The soul of my life epi 25 “swara decision”


Hi guys. I think u guys wanna kill me for being late…. I know I know but what to do guys I have already informed na I have exams…. Plz spare me. I just don’t want to do that too making u criminals…. Hahaha just kidding. I love to die in ur hands… So I think u forgave me or plz try to do….


Here is the episode…..

The episode begins with ragini coming to her room….
As soon as she comes she closes the door n fall on bed…..she remember laksh looking worried n then saying “be ready to become Mrs. Laksh maheshwari”, n then she remember laksh kissing her forcefully n then her reciprocation….

Rag: y laksh y r u doing this…. But plz I can’t be urs…. She touches her lips n smiles…
Rag: but when u r kissing me I forgot all my pains n I surrendered myself to u…. I know this is wrong but I can’t stop myself whenever I’m with u…. This kiss gave me hope so that I can do anything for ur happiness. I think this is my life’s biggest thing which I can’t forget even I want to…. No no no I don’t want to forget this… That was a blissful moment.

Scene shifts to laksh.
Laksh was in his room.
Lak was lost in ragini’s thoughts…
Lak: ragini u again proved me how much u love me. But y can’t u recognise it. U want to become another’s wife. Y r u betraying urself… But how karan agree for this… He said he loves someone n doesn’t feel for ragini na then y he agreed for this… Something is there pakka they r suppressing their feelings becoz of a reason. I will find it for sure….

Just then meera enters….
Mee: Bhai….
Lak: no response…
Mee: (shouts): Bhai……
Laksh comes in to his senses…
Lak: ha mee what happnd y r u shouting…
Mee: Bhai where r u lost….
Lak: ntng mee tell me u need something?
Mee:(in mind) what to do shld I ask him or not…
Lak: mee just now u said I was lost in thoughts n now what u r doing haa…. Don’t tell that u Want to discuss abt ur majnu…
Mee: majnu(confused)
Lak: haa vahi who fell u in his love…
Mee: Bhai…. There is ntng like that…
Lak: don’t dare to lie to me becoz she is very bad at hiding things especially from me.
Mee: u know I can’t becoz I don’t want to.
Lak: then tell me who is that unlucky fellow
Mee: Bhai…
Lak: OK sry. Tell me who is that superman who made u fell for him.
Mee: Bhai not now…..he still don’t know that I feel for him. N I want him to propose me afterwards I will reveal no no ill bring him to u…
Lak: ohoooo so he made u to hide things from me. Not bad he is changing u…
Mee: Bhai….
Lak: OK OK sry
Mee: Bhai I want to tell infact ask something.
Lak: what happnd meeru is everything alright. R u pregnant. Oh my god how did this happen how can I convince ma Papa especially Bhai…. What to do…. They will…..
Before he speak further he sees meera looking at him n giving him “I will kill u look”
Lak: closes his mouth with his hand….: sry sry continue.
Mee: Bhai don’t u find something weird in karans behavior…
Lak: listening to karans name he got some what angry n also thoughtful…
Lak:y r u asking this mee
Mee: I don’t know but something is odd in karans behavior he always used to fight with me but today he even didn’t talk with me. N even ragini di…
Lak: what happnd meera…
Mee: even I found something weird in her behaviour… It’s like she is pretending to be happy but not happy wholeheartedly…
Lak: yes mee. She is pretending to be happy.
Mee: but y Bhai…
Lak: I don’t know why she is pretending…. But….
Mee: but what Bhai…n y she is pretending…
Lak: becoz she is going to marry….I don’t know y she agreed for this marrg I know she loves me.
Mee:(shocked): marriage….
Lak: haa that too with karan….. This was another shock for meera.
Mee: with karan….. N she agreed for this…. No no this can’t happen. She can’t do this with me….
Lak(confused): what did she do with u…. Before he ask further meera goes to her room….
Laksh was confused with her words but ignored her n slept off.

Scene shifts to meera
Mee(teary): no ragini di can’t do this with me. She knows that I love karan still she agreed…this can’t be true… I have to aks her tomorrow…. But do karan agreed for this. He can’t becoz he love me…I know I can’t be cheated….

Scene shifts to hospital
Swara just become conscious….
Swa: yash…yash….
Arjun listens to her n comes to her.
Arj: shona shona…
Swara opens her eyes n sees arjun standing there. She remember sanskar words… She starts tearing..
Arj: shona I know u r thinking abt sankys words…
Swa sees him….n hugs him tightly…
Arj: shona I know I shldnt say these words…. But once listen to me. Swara breaks the bug n sees him with confused face….
Arj: shona I know u can’t forget him but try to think once again what I told u. Just for once.even yash cant happy to see u like this… Once think with heart. See him u will find him seeing u with u happy face… Swara closes her eyes n sees yash.
Yash: shona I thought u as a strong girl. I’m not the entire life for u. U have to move on shona. U know I can’t see u in tears… But it’s paining that u r like this becoz of me….
Swa: but y did u leave me yash. U know I can’t give ur place to somebody.
Yash: I know shona first love is difficult to forget but there is no other option for u. Plz move on sanskar is very nice person. He keep u happy better than me. I know him.
Swa: but…
Yash: no but vat. Now promise me that u will move on in ur life….
Swa: if u want this then I’ll. But remember u r the one for me. N I can’t forget u… Swara opens her eyes n sees arjun seeing her smiling
Arj: I think u r ready now.
Swa: yes Bhai. But… I need some time.
Arj: OK shona take as much time as u want but give back our old shona. I’ll inform this to ma papa.. He goes…he informs swaras decision to shemish n they were very happy….
Shekhar calls sanky
Shek: hlooo beta where t u people…
Sanky: uncle we r here only… Turn to ur left…
Shekhar turns to see them. Dp n ap are shocked to see them n soon ap goes to sumi n hugs her..
Ap: mishti… U here… How many years have passed since I saw u…
Sumi: haa Anu… Now if u leave me we can go n sit.
Sanky was seeing this with confused look… While dp n shekhar smiles….
Dp n shekhar also hugs eachother.
Shek: durga I’m happy that atlast we met again. But I’m more happy that we r becoming a family…
Sank(happy): it means…
Sumi: yes sanskar she agreed for this marrg….
Shek: n we r thinking to marry them as soon as possible….
Sumi: n she wants to do simple marrg.
Sanky: but aunty uncle I want to talk to her before marrg n still she agree for this then we will marry…
Screen freezes

Guys again m really sry for being late.I hope u liked the episode. N one more thing guts it’s my 25th episode yaani silver jubilee….yeahhhhhh

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    congartulations di u completed 25 parts celebration time ????about the chappy its really nice and ragini got the hope ?swara agreed? everything is fab u give. a awesome chappy after ur return u make it memorable one loved the part how was ur exams di?? ???? loved it

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