The soul of my life epi 33 ” give him a second chance “

Hi guys I think u all are angry on me for being late. But so sry guys what to do busy with the festival…. From now on I’ll try to be regular….. I’m giving this episode after a week but hope u guys forget my absence n will readit wholeheartedly….

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Here is the episode…..
Screen shows swara who was sleeping…..
Sanky comes to Bose mansion….
Sumi: come sanky….
San: aunty swara…..
Sumi: she is right up there in her room… If u want u can go n meet her. Ragini….
Rags comes there
Rag: Ji ma..
Sumi: show swara room….
Rag: ma….ye….
Sumi: I forgot to introduce him to u…he is ur soon to be jiju….
Rag: oh….she then remember arjuns words….
Rag fake smiles… He also smiles….
Rag: come jiju….
Rag takes him to swara room….
Rag: she is sleeping…. Wait I’ll wake her up.
San : no prblm let her sleep…
Rag: if u dont mind can i ask u a question….
San: yes sure…
Rag: u loved her this much but why did u cheat her…. U don’t know how much she cried yesterday night…
San was feeling guilt plus angry on himself that he became the reason for her tears….
Rag: plz don’t say anything…. Just I want my sis to be happy….plz keep her happy…. Wait I’ll wake her up u just sit on the sofa…
San goes without saying anything…..
Rags wakes swara…
Rag: di..plz get up….
Swa: ragu…… Plz na….let me sleep some more time….
Rag: di..utho na mom is calling u…
Swa: till yesterday Bhai used to disturb my sleep now u…. I don’t know who can be the person who will not disturb my sleep…
Rag: jiju hai na….. She winks….

Listening to the word jiju swara face became pale. Rag observes this
Rag: di I know what must u have felt when u came to know the truth. But di think once again how jiju must have felt think abt him once how he had felt when he sacrificed u…. .swara looks on shocked as well has confused…sensing her confusion rags speaks…
Rag: I know di u must be thinking how I know all this…. Yesterday I listened to ur talks n arjun Bhai told me. But di don’t u think u shld give one more chance to jiju…..just think di… I have seen guilty for ur tears in his eyes n also love. I have said what I felt but decision is urs…. Soch lo…. He is waiting down for u… Go n get ready…..
She goes from there,…
After she left swara began to think abt her words….. She brushed off her thoughts n gets ready n comes down….
San: aunty can I take swara out for a few hours….
Sumi: sure beta….
Sanky takes swara to a house….
San: swara I know u don’t want to talk with me but once listen to me…. U don’t know the whole truth…. I know after knowing this u will hate me but it’s my responsibility to tell u the truth…. But I’m really sry once again…. I just want to apologize u… It’s not fake I’m telling u all this from my heart….

Screen freezes on questioning face of swara…. N guilty face of sanky…

Precap: swara to know the truth of sanky sacrifice… Some raglak romance… Wedding preparations begin…

Guys I know this episode is very small but what to do guys I thought u all are waiting for my ff so thought to give atleast a small episode so that u guys won’t feel like missing my ff…

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  1. Radhika..

    awesome part di confusion again come up sanky why he sacrifice will swara give him second chance?? ragini see sanky guilt and conveince swara for tis what will be her decision? sanky taking her somewhere. waiting for next prt di excited to know what i sgonna happen now. and di short and big don’t matter as i already say u but ya the fellings only matter so don’t think about that and i am not angry on u because i know u will be busy with all this so don’t got time so don’t worry now waiting for next par tloved it love u di????

    1. Maha6

      U t always there for me radhu __ for that. N yeah I’ll try to give next part soon… Until then plz wait

  2. Kakali

    Soo curious too know about d rest part … uhh !!! u r testing my patience Maha.. dooo update soon.. dear… i was missing it … Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali for commenting… N yeah sry for making u curious but I’ll try to post next part soon…. Tq once again

  3. Dharani


    1. Maha6

      Tq dharani

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