The soul of my life epi 22 “sanky decision”


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Recap:swara past, raglak romance

Screen shows ragini reaching the house…
Bua: ragu what happnd karan had returned yesterday itself. Y u didn’t returned yesterday.
Rag: bua m fine. Just our car got repaired.
Bua: our??? Who is there with u?
Bua: ohh….. U r fine na. That’s it for me. Fresh up come.
Rag: ji bua
Bua calls both ragini n karan for breakfast

At dining table
Bua: karan ragu I want to tell u one thing.
Rags know what bua wanted to tell. She closes her eyes so that they can’t see her sad.
Kar: ji ma….
Bua: I have fixed ur mrrg….
It is a shock for both karan n ragini…
Ragkar: what ????? Shocked faces are clearly visible…
Bua: what hppnd y r u shouting like that.

Rag pov
“Ur mrrg is fixed” this was the sentence which made both of us shocked. I know that she wanted to fixed my mrrg but I don’t know that she fixed my mrrg with karan. That day I heard that she promised Papa ma. But I don’t know that she promised to marry me with karan…. This was a big shock for me….. I thought she fixed mrrg with someone. But……
Rag pov ends
Her thoughts were broken by karan
Kar: ma I like ragini…
This was another shock for ragini
Rag(in mind): what he is saying he likes me. This will leads to further complications.Bua now definitely thinks that Karan is ready fot mrrg. Kya kar diya karan. Mujhe fasa diya…. But y he is saying that he loves meera. Yeh Banda kya bolna chahta hai…
Bua: then it’s good. What do u say ragu…
Kar: ma I have not completed yet…I like her it doesn’t meant that i love her. I don’t want to marry her maa…(stumbling)
Bua: karan if u don’t love now no prblm u will love her in ur future….
Kar: ma plz understand… I don’t want to marry her.
Rags was silently listening all this…..
Bua: now no more discussion I have fixed ur mrrg that’s it…..ragu do u have any prblm.
Rag: as ur wish ma. I have completed my bf I’m going to room… She left leaving happy bua n sad n confused karan.

Rag was sitting in her room n crying.
Rag: why God why me… U always take away someone whom I love. Frst my parents n now laksh. Kya paap kiya tha maine. Kis janm ki saza de rahe ho… She took he parents pic in her hand… Papa… Y u left me I miss u a lot. Why u left it daughter. I love laksh ma… I want to love with him…. But….. I know bua treats me as daughter. Infact more than a daughter… She never did anything against my will. But as she promised u people she want to marry me to karan. I know he loves meera he will not agree for this proposal. Even I have a chance to marry laksh but after karan will never go against her ma. Even though he loves meera he will never say no directly to bua. He loves bua more than his life. He can’t say no to her. So he will agree to marry me killing his love for meera. Here I’m helpless. I can’t go against her who did this much for me….. Yeah it’s a big shock for me that she fixed my alliance with karan. I have heard that she fixed my mrrg but I don’t know that she fixed my marrg with karan. Oh god why I have made life a mess. Laksh can’t bear this. Plz make him strong. I can’t see him in pain. Plz give him strength n me too… I have to be strong enough not giving any clue that I have decided this alliance unwillingly.
Pov ends

