The soul of my life epi 27 “ragini confession”


Hi guys m.back with another episode….. Hope u all guys like this episode.

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Here is the episode….

Screen shows ragini laying on bed crying.
Rag: what is this… Why it shld happen with me only…. Y… I yearned for parents love from childhood but parents are not there for me. Bua took care of me but even though she considered me as her daughter n gave love but I cried for parents love now she is saying that my parents are not the one thought but others whom I didn’t even see once. I don’t know what to do. I can’t accept suddenly after all I believed that I don’t have parents suddenly if someone say that they are my parents how can my heart accept it. Y God y… Y are u doing this to me. She hears someone knocking the door she wipes her tears n opens the door. She is shocked to see karan standing there with smile…. As soon as he saw her he hugs her confusing her more….
Rag: karan what happnd…n what’s the matter u r looking happy today.
Kar: ragu…(this make ragini more confused becoz he never call her ragu instead of ragini except when he is too happy) he twirl.her around.
Rag: karan what happnd… Frst tell me.
Karan then notices tears in raginis eyes…
Kar: ragu what happnd whg r u crying….
Rag: ntng something went in my eyes…
Kar: ohhh I thought u got the news so u r crying.
Rag: news……(confused)
Kar: haa… Laksh aur shilpa ki engagement ka….
Rag(shock): what……
Kar: haa… Vaise u won’t accept ur love for him so it’s better that he accept the one who loves him.
Rag: what r u talking karan. I don’t love him….
Kar: tum kitne bhi koshish karlo chupane ke liye mujhe patha hai ki u love laksh….
Rag: karan there is ntng like u r thinking.
Kar: don’t lie ragu I know u love him infact I saw u crying for him…(guys remember when bua told abt ragkar mrrg I said someone saw her crying it’s karan)
Rag bugs him immediately n started crying…
Rag(still hugging): ha karan I love him but I can’t say that to him j can’t go against bua…. Whomever she says I’ll marry him n u know she hate love mrrgs how can I give him hope that we can marry)
Kar: I know ragu but it’s not the solution u shld have told him abt ur prblm… He has that right to know. U r not the one I know… Jis ragini ko mein jaantha hu vo itni jaldi haar nahi maanthi. If u have said this to lucky then he would have done something.
Rag: n how did he accept that shilpas proposal. I will not leave him… I will kill him.
Kar: ohhh maatha Rani plz calm down… (Thinks of something) n haa u shld ask him infact kill him)
Ragini glares him…..
Kar: OK OK.. Now come let’s have lunch…
Rag: no.karan u go I’m not hungry…
Kar: what hppnd ragu why r u behaving like this.
Rag: ntng karan plz go…

Scene shifts to sankys house….
San: ma…
Ap: ha sanskar…
San: ma… I don’t know but I feel like something is there which u r hiding from me.
Ap: why r u thinking like that sanskar..
San:I dont know I felt like that…
Ap: there is ntng like that.
San: then y did u say that u want to meet swara before marrg. N that day also u look shocked when u saw swara n she she left the house as soon as she saw u.
Ap: vo… I came to know abt her that she is shemish daughter so…. N there is ntngntng which was m hiding from u. N that day as I saw her after so many days I felt happy n I think she too felt happy n went to say her parents.
But sanskar was not pleased with the answer. But he didn’t want to force his mom so he remain silent.
Ap: sanskar now stop this thinking n think abt ur marrg.
Sanky leaves the place…
Ap: u shld not know sanskar u shld not know… I have to talk to swara abt this…

Scene shifts to laksh
Lak: meera… How could u do this to me. How could u hide this matter from me.
Meera hugs laksh tightly n cries her heart out.
Mee: sry Bhai but I thought to bring him infront of u once he propose me. But situation is like that where I have to slap him. How can he think like that Bhai. How can he I love him more than my life… But he….I hate him Bhai I hate him.
Lak: but he loves u….
Mee: no.bhai…. He doesn’t love me if he loves me he didn’t accept this mrrg he dont love me.
Lak: arey pagli he has some reasons n how can I make this marrg happn when my jiju betrays my sis I’ll tie him n make his mrrg with u.
Mee hugs him n cries…..

