The soul of my life epi 28 “ragini decision”

Hi guys… M back with another epi of my ff. I thought to be regular so will me.??

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So lets start the story…

San: kuch tho baath hai Jo ma aur swara dono jaanthe hai aur mujhse chupa rahe hai. But what it is…. He then remember how swara n ap are shocked to see each other….
San: what it might be… I shld know but I can’t ask ma…. What to do…. Even I can’t ask swara too… But I have to know this…. Before that I have to meet swara plz god give me strength to tell all truth to her plz…

Screen shifts to sen mansion…
Karan is feeding ragini as she dont want to eat… Just then bua n Bose family along with arjun except swara come there… They asked swara to take rest….
They see karan feeding ragini like a child…while ragini resisting karan
Rag: bas bas karan plz stop now… I’m full
Kar: no ragini u shld eat… See how pale u have become n u shld be strong also to beat him….. He winks…. While ragini beats him….
Bua: ragini… Both ragkar sees them. Karan sees them confused while ragini sees them teary eyed n remember all what hppnd in Bose mansion….

She tries to go but arjun holds her hands…
Arj: ragini I know it’s a big shock for u… But plz try to understand how we felt when we came to know abt ur death…
Kar: what…. Hey Mr I don’t know who r u but what r u talking… Ma who are these people… N y did he talking abt ragini death.
Bua: beta they are raginis family…
Kar: what…. Ra…ragini family..

Arj: haaa m her brother…. U know what ragini every year I used to buy gift on rakhshabandhan for my two sisters i have one to swara but other which is for u remain like that only… N I used to buy another rakhi also n swara used to tie that to me on ur name…. I couldn’t digest the fact that my sister for whom I have made a separate room thinking that I will play all my childhood with her in that room was no more…. U know when I get to know that my sister is alive my happiness has no bounds… He hugs ragini while ragini didn’t respond but she has the desire to hug him back n call him bhayya.
All are seeing them teary eyed…

Atlast ragini hugs him n cries….
Rag: I know that u all want me to accept u people…. I also yearn for parents love I used to cry when I see children with their parents n with their siblings… I know how it will be when u have to share with…. But I need some time… I can’t leave my bua she is the one who is by my side when ma Papa left me…I need sometime…
Bua: I’m happy that atlast u agrees for them. N ha don’t worry take ur own time..
Shek: choti y don’t u ragini n ur son shift to bode mansion…
Bua: no Bhai we can’t we don’t want to be a burden to u all.
Sumi: what r u talking radhika how could u think that u r a burden for us… U took care of my daughter like ur daughter. Plz don’t deny this request I request u plz come to that house… Ek ma bheek maangthe hai apni beti ke liye plz come orelse ragini also won’t come. Plz….
Bua agrees…. N all agree to go to Bose mansion..

Scene shifts to Bose mansion
Swa:m so happy my sister is alive… But I hate bhayya he didn’t let me come there…. Mein tho bore ja rahi hu… Saying this she goes towards her studyroom… She sees whole room n get teray eyed remembering her n yash’s moments… She goes n sees a diary… She opens it…. N started to read…. At last she remain shocked reading what he has written… She closes the diary in shock….

Scene shifts to mmmm
*** ngt***
Laksh comes to sanskar room…
Laksh: Bhai….
San: no response….
Lak: Bhai….(shakes him)
San: ha lucky tell me…
Lak: Bhai where r u lost…. Lost in bhabhi’s thoughts haaa…(winks)
San: vaise kuch bhi nahi hai yaar…
Lak: haa Bhai… Actually….
San: tell me lucky…
Lak: Bhai.vo…vo….

San: kon hai vo…
Lak: kon…
San: vahi..abt whom u want to talk with me…
Lak: how did u know Bhai…
San: beta… Mein tho smart hu but tell me who is she….
Lak: Bhai her name is ragini… I love her alot…. But…
San: isa tho nahi hoga ki koi ladki tumhe pasand na kare…
Lak: ha Bhai it’s right. She loves me but she is not ready to agree for that.
San: but y…
Lak: becoz of her bua…
San: ohhh she is the villain then…Don’t worry if she destined to be urs then she will.come to u. It’s all destiny which decides whether u live with eachother or not. If she really loves u then she will accept ur love….
Lak: but Bhai… U r talking abt destiny it means that destiny brought u n bhabhi together… Right
San: ha…. Becoz of destiny we came together…
Lak: Bhai I want to know ur love story…plz tell na…
San: I’ll tell u but not now go n sleep u r getting late…. Go u have clg tomorrow.
Lak: Bhai it’s not fair…

San: arey lucky I’ll tell but not now…go go..