Scene shifts to San
Sanky was just numb. Only one thought was there in his mind.
San goes to his room n closes the door
San: swara has gone through this much pain. She didn’t let anyone know that she is not happy. Infact she tried to show that she is happy. I don’t know that my face has that much big effect on her life….. He decides something.
Ha now I’ll do anything to make her happy…. He goes to ap n dp room
Dp: sanskar do u need anything. I came from office so early.
San: dad I want to tell u people one thing.
Ap: tell beta
San: maa Papa(Huff’s) I want to marry swara…
Dp,ap: swara???
San: ha ma… The one whom I brought yesterday…
Ap was shocked to listen this….
Dp: what abt sania then
San: I have already told her.
Dp: if u dont have any problem then from my side it’s yes….
San: ma… Shakes her….
Ap: sanskar I want to talk to her once. I’ll tell my decision then.dp.was little confused by her words. The other day she said she will accept anyone whom sanskar choose. But now she is talking like that.
San: ma don’t u like her
Ap: beta I’m happy with ur decision. Infact she only will become bsdi bahu of this house. But before that I just want to talk to her once.
San: ma one prblm is there…
Dp: what happnd sanskar. Do her parents rejected for this proposal.
San: I have not asked for her hand yet. But….
Ap: she dont love u. …right
San: how do u know ma….
Ap: becoz she loves someone who is not in this world…m I crct
San n dp were shocked to know that ap knows abt swara.
San: ma hoe did u know all this.
Ap: sanskar this is not a big matter. But will she accept u. Becoz she loves someone.
San: I don’t know ma. I have to give a try.I thought to tell this to u before going to ask for her hand.will u accept my love… Will u accept her as ur bahu…
Ap: we r always with u beta. We trust our son…in ur every decision we will be with u.
Dp: we will go to her house tomorrow.
San: no Papa…she didn’t know all abt this. I will ask her parents to meet u at a place. She can’t take it of she comes to know abt this alliance.
Dp: OK beta. As u wish

Sanky goes to arjun…
Arj: hi sanskar… Want to meet shona
San: no…. Actually I came here to tell abt my decision
Arj: ohhhh. No prblm whatever u tell we will accept it.
Shemish comes from behind…
Shek: arjun with whom u r talking…
They are happy to see sanskar there whereas sanskar was shocked to see them there.
San: aap log yaha..
Shek: sry sanskar we misunderstood u as yash..
San: matlab u r talking abt swara that time.
Mishti: yes….
Shek: (holds sanskar hands): beta I know that arjun told everything abt swara past. It’s ur decision if u want then u can marry her.
San: uncle…. I have decided one thing….all are eager to know his answer.
San: I’ll marry swara…this sentence bought happiness in their faces. I have asked my parents decision too…they r ready. But…..
Soon all the faces become sad listening to this word…but…
San: but ma want to talk to swara frst.
Arj: why is there any prblm
San: I don’t know but ma knows swara before only….
Shek: can we meet ur parents sanskar
San: yeah uncle. Uncle can I ask u a question
Shek: sure beta.
San: did swara agree for this
Arj: frankly speaking she never agree for this. Infact as I told u she will never agree for mrrg. But we will make her agree.
San: u don’t want to force her. If she says yes then only I will marry her
Shek: beta she stopped living her life when she lost yash. She doesn’t want to move on in her life. We have a hope that u will bring back to normal. She has life to live. So we will make her agree.
San: OK uncle… So today evening dad n ma will meet u at xyz place
Shek: OK….

Screen shifts to laksh
Lak: arey Yar y this ragu n karan are not coming yet…
Just then ragini comes there… She tries to avoid laksh…
Lak: ragini can u please give me some time of urs.
Rag(in mind): now what he wants to do
Rag: no… I have class
lak: arey karan plz tell her Yar…
Kar: what hppnd lak any prblm
Lak : ntng much…
Kar: ragu what hppnd. Just then meera comes there….karan see her n becomes happy. But he remember bua’s word n turns other side.
Mee: hi guys…
Kar: guys I’ll meet u ltr I have work…bye
He goes from there
Meera couldn’t understand anything.

Mee: what hppnd to him…. Guys I’ll come just wait…. She goes to karan who is in canteen.
Mee: hi karan…
Kar: happy that sheshe is talking to him nicely.
Kar: hi meera…did sun rise from West..
Mee: why r u asking like that.
Kar: no… U r talking nicely without any fight so asking.
Meera beats him on his shoulders….
Mee: acha karan why r u sad…
Kar: sad n me…no way…. I think u have some eye prblm. See how happy I’m.
Kar: ha meera I have some work I’ll catch I ltr
He goes from there
Mee: what hppnd to him… Something is there. He is hiding something from me. Lest ask ragu di.
lak: ragu plz once…
Rag: OK…tell me..
Lak: not here come with me. Saying this he drags her from there.
Rag: y u bought me here.
Lak: ill tell wait… Ha there she is…

