You are my soul and life (episode 1)


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Here we come with first episode. In introduction part we saw kriti and koushik entered campus. And here I continue…….

Kriti is wearing mixed colors of red and yellow chudidar and ear rings of peacock shape in dark blue and green colored which added more beauty to her face. She went to her block and searching for her class in notice board ,suddenly she senses that some one is so close to her that their breath is feeling by her,she turned back and saw its none other than koushik and excused from there. She went to her class room and surprised to see pooja(Childhood frnd of kriti) there and went to her.
Kriti:. Hey pooja,what a pleasant surprise ,you didn’t told that you got seat in this college and same branch.
Pooja:. Actually I’m about to say but I forgot as my father had met with accident at that time. You know na how much I worried about my father at that time.
Kriti:. Yeah ,I know. What doctors told about uncle’s health.
Pooja:. Now he is fine kriti,but he should be careful

Their conversation was disturbed by a guy’s voice.
Guy:. Excuse me girls I’m karthik (koushik best friend) can you please move aside as its my admission place
Pooja:. Oh sorry Mr.karthik
Saying that she moved aside.
Karthik:. May I know your names?
Pooja:. I’m pooja and she is kriti said pointing towards kriti
Kriti:. Hello Mr.karthik
Karthik:. Hai, looking both of you I can say that you both are know well before. Am I right?
Kriti:. Absolutely karthik , we both are child hood frnds.
Karthik:. So U are like me and my frnd.
Pooja and kriti:. Friend????
Karthik:. Haa,why you both shocked like that. I and my friend are same as you both ,we also best friends. He is so good towards girls and he is well behaved towards girls,but he is short tempered.
Koushik entered class room and came to kriti’s desk. Kriti gave a wiered expression towards koushik and saw him seating beside karthik. Kriti shocked to know that he is karthik’s friend.
Kriti:. He is ur frnd???
Karthik:. Ha yes he is my dearest friend.

Karthik introduced kriti and pooja to koushik and koushik to pooja and kriti

Koushik:. I’m sorry kriti for notice board thing, I didn’t do it intentionally. I was so close to you coz of people pushing me from back

Kriti:. Its OK koushik

A faculty came in and introduced herself as Mona. She is looking like angel in light pink saree , she is of 27 and her loose hair made students craze for her and she is friendly with students.

Mona:. Gud morning students. How are you and how is ur new college.
All students shouted”all is good”.

Mona told as this is your first day of college no faculty teaches you nothing. So you can leave now.
All left class.

Precap: Seniors asking pooja to complete their assignments and kriti’s rude behaviour towards seniors for that and koushik supports kriti

Friends I’m here for first time to write stories , please help me if I do any mistakes.
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