The soul of my life epi 20″ hum tum ek kamre mein band ho”


Hi guys. Yippeeee I reached 20 th epi this is all becoz of ur support. Thank u so much guys. N yeah yesterday I have given short update but still u didn’t feel disappointed. Thank u for ur love. Today u will get some emotional scenes between raglak hope u like it. If possible I’ll add some romantic scenes between raglak.

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Here is the episode….

The episode begins with raglak travelling in a car. Laksh is driving the car….. Ragini is sitting beside him.
Suddenly the car is stopped. Ragini sees him trying to start the car.
Rag: laksh plz I don’t want to talk anything so plz start the car. No need of any acting.
Lak:(angry but controlling): ragini I didnt stop the car. It has stopped on its own.
Rag: plz lak stop acting n start the car.
It’s enough for laksh…

Lak: (shouts): he held her shoulders n says do u think that m I that kind of person. Do u think that I’m acting…. How u could u even think that… I know u love me. I don’t know why u r not agreeing it. Not as a lover but u can trust me as a frnd. But u even don’t trust me as a frnd…… I don’t know that u r a stone hearted person who can’t believe others. I’m feeling ashamed that I love a person like u.
Rag was listening all this by seeing other side with teary eyes such that he can’t see her teary eyed…..
Lak sees that she is seeing other side he wonder how could a person be like this much stone hearted…. He also sees her with teary eyed but these are not of love but of angry towards himself for loving a person like her who even don’t trust her frnd….

Rags pov
He was accusing himself for loving me. I felt like someone stabbed my heart into thousand pieces when I heard him saying me stone hearted. But it should be necessary for his betterment. It is necessary that he should forget me n move on in his life. He should have me. I can bear my insult but can’t see him in pain seeing me marrying someone. I can’t bear that pain of him which make me wince in pain, the pain of heart.
Pov ends

Lak pov
I know she loves me. Or I’m feeling like that becoz I love her. I don’t know whether it is real or m feeling like that. But how can she tell like that… When I was talking she is seeing other side. She even didn’t bother to look at me once. It’s none of her concern it is clearly visible from her act. Tears made their way from my yesyes. For the frst time I felt like I loved a stone hearted person. But somewhere deep in my heart i have a feeling that she is acting. She wanted me to live far from her but why. Is she doing all this wantedly or is she like that. But I’m not sure of this. Whatever I have decided not to make her uncomfortable by remaining by her side. If it’s all whatvshe wanted then I’ll do becoz I love her. Even if she dont love me no prblm but I love her. There is a saying “expect nothing from the ones u love”. Yes I love her not becoz I expect her to love me.I love her this is all enough for me in this life.
Pov ends
He gets down the car n starts checking it for the prblm.

Scene shifts to BM
Shemish n Alleppy are continuously knocking the door but there was no response from inside. While they were trying to break the door they listen someone calling swara n them. They were relieved to listen his voice n to see him.
Person: Papa….what happnd …
Mishti goes n hugs him n says worrying….
Mishti: arjun…..shona…shona…..

Arj: ma what hppnd to shona…. Tell me clearly….
Shek: she came home crying. She locked her from inside she is not opening….
Arj: what..????? Wait…. He goes n tries but no response…. He breaks the door n sees that shona was lying in a pool of blood…. He sees round the room but there is no spot of knife. Then he sees marks of blood at the edge of bed. Yes she was hit by the bed…. He then understood that she slipped n hit the bed. He immediately took her hospital.
After after an hour Dr came out of the OT.
Arj n shemish Alleppy goes to him.

Arj: Dr. How is she?
Dr: no need to worry Mr. Bose she is alright. But take care of her don’t make her stress. If is clear that she is stressed of something too much it’s harmful to her life.
Shek: yes Dr.
They all felt relieved…. They went to see her. She was sleeping peacefully without any disturbance. Arjun came forwards n caress her forehead. She opens her eyes n sees him. She felt so happy for seeing her brother after such a long time…
Swa: Bhai…..she tries to sit..
Arj: shona don’t sit just sleep…
Swa: Bhai when did u come….
Arj: today…..u sleep now u need rest.
Swara sees the surroundings n look confused

Swa: ma Papa how come I was in hospital….
Arj: becoz I got hit my head….(sarcastically)
Swa: if u got hit u should be admitted na… (Fake angry): don’t play jokes m not that stupid. But I wanted to ask how that happnd.
Arj: ahaaa u should sleep now.
Swa: but Bhai…..
Arj: no more questions…. Now sleep orelse I won’t give the chocolates I brought for u…
Swa: wow chocolates….
Arj: if u want u should sleep…be like a good girl n sleep now.(he adjust bedsheet on her)

Scene shifts to sanky…..
Sanky was thinking all recent happngs.
San: what hppnd to swara why she left all of a sudden. N ma she fell unconscious suddenly… Is there anything which is out of my knowledge… I should know. He tries swara num but no one is lifting the call.
San: why she is not lifting her phn…. Is she ok….
Then he saw ap moving her hands… He felt happy n holds her hand. She opens her eyes n see him… She immediately sit n hugs him crying….
San(worried): ma what hppnd.. Why r u crying….

Ap: sanskar I can’t see u going far away from me… Plz don’t leave me…
San: ma ntng happnd see m fine. Dont worry.
Suddenly ap remember swara n ask abt her.
Ap: sanskar that girl…that girl…
San: which girl ma….
San: the one who came with u…
San: ohh.. Swara….
Ap: I want to meet her plz I want to meet her.
San was confused y his mother was so desperate to meet swara(guys in my 2nd epi I had wrote that all mm went to hotel where swara was a waiter but I want to clear one thing that swara n ap didn’t see eachother that time)
San: yes ma I’ll bring her…u plz take rest….

