The soul of my life…. Episode 11 “I miss u……”

Hi guys thank u so much. I’m really really happy that u all liked my ff n spending time for my work. Now from now onwards start the love life of our pairs. So r u ready to know abt their love. So u have to just read the story. Guys I just wanted to plot a question do u people finding my ff interested or boring. Suddenly this question pop up in my mind. So plz clear my doubt. If u find bore also no prblm. But tell me I’ll try to make it interesting. Hope u guys will give the reply. Keep supporting love u all.

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Recap: swasan liplock. Planning for trip.

Here is the episode

Sanky: God what had i done. How did I face her.

Other side
Swara: y god y. Not again. I don’t have that much courage to face him. I have to maintain distance from him. She takes out a photo from her purse… U cheater u stupid u idiot u traitor y did u leave me. U know what I have learnt what is love from u. But what u did… U traitor u left me. I hate u for leaving me. I hate u yash….. I hate u…. I tried to forget u but u always remind me.

Swa: yash plz don’t go na…(guys u come to know who is yash but just wait )
Yash: sweetheart I don’t want to but u know na mom dad wanna see me. I can’t deny them. But I promise u I will be back soon.
Swa: ha go vaise I don’t miss u for ur kind information.
Yash: acha then who asked me stay back
Swa: mein tho vaise hi kaha. Just tumhara reactuon dekhna chahthi thi. N u believed me idiot.
Yash: oyy whom u called idiot.
Swa: is any one here other than u and me. Ofcourse u.
Yash: when i will go na then u will miss me pakka.
Swa: in ur dreams. U idiot.
Yash:acha now see what will this idiot do.. He starts tickling her n as they were doing they both fall on the sofa. They share a cute eyelock. Yash leans to kiss her but she keeps her palm in-between.
Yash: what’s this shona ek kiss tho dedo.plz plz plz
Swa: when u will return na then I will give. But now go u are getting late.
Yash: plz shona ek kiss plz..
Swa: no frst go.
He makes pout face n goes.she smiles seeing his pout face. She waves bye n gives flying kiss.
Yash : take the flying kiss: now I took this but when I return u should repay the debt u own me.
He also gives flying kiss n waves bye. He goes.

***flashback ends****

She cries remembering him.
Swa: yash u told that I miss u when u go away from me. Yeah u are right I miss u plz come back. Plz…..I can’t stay without u.plz come back…

Other side…
Sanky gets a call…
Dp: sanskar u know na we r searching for dil for u. As they wanted to meet u they r coming today after office go to them.
Sanky: but Papa I have to go to hugli tomorrow.
Dp: tomorrow na today u meet them. If after meet them n say ur decision we will do other works.
Sanky: yes Papa

Scene shifts to laksh room
Laksh: lucky u r going to spend time with ragini. Make her fall in love with u. U won’t get this chance again…
Meera comes from behind….
Meera: bhai if u r done with ur dreams can we leave they r waiting outside.
Lak: meeru ki bachi wait ……
They start running. Lak holds her ears
Meera: Bhai sry sry sry plz leave my ear it’s paining.
Lak: no where did this sry gone when u were teasing me.
Meera: plz Bhai I said sry na..
Lak: OK. He leaves her. But mujhse panga math le na.
Meera: OK OK she goes for some distance n turns: vaise Bhai u have time to romance with bhabhi after frst get ready… She leaves running.
Lak: meeru ki bachi…. He goes near door n sees her leaving.
He smiles n says the nahi sudregi.

Their friends comes to mm.
They all leave.
Meera: acha bhabhi(to ragini)
Lak gives death glares to meera
Kar: bhabhi(confused)
Meera: no no not bhabhi I think u r somewhat deaf…
Kar: oyy m not deaf…here all listened u saying bhabhi he na(to others)
Reena: karan I don’t heard any word like that.
Meera: see I said na u have hearing prblm.
Lak: OK OK leave all that…ha karan have u booked a hotel there
Kar: ha I booked a hotel we got two rooms. One room is for girls n other for us..
Lak: meeru did u inform sanky Bhai.
Karan was somewhat feeling jealous of laksh…but fake smiles always…
Meera: ha u know na he is always busy with his work. But we should say inspite of having work he will give time for our family.

