The soul of my life…. Episode 10 ” liplock”


Hi guys. M so so so so happy for all ur comments n support. M very glad that my ff keeping u far from ur bore. As I have already told in in my last episode I’ll give swasan scenes. Keep supporting me.

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Here is the episode

DP: sanskar u have meeting na u go.
Sanky: but Papa..
Dp: I know u r worrying for varsha but this meeting is imp for us n moreover she is fine. We will take care of her… Toady I can’t come so u go.
Sanky: OK Papa
Dp: adarsh ur presence is also imp so u also go.
Ada: ji Papa
They leave….

Scene shifts to clg
Karan comes to clg
Kar: karan u have saved but be careful. He sees his watch. Oh god I’m late today…. He hurrily goes towards his class.
Suddenly he dashes with someone.
She is going to reach the ground but in the nick of time he holds her by her waist… He was lost in her brown eyes…..
Girl: tq…
Karan: no response..
Girl: what hppnd to him…. Oh helloooo
Karan: no response
Girl: oh god…. Now she pinches him… He screams n leaves her as a result she falls down…
Karan sees her n gives her his hand…
She gets up….
Karan: sry….
Girl: it’s OK(angrily)…
She leaves from there…

Raj taps his shoulder from back while karan was lost in her…
Raj: what happnd karan…
Kar: she….
Lak: arey karan yesterday u said that u r in love n now u forgot her n seeing another woman. Don’t u have any shame.
Kar: arey chup kar Yar. She is the one m talking abt. She is my love..destiny wants us to meet so she came in this clg. (Shouts)ohoooo

Ragini: guys what hppnd come we r late for our class..will u come or not..
Lak: always ragu….
Rag: what always…
Lak: (lost): where will u go I will follow u.
Rag: what…..
Lak: ntng..
Karan sighs to raj n raj gives I don’t know look.
Sson all leaves….

Scene shifts to office.
Sanky n adarsh comes to office n goes to their respective cabins

Mr varma comes
Sanky: ha varma did she came.
Varma: yes sir…
Sanky: ha then call her to my cabin.
Varma: yes sir…
Swara comes to sankys cabin(guys swara n sanky are aware that They are going to work for each other)
SWA: may I come in sir…
Sanky was studying a file..
Sanky: come in(without looking)
Swa: sir my name is swara Bose..
Suddenly sanky shocked to hear the name n sees her. Both r shocked to see each other….
Swa: sankskar tum…
Sanky: shona u r here….
SWA: yes I came here for job. Ok so u r my to be boss.
Sanky: OK OK now get back to ur work we don’t have time..
SWA: yes sir but before that I want u to see my certificates
Sanky: no prblm shona I know if u r not capable of this job Mr bhatnakar wouldn’t have send u.
Swa: no sir I don’t like to work under some recommendation. So plz see this n decide whether in crct for it or not…
Sanky: impressive.on he sees n approves her…miss Bose come to me after 30 min we have a meeting.
SWA: yes sir…she goes..

After meeting…
Adarsh: sanskar we have to go to hugli for this project we have to see the loction can u go plz. I wanted to come but….
Sanky: bhayya I know take care of varsha…I’ll go when I have to go…
Ada: tomorrow itself..
Sanky: OK..
He goes ….
Scene shifts to clg.

Lak follows ragini where ever she goes…
Rag sees lucky following her n turns but he turns other side…
Rag stops: lucky what hppnd why u r following me…
Lak: me… Ahh when.. No m not following u..
Rag: see lucky I don’t know why u r following me but I feel like u have something to tell me. Do u?
Lak:(in mind): ohhh ragu u came to know abt my inner feeling also…very good..
Rag: lak if u have something to tell me tell orelse leave me.
Raj: guys we have planned for a trip…
Reena: wow thats cool… When r we going.
Kar: m not coming Yar…
Lak: ohh apni ranjna ke liye rukh raha hai shayad. He winks at raj… N both laughs.
Rag: ranjna…..
Kar: ntng ragu….
Arey stop it Yar…
Acha ok leave it..
Meera comes there..
Meera:bhai can we go…
Lucky turns n now meeran face each other.
Meera: tum…
Kar: tum..
Rag: u both know each other…
Mee: yeah he has very much attitude. He fell me down.(yes guys the girl is none other than meera. Now u came to know that karan fell for meera)
Kar: arey hoo I didn’t do it intentionally. I said sry for that…
Lak: OK OK OK now leave it.meera he is karan..
Mee: ohooo so he is karan.
lak:karan she is meera my darling…
Kar: what(sad n shocked)…
Lak: haa why r u shouting.
Kar: ntng…
Mee: meera we r going to a trip u n Reena should come.(guys Reena meera r in same class)
Mee: yes sure…
Lak: so ready me meera raj rag n reena r going…
Kar: what abt me…
Rag: arey just now u said that u don’t want to come
Kar: yeah is said but after all u r my frnds how will I leave you..
Rag: OK kk so tomorrow we r going…

Scene shifts to office
Sanky: miss Bose tomorrow we have to go to hugli for a project so get ready…
SWA: yes sir…

Sanky was going suddenly he slips n falls laong with swara with swara on top n they were shocked becoz while falling their lips met….
They immediately get up n both feels embarrassed…they have no words to say….
Sanky breaks the silence
Sanky: ha miss bose.tomorrow we will leave at 12:30. M I clearclear
SWA: yes sir she leaves…
Sanky: ohh god what I have done how will I face now. M sry swara….
Scene shifts to swara cabin…
SWA: y god y me…why again… No no no I have
to maintain distance from him. I can’t let him come near me.(crying)

Screen freezes on sankys embarrassed face n swaras crying face n raglak happy faces..

Precap: as per promo n raglak in ooty n swasan in hugli…

Guys I hope u liked it. Plz tell me ur opinion through comments. If u want something to add in my ff also u can tell me.
Ur maha

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  1. love ragini

  2. Awesome bt I can’t understand is sanskar is yash or what

  3. Maha6

    First of all tq ani for reading. N sanky is yash or not u will come to know soon

  4. awesome part di and karan fall for meera and swasan going to hugli and raglak and ragini getting doubt on laksh and their plan to go ooty and sanskar embarrased state and swara is crying about something may be there is a past of swasan as from promo and this part it is somehow felling like this and the most awaited part of proposal and yash sanskar confusion is coming loved it??

    1. Maha6

      Tq radhu. Abt the confusion part u will get to know soon

  5. Raglak scenes superb and waiting for next

  6. Akshata

    awesome, update soon

    1. Maha6

      Tq akshata.

  7. Mica

    weeew, waiting swasan in hugli..*packing

    1. Maha6

      Tq mica for reading. Yeah wait for swasan romantic not so hot but yeah romantic moments in hugli

  8. superbbbbb part dear…hehehheehe laksh is soooo funny 😛 …waitng for d precap…keep rockng dear take care 😉

    1. Maha6

      Tq fairy. Yeah lucky nautanki baaz. I’ll give next update soon

  9. Kalyan Kris teja

    Nic & i Luuv it…!!

    1. Maha6

      Tq Kalyan

  10. Kalyan Kris teja

    Nic & I luv it

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