Lucky leaves from there….sanky goes towards the window n sees the moon n thinks abt swara.he also goes n sleeps..

Scene shifts to Bose mansion…
Swa: yash hide this truth from me…but….her trances were broken by arjun’s call
Arj: shona….
Swa: ha Bhai…
Arj: m coming to house open the door…OK..
Swa: but Bhai where is ma Papa..
Arj: shona they decided to stay in sen mansion today n tomorrow we will come. Guess what… Ragini maan gayi. N along with bua all are going to stay in Bose mansion…
Swa: what….really jhoot tho nahi bol rahe ho na…
Arj: sach mein…. They will stay with us. N our sis also…
Swa: OK m waiting.. To see my sis n embrace her…

Arj: OK I’m coming…we will eat dinner together.
Swa: Bhai y don’t u stay with them tonight..
Arj: no shona u r alone there.
Swa: Bhai m not a kid…
Arj: no more arguments n coming n that’s it…
He cuts the call….
He comes n swarjun have their dinner while swara n arjun talk for sometime n then sleep…

Screen freezes….

Guys I know again I raised a question what is there in yash dairy that shocked swara… But to know that u have to follow my ff…. Before that u guess what might be there in that…

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  1. Rafeee


    1. Maha6

      Tq rafeee

  2. Raglak scenes are nice

    1. Maha6

      Tq lovely

  3. Radhika..

    Awesome part di loved it and one more question but today no guessing power very tieres as today we do lots of study with lots of craziness in the collage while group study and brain is eaten up with biology books and diagrams questions and friends full too craziness songs pagalpanti and what not no power of guessing now but think something about sanskar and his family means yash family and sanskar family don’t know what but saying and di about boring and all its just ur minding who is saying this u know di what my mind and heart is saying its getting interesting day by day and don’t take it as a joke u know this the suspence revealing family uniting bonding new twists the dairy and what not u just made it look awesome so from where it is boring and don’t end it now and its getting intesting day by day loved it di and don’t think foolish things love u too may be I am not able to comment as exams are starting ????love u di ??

    1. Maha6

      __radhu. N I think u enjoyed a lot today… Well achi baath hai. N yeah I’ll try to continue it. N m glad that u found its becoming interesting. N last but not the least all the best for ur exams do.well… I know u will rock…

      1. Radhika..

        Ok di will try my best other on my knowledge and my health depend but I will give my best and yup di its interesting I enjoyed very much di yesterday we go to cafe to celebrate our exams coming and today in cafetarea we enjoyed very much by studying eating singing dancing and what not and tomorrow not going to collage and they are coming to my home let’s see what are we going to do tomorrow love u di the day was all together awesome we bhi jyada awesome even today our class boys also do so much fun today and also help us by going and photo stating the notes and all and spending their money as we have less money for that so they spend their they r really awesome and the day also ok di now stopping my talks by??

      2. Kakali

        Awwww !!! chaloo mann gayi … huhuhuhuhuhu… n m from Assam, Guwahati…. n Radhika u r from Punjab rit?? N Maha what about u??

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      Radhika u enjoyed without meeeeee ¿¿¿¿¡¿.¿ byeee !!! don’t talk to mee… n yeah check me n Maha’s previous conversation … u’ll find some interesting….do let me know how was it ?

      Still not talking to u… :-0

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        Yes radhu once or else she will again become angry on u…. Hahaha just kidding but see for sure

      2. Radhika..

        Di u got angry with me ?? why di why u got angry on u r chota sa baccha ok u came here di we both enjoy very and take maha di with u also we will enjoy more than today and will enjoy as u wanna and yup I read the conversation and I think I find that interesting thing di and its really very interesting loved it and I already tell u but one word its just awesomen and plz di talk to me I love u soon much plz talk with this small sis of u ?????????
        From where u r di means state??

      3. Radhika..

        No di plz now not again I will see it and di plz don’t do kidding like that or else kakali di will really. Got angry on me again??

  4. Kakali

    Awwwwww Ragini maan gayii !! Ragini maan gayyi !!! yuuhhuuu !!!
    awesome chappy Maha loved it…

    plzzz give some SWASAN part … i have been missing them from 2-3 chappies… but loving RAGLAK part… they r unique…

    n about d guss i have just one answer “”M looking foreword”
    … thnk u..

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali for ur wonderfull comment. N yeah aakhir ragu maan gayi. Keep supporting

      1. Maha6

        N yeah kakali m that I made u wait for swasan scenes but from next part u will see.

  5. Dharani

    very nice

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      Tq dharani

  6. Mica

    aahh awesome part Maha.. huh! i’m late

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      No.mica u r not late… U read that’s it for me. Tq for commenting.

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      Tq hemalattha

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