The soul of my life epi 24 “raglak-first kiss”


Hi guys thank u all for ur support towards my ff. N yeah I’ll not blabber anything so I’ll go straight to the episode. Hope u all like it. I wanna ask u people one thing am I giving imp to any one couple.. Or both. Plz tell me… So that I can focus on it…


Here is the episode….
Scene shows swasan
Swa: what…..
San: yes I know everything abt u before u join in this job….
Swa: but how???
San: becoz I’m yash friend…. I know u since u love yash…..but I donno that u went through this much trauma….
Swa: yash friend…..
San: yes we were clg frnds….. Actually he joined ur clg becoz of u…. He saw u some where he fell for u n he joined in ur clg. We r best frnds….. But….. Tears roll down his eyes… Even swarjun were also crying….
He cannot complete so he left the room….
As soon as he left swara started crying her heart out…. Arjun was also crying remembering yash n his nik jhoks…. N his smiling face….
Arj(in mind): arjun what r u dng u shldnt cry instead u have to console shona… He wipes his tears n takes shona in his embrace
Arj: swara now stop crying…. U know na I hate tears…so.plz stop crying…. No response from her made him he’ll shocked. He saw that swara was unconscious…
He informed doctor….
Doctor examine n says: becoz of high stress she fell unconscious but make sure she won’t be stressed I have already warned u if not her life will be in danger…
Shek: arjun we are going to talk with sanskar parents tomorrow…
Arj: but Papa shona didn’t say yes…
Mishti:arjun I know but think once again shona herself didn’t want to come out of his memories… We have to do something as we all want her happiness. If she marry sanky she will adjust with that life n will become normal…..
Arj: teekh hai maa.. As u wish….
Shemish goes…. Alleppy was there with swarjun…
Arjun sees swara who was sleeping…Alleppy(neeti) notices his tears n Pat’s his back… As soon as he sees her he hugs her n cries like a child….
Arj: Alleppy why only shona want to bear this…what sin we have done….that God is punishing us n shona…. Now sanskar I donno what to do but if shona marry sanskar then she has to live with him… He reminds her of yash…
U know what he is yash friend…
This is a shock of neeti also….
All: arjun what r u saying….
Arj: haa Alleppy he is yash frnd…
All: then u must be happy…
Arj: happy(confused)
All: ha arjun he know shona before only na n yash is his frnd so he take care of swara very well… I have a belief that our old shona will be back soon…. Both are hugging each other….. Arjun crying like a baby n Alleppy consoling him like a mother…

Scene shifts to xyz placeplace
Bua: did u get their address… Yes so they r livingliving in this city only…. Ok u go…
Bua: finally I got ur address bhayya… She sees a photo n smiles with teary eyes…
Bua: now it’s my turn to fulfill my promise… u with ur daughter…. U know what bhayya ur daughter is going to marry… Before that I’ll approach u… Tomorrow only I will come to u…. Tomorrow so many things will happen…. Which may change our lives….

*** sanky room****
San: sry yash I can’t say her the truth… Plz forgive ur best frnd… I know I’m doing a mistake by marrying her without telling her the truth… But I’ll tell all the truth to her before our mrrg only… I promise u I’ll keep ur shona happy….

Next day…

Rags come to clg n searches for laksh…. Just then laksh comes…
Rag(in mind): hiw handsome he is….
Rag: ragini what happnd don’t be so stupid stop thinking abt him n do your work… Think how will u make them one…
Rags sees lucky coming towards her n feels happy… But her happiness doesnt last longer….
Lucky says hi n goes to shilpa….rags feel bad for this
Rag: ragini why r u feeling bad instead u shld br happy that lucky is moving on….

After sometime all their frnds come to canteen….
Karan leaves his phn n goes to order food..
Just then his phn rings…. Lucky see this frst ignores but it continuously ring…. So he thought to lift…
Laksh lifts the phn
Lak: hlooo
Bua: who is this…is karan not there….
Lak: m his frnd he went to somewhere n forgot his phn… May I know who r u…
Bau: m his mom…r u karans frnd.
Lak: yes aunty….
Bua: so did he tell u abt his engagement…
Lak:(confused): engagement….
Bua: haa ragini n karans engagement…
This was a biggest thunder for lucky he remain silent
Bua: beta u shld also come…. Ok beta I have some work ask him to call me after he returns..

She cut the call leaving shocked laksh
Mee: Bhai what happnd…
He doesn’t give any ans…
But he goes from there without spelling even a word from his mouth….