He shows someone
Lak: she is shilpa.
Rag: why r u showing her to me.
Lak: becoz she proposed me before I proposed u.
Rags was fuming listening to this…
Rag(angry): tho what should I do.
Lak: relax ragu. Y r u getting angry. Don’t say that u r jealous of her
Rag: what would I be jealous.
Lak: I want to accept her.
Rag was shocked to.listen him
Rag(stammering): wh…what…
Lak: u heard crctly ragu I want to accept her.
Rags with teary eyes: then accept why r u telling me.
Lak: I just want to know everything abt her. I don’t want to get ditched again by someone.
This words gave immense pain to her. She dont want to listen the word ditch from his mouth.
Rag: U me…mean….
Lak: that I don’t want to get fool by not knowing her nature. I want to marry her so that we can lead a happy CONFUSION LESS (stresses the word) life… So that we can be happy
Rag: then know abt her.
Lak: I mean u rejected me na. So if u help in getting her n if u tell my mistakes also I’ll rectify them n want to lead a happy life with HER..
Rags was now at the verge of crying.
Rsg: no ill not
Lak: y not. U said u dont love me na. Then I’m asking this help as a frnd. Can’t u do that for me.
Rag: I have class I’m going
Lak: scared of falling for me right….
Rag: no…
Lak: then help me getting her…
Rag: OK…
She answers him without showing her crying face. She leaves from there…
Lak: now the game starts…. Ragu be ready to get jealous… He smiles with teary eyes

Screen freezes on crying face of ragu n teary face of laksh.
Guys as I already said I don’t know when I’ll give my next update. Sry for that.

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  1. Mica

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    1. Maha6

      Pleasure is mine mica that u people are reading my ff. Tq for that

  2. Fabulous episode dear.☺..u have great writing skills n u know how,where,when,for whom to use that… so Ragini’s pain was clearly visible through ur words… n m happy for Sanskar’s decision… eagerly waiting for Swara’s reaction towards Sanskar’s step.((fingers crossed)).. all over i only can say that i just loved n lived ur chappy…☺

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali for ur immense support. But wait what r u saying fingers crossed it means..????. N tq for the comment.

  3. ragini lakshya is awesome next part soon

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  4. I mean hopefully she says yes… n come out from her past n accept Sanskar…

    1. Maha6

      Ohhh obviously she will. Orelse what is the use of story leads.

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  7. awesome part di sanskar agre for marriage and his parents too but ap want to talk to swara a ndragkar marriage came up as a shock for them and they both agree karan and rags maintaining distance from there loved ones and laksh and meera will make them both confess their felling and laksh even started and i think swara also agree for her parents loved the part di its amazing and full of morals and happy teachers day di loved it????

    1. Maha6

      __radhu. But I didnt understand one thing what morals did u find in this epi.

      1. di as everyone is hearing to their parents and respecting their decisions and don’t arguing if it hurt also to them but they are smilling there is a line “if we hurt someone it is easy to say sorry but it is not easy to smile and saying its ok after getting hurt ” just like that they only know that there parents care and love them from so many years so how could go against them and the other is modren moral that we will do anything to get our love if it os destinied to be us than we will achieve it and other sanskar true don’t change after knowing her truth and it tell that true love still exist and arjun care and love fo rher suster but still he don’t make sanky force to do something and many more such things are there who. give us some moral just we have to understand if we will read carefully we will find thousand of morals in each line so hope i make u understand di and there are much more mirals in this chapter but don’t tell all as it will be so big that you will got bore by it di as i know i always keep u bore by my useless talks and _____ for that ok and 1 moral is there to understand someone and true friendship if we understand someone we will solve everything but if not then everything mess up

      2. Maha6

        Wow radhu u have such a great understanding skills.

      3. really di and ______for this

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