Screen freezes on crying face of meera n happy face of laksh….

Guys I know this is also a boring episode… I just want to complete this ff as soon as possible so m rushing….sry for that… N now guess what is the truth ap is hiding from sanky…. N how will raglak n meekar mrrg happen… I think within two episodes swasan n raglak mrrg happen not so sure.. But definitely I’ll try to….

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  1. Ragini part is nice

    1. Maha6

      Tq lovely

    1. Maha6

      Tq rafeee

  2. Kakali

    Huffff !!! finally Ragini confessed… yoohhoo !!! awesome chappy Maha.. loved it..thnk u…

    1. Maha6

      Awwww tq kakali. Tq for ur support. N yeah finally ragu confessed but no need to say tq… It’s my pleasure that it’s entertaining u…

      1. Maha6

        Kakali can uu plz tell me is my ff boring. But say truth. Becoz m feeling like that. I don’t know.why but it’s not getting ur thoughts… Plz plz plz tell me.

      2. Kakali

        Maha !! think whatever u want ,,, but mark my one word, if ur ff is boring(according to u) then i would never have commented here…that’s all.

      3. Maha6

        Tq kakali really plz don’t feel bad but really I wanted to know that’s why I asked. I’m not getting that much interest thinking that this ff is boring. But sry if I hurt u. I know previously also I have told abt this. But plz try to understand. Plz don’t feel bad. I’ll continue with the hope u gave me. Tq again for replying for my question

      4. Kakali

        I can understand dear… but genuinely speaking i love to read ur ff… n plzz don’t be sorry.. u know what i also started to write… i also posted a chappy .. SWASAN’s paradise.. if u get time do read.. N Radhika u too…

      5. Maha6

        Tq kakali for understanding. N yeah I’ll definitely read ur ff. Can I ask u a question is this ur frst ff or already u wrote another ff or OS.

      6. Kakali

        Noo Maha .. it’s my first time trying to pen down my thoughts….. 🙂

      7. Maha6

        Tq kakali n yeah all the best for ur ff.

      8. Kakali

        Not ff dear… may b 2 or 3 shots… 🙂

      9. Maha6

        Kakali did u post it or get to be posted.

      10. Kakali

        Maha it has already posted …

  3. I love raglak part… Awesome

    1. Maha6

      Tq savi singh

  4. finally ragini confessed sooo hapoy waiting for their marriage

    1. Maha6

      Tq j for commenting. N haa atlast she confessed ont worry raglak marrg will happn soon I think within 2 or 3 episodes..

  5. Radhika..

    Awesome part di finally ragini confessed and from where u find it boring di ?? And yup don’t think to end it so soon and yup the story is going on amazing don’t think its boring and about guessing may be about yash and sanky connection or something like that how could meerakar weeding happen and don’t think this will happen and ok I will not say that I don’t like u and all but one thing u think better than me now no arguments on this?? loved it

  6. Maha6

    Huh radhu… U r such a…. N ___ for commenting. N yeah atlast she confessed but sry to say radhu I want to end it soon. Not so sure but thinking to do it. If I get interest then I’ll continue n __ disappointing.

    1. Maha6

      Radhu can u plz tell me I mean only truth… Ok … So did u really didn’t find it boring. I’m feeling so. I don’t know why but m feeling like that. Plz tell me yaar m so confused… Plz tell me the truth.

  7. Awesome

    1. Maha6

      Tq ashnoor

    1. Maha6

      Tq dharani

  8. love ragini

  9. Fabulous

    1. Maha6

      Tq kalyan

  10. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear…

    1. Maha6

      Tq sreevijayan. Keep supporting like this

  11. Hemalattha


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      Tq hemalattha

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