Rag: what hppnd to him….she follows him…
He goes to classroom…
Rag: laksh what hppnd… U look tensed….
Lak: no response….
Rag: laksh what hppnd for God’s sake tell me ur silence is killing me….why r u upset….
Lak: now sees her n comes closer to her…
Lak: u donno why m I upset…
Rag (moves backwards): h…how… Would..I.. I… Kn…know..
Lak:why did u hide this matter from me.
Rags didn’t understand what he is talking abt
Rag: what matter…
He pins her to the wall….
Lak: abt ur b karan engagement….
This was a shock for ragini…
Tears roll down her eyes she faces downwards…
Lak: tell me dammit…
Rag: how do u know…
Lak: so.this is true… U r going to get engaged….then what will happen to me…
Rag: I already told u I dont love u…. Plz leave me… He squeezes her shoulders… She winces in pain…
Rag: laksh its hurting….
Lak: u r talking abt this pain but what abt the pain u r giving to me daily by saying u don’t love me.
Rag: I already told u …n this is the truth. Now stop thinking abt love n move on in ur life…
Lak: jhoot… How many times will u lie to me ragini. I have seen love for me in ur eyes…
Rag: no it’s not true….
Lak: yes it’s true….
Rag: no…
Lak: yes..
Rag: no…
Lak: yes…
Rag: no…
Lak: no….
Rag: yes….
He smiles while rags stood shocked…
Rag: I mean yes I don’t love u….
Lak: don’t lie ragini I got my answer. Now be ready to become Mrs laksh maheshwari…
Rag: no it never happens….
Now lucky couldn’t take any longer he places his rough lips n her smooth lips….
Rags stood shocked but soon she also lost in that kiss… Frst it was lucky who was missing ragini… But soon rags too resiprocate with him… Soon it turns into a passionate one….realisation hit ragini she tries to break the kiss…
But lucky is lucky he didn’t leave her n taking out all his frustration on her… He bite her lower lip… For which she moans n opens her mouth. Soon lucky enters his tongue in her… After 10 min of long passionate kiss they broke due to lack of oxygen….
Lak: u will be mine this is my don’t ever even try to think ur mrrg with someone else.only I have rights on u….
Rags was having tears in her eyes n goes from there crying….

Screen freezes on crying face of ragini

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  1. omg that kiss was damned hot goosebumps

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      Tq Lisa. Omg u got goose bumps with the kiss. Haha

  2. Raglak part is superb

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  3. Laksh rocked and ragini shocked.
    First -Kiss not baddd .

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      Tq ashnoor I think u r reading my ff for the frst time orelse u r a silent reader right becoz u didn’t comment even once in my ff.

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    Awesome update dear..loved raglak soo much…..

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    Awesome loved it

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  6. Radhika..

    awesome part di and u give importance to both the couples equally and about the chapter is amazing sanskar is yash best friend and he don’t tell truth to swara may be because of this swara will slap him and about raglak laksh and his words become true one day and hope that day come early and loved the part full of suspence loved it ??

    1. Maha6

      __ radhu…. N u will get to know the truth of sanky but not now… It will be later revealed. I thinking to reveal the truth after there marrg

  7. i have read all d updts… as u askd so im just tellng my pov tht in ur prv updts u hv gvn mre imp 2 swasan comp raglak

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    awesome part Maha! ty

  11. Wooowww!!! RAGLAK scene was tooo good… m proud of u Lucky…

    i think Sanskar is d reason of Yash’s death…. guessing by reading ur teaser n today’s chappy…

    thnk u Maha for ur beautiful episode…loved it..

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali…. U will get to know abt that..n I don’t want to tell right now. When I tell then u get to know the truth then u will know u r right or not

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    Omggg!!!maha superbbb fantastic episode yaaar….loved raglak scene….hahahah n i lyked d way lucky said-now b ready to become mrs.laksh maheshwari…;) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Sry dr i cnt able to comment regularly…waitng for nxt part eagerlyy!!!keep rockng n stay blessed πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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  13. Awesome episode and Raglak scenes are superbbbb

  14. I just gussed Maha.. i didn’t said to tell right now….

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  16. this is my 1st time here……..gosh…my girl…raglak part is awesome…….even though it is small u described their each n every moment very well…….have to c what will b ragini’s reaction to this……sorry would b MRS.Laksh Maheshwari

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    Hahaha tq anonymous for commenting. I’m really glad that u liked this epi. Let’s see what will be Mrs laksh maheshwari’s reaction.

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    fantastic.raglak part is awesome.waiting for Mrs laksh maheshwari’s reaction..l really enjoyed this part.

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