Rag: guys I’m sleeping mujhe neend aa rahi hai. Bye.
Lak: ha ha ragu I think u r tired come sleep.
Raj: arey bada pyar aa raha hai some days before u were fighting like Tom n Jerry now u r behaving nice with her. What’s the matter.
Meera: bhabhi…matlab ragini aur yeh ladthe the. Par kyun.
Lak: meeru there is ntng like that.
Rag: OK OK now stop ur nonsense n let me sleep.
Reena: ragu is saying crct let us sleep. After their journey they reach their destination.

Scene shifts to xyz cafe
Sanky to see a girlgirl
Sanky: hloo(in phn) did u come here.
OS: yeah I’m reaching..
Sanky: hloo m sanskar maheshwari. Frnds call me sanky.
Girl: m sanaya. Sanaya bharadia. Frnds call me sanu.
Sanky: I know we came here for knowing ourselves. I don’t know anything abt u. I just want a girl who cares abt my family. Who give love to my family.
San: i also think the same. I also want a guy who give love to my father like me.
Sanky: I want to tell that if u are comfortable only then we can know each other. Then we can talk abt marriage. Because marrg is a big thing.I think u never mind.
San: even I thought to ask u the same. It’s nice that u only asked that.
Sanky: well I need to go I have some work.
San: OK then we will again meet after ur return.
Sanky: well then.
Suddenly sanky gets a call
Sanky: hlo Mr varma.
Varma: sir karma company owner wants to meet u before leaving to hugli.
Sanky: is thete anything imp varma.
Varma: no sir he want to come to talk abt the project that’s it.
Sanky: OK I’m at xyz cafe. Ask him to come here.
Varma: yes sir…
Sankh sits on a chair.
Suddenly someone puts a hand on his shoulder.

Sanky pov.
When I was waiting for the owner of karma group of industries I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder.I turned to them. Their i saw one person with most emotional look towards me. But I don’t know how they r. They are calling me yash. But who is this yash. I heard them saying abt a girl named shona…
” shona are they talking abt swara. No no no so many people have same name… ”

“Sry I think u have some misunderstanding my name is not yash m sanskar maheshwari ” i said not understanding why they r calling me yash…
But they are again n again calling me yash… I don’t know what is going on…suddenly I got a call I left from there.

POV ends…
Sanky: hloo….. haha Mr. Karma (owner of karma grp of industries)
Mr.karma: sry Mr maheshwari but I can’t come I was stuck in the traffic. So plz can we meet after ur return
Sanky: no.prblm Mr karma we will.
He hang the phn.

Scene shifts to ooty..
All got down the car…
While going ragu got some wound in her leg due to a stone
Rag: ahhhh(screams in pain)
Laksh. Ragu….runs to her. What hppnd…he sees her leg n takes her leg in his hands… Cant u walk properly. See what have u done to urself. He ties his kerchief to her leg….
While all this ragini was seeing him lovingly.
When he completed tiring he sees her n they both share an eyelock… Which was disturbed my all coughing sound…
They come into their senses.laksh gets up from his place…
They both feel embarrassed. Seeing their embarrassed faces meera try to divert the situation.. Ok we have reached come let’s go..
While walking ragu feels difficulty.
Laksh notices this n picks her up in bridal attire.
Rag: laksh what are u doing. Leave me see all are seeing is only….
Laksh: no prblm let them think what they want u are my frnd n u have difficulty in walking. So as a frnd I’m doing my job. What say guys.
Rajeena n meeran: yes yes yes…
Lak: now stop ur bak bak n let’s go. Guys did u take the room keys.
Raj: yes…
He takes her n keeps her on the bed.
Lak: now don’t get down the bed orelse u will see a different lucky. Understood….
She nods like a small child..
While all smile seeing them…

Screen freezes on puppy face of rag, serious face of laksh, smiling face of their frnds.

Guys I have completed my work now it’s ur turn to say whether u liked it or not. N plz answer to my above question.

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