot not thats it. I hope silent readers also comment. N thank u once again whoever is commenting on my ff.

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