The soul of my life…. Episode 1


Hi guys m back to give my first episode…
Thank u for all who encouraged me to continue my ff.

Recap: swara drama(prologue)

So guys here is the episode…

A grave yard is shown…
A lady of 40s is shown standing near two graves
Lady: didi I know u r angry on me… But i tried a lot to find them. But all my efforts went vain I couldn’t find them.jiju I know ur last wish is to send her to her real parents. I promise I’ll try till I get them.I’ll handover her to them.till then m there for her. But I don’t know how she react when she comes to know the reality.will she go with them. Saying this she cries…but I don’t want to loose her di.after some time she composes herself n goes from there….

Screen shifts to a place showing a girl driving scooty…
She was talking on phn.
Girl: ha…..yeah probably we will win I know. U don’t worry when ragini is there (yes she is ragini). U believe me right so have faith.
Suddenly she spots an ice cream parlour. She remembers something which are shown as flashes…
Then she hits someone with her scooty.
Person: aaaaaa…..
Ragini: comes into her senses n asks him sry.
Sry I didn’t see.
Man: oh helooo r u drunk n driving u can’t see people will walk here.there is that much place to drive n y r u driving here….(yeah she is driving on footpath)…what-if some thing happens to me
(Starts acting) I have so many wishes to fulfill I’m still one wants to die at this age..what-if…..
Rag: stop it…..
Ragini was apologizing him for her mistake but he is not listening to her he goes on blabbering… Now it’s high time for her she gets irritated n shouts at him.
Guy: oyyy it’s ur mistake not mine I have the right to shout at u not u so be calm. Ahh where was I..(again starting)what-if..
Rag: stop it. If u again utter a word Na I swear I’ll definitely hit u for real.
Guy: oyy what do u think of urself…n by the way miss u don’t know who I….
Rag: whoever u might be I don’t care.but I’m trying to say sorry from a long period n ur not listening to me u r busy with ur bakbak.
Guy: oh hello u r insulting me..
He stops one person who is going by the side thinking that he is his frnd.
Guy: yar tell him who m I.
Person: who r u??
Rags burst into laughter…..
Guy see him n asks him”who r u”.
Person: that’s what m asking why u stopped me. Lagtha hai tumhe koi kam nahi hai but I have some work. So plz let go off me.
Saying this he goes from there…

Other person Pat’s him from behind saying”lucky what r u dng.” (Yeah he is lucky)He is facing lucky but he didn’t see ragini.
Lucky:arey yar karan see this girl she is arguing with me…he turns towards her side but she is not there. Ragini escapes from there without luckys notice.
Lucky(thinking): arey where did she go..just now she is fighting with me.
Karan: leave it Na lucky.come we have some work let’s go. He drags him while still he was thinking.

Screen shifts to swara n alleppy..
They come to a flowershop….
All: yar today it was so late I don’t think he will leave us.better we leave from here without thinking abt today’s salary..(yes they are florists, I think u all thought they came there for buying flowers right lol)
Swa: arey alleppy no we will get our salary today.
All: but how…
Swa: just wait n watch….
Swara sees his wife. She goes near her. She daily lights agarbatti in the shop so swara took that n kept on her forehead n took some thing from there (as parasad). Aunty….
Owners wife: arey swara again u r late u can’t escape today…see he is angry…
Swa: but aunty I went to Temple to pray for u n uncle so we came late…h know Na how much I like u. U got fever yesterday Na so i pray God that if u get well then I’ll come to him.u know that I don’t go to Temple but for ur sake I went…
The lady melts seeing her words..
Owners wife: arey swara meri bachi kitbe ache ho tum.wait I’ll convince him.
Alleppy was seeing all this n smiling seeing swara.
All: arey swara what an acting yar. Surely u have to get Oscar for this.
Swara sees the aldy coming.
Swa: arey chup kar alleppy she is coming don’t make my plan flop.
The lady comes there.
Owners wife: ha swara u can go he will not cut ur salary.
Swa: thank u aunty u r the best….I Iove u…saying this she hugs her n kiss her on cheeks.

Screen ends on happy faces of swara, alleppy n owners wife…..

Guys I don’t know whether this episode is boring or not but plz do comment even if it is boring let me know so that I’ll try to make this ff interesting.


Credit to: Maha

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