Sanky makes her sleep n goes to his room.
San: ma knows swara before only… What happnd that ma is so desperate to meet her. N swara she ran all of a sudden as soon as she ma. Sonething is there which I don’t know. I have to find out…

Scene shifts to raglak…
Lak tried so much but he can’t repair the car.
Lak goes to rag n says without seeing her
Lak: we can’t take the car….I have called mechanic. But weather is not nice it will rain n as it is Lane road it will take so much time for him to come. Suddenly rain starts…..
He then sees a hut nearby as the place is near the crops.
laksh sees the hut n asks her to come.

Rag: can’t u see it’s raining n u want me to come in this rain.
Lak(without seeing her): see now we have only one chance come orelse u will remain in this cold. Rags then agrees as there is no chance.
Raglak runs towards hut. But rag was hit by a stone n her foot is bleeding.. She winces in pain.. Laksh was a few steps ahead of her… She was feeling difficulty in running. Lak sees this n comes to her.
Lak: why r u not coming. He drags her she winces in pain. He then sees her wound n picks her in bridal attire… Rags was seeing him lovely…
He then takes her inside the hut. He sees her staring at her…. They share cute eyelock…

BG plays
Chhute ya na chhute Mose
Rang tera dholna
Ok Tere baajo dooja
Mera koi molna
Bolna mahi bolna….
Bolna mahi bolna….

They were still staring at each other…in the same position. Suddenly thunderstorm occurs n rags hugs him

Tere liye says me tho
Tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan

Bolna mahi bolna….

Tere sang jaana mein
Tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rahna mein
Tujhme hi khona
Dil mein chhupa je tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tusse
Munh na mod na

Bolna mahimahi mahi bolna…. Song ends….
They are still hugging each other. Suddenly rag remember her bua words”ragini marriage is fixed” she parts herself from the hug.
Rag: laksh plz keep me down.
He then keeps her down… Rags gets embarrassed for her act. While laksh remain confused by her act….

Screen freezes on embarrassed face of rag n confused face of laksh….

Guys I have given my work. It’s up to u now to give comments. I hope u like the epi. Whatever express ur feelings through comments I’ll be waiting for ur comments.

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  2. Nice……

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  3. lovely raglak scene are awesome next part soon

    1. Maha6

      Tq nikky. I’ll try to give next part soon till then keep following.

  4. Maha u again rocked it… it was superb episode……

    RAGLAK scene was emotional yet very beautiful… Ragini’s unspoken love n feelings that u showed through ur words was mind blowinggg… n d song was PERFECTy played in perfect time…
    jussssstttt loved it…??..

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali. U don’t know how much ur comments boosts me daily. N yeah tq for the applause. Well I rocked or not I don’t know but this was all becoz of ur support. Keep supporting dear.

  5. Raglak scenes are nice

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  7. awesome part di and raglak separation and rags crying and thinking about laksh and bua both and laksh is knowing somewhere that rags is acting but saying that he is guilty that he love her its a senti scene but ups and downs are important as it make our bond more strong and swara in pool of blood and admitted and her brother entry and their bond and he knows swara very well and ap shocks if ap know about swara and whole family knows about swara but why don’t they react as ap and raglak going to hut all together the episode is awesome di loved it ????

    1. Maha6

      ____radhu for commenting. N yeah ___ for the applause. Abt the question u asked y other members of MF didn’t react on seeing swara right. Abt that u will get to know. If i tell now itself how can I continue the story. Ise kahte hai breaking the suspense before reaching the crct destiny. U want to break the suspense or u want to know now itself?

      1. ok di when time come u will tell and the time is going to come early and ur every chapter have something new to tell and yup i don’t want to break it as when time come it look more amazing tan now as u must hear “sawar ka fal mitha hota hai” like that and break it when true time come with a new suspence??

      2. Maha6

        Aww radhu u r so understanding. N I don’t know that my every epi gives n new thing but u r great that u have identified. Mein tho bas apni thoughts pen dow kar hi hu.

  8. Awwww!!!poor raglak!!!hope soon dey get united….
    Episode ws super awesomeeeeee!!!!!loved raglak scenes??
    N i loved ur title “hum tum ek kamre m band hoo”..?
    Keep rockng n stay blessed????

    1. Maha6

      Tq fairy for ur lovely comment. N tq for appreciating the title. Yeah I’ll try to get then united soon.

  9. Pleasure is all mine dear..?. well u don’t know that u rocked…. then let me tell u “”” u rocked””” n after reading ur thought “” I m shocked””…??

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      Don’t mind as I’m asking but I don’t get what r u talking abt I mean abt what thought u r talking.

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    Awww..aawesome update dear

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  11. Superb episode and loved Raglak scenes

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    oh God,,revealed soon about Swara and Ap
    poor Raglak
    luv it maha ty

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      Sry mica for making wait. N tq for reading. I’ll reveal some matter abt swara n ap relation in next epi. So sry once again.

  13. Akshata

    awesome, my poor raglak, hope they will unite soon.

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      Tq akshata for reading n commenting. I’ll try to unite them soon.

  14. u said na that u dont know u rocked or not… ((read ur comment dear…))) that’s why m saying “” m shocked””… cozz after giving such an amazing chappy how can u say that u dint rock???????

    1. Maha6

      Ohh kakali I have read the comment. But m some what buddy na so I ddint get what u told. Now I got what u said. But still it’s all becoz of readers. As I have already said that ur comments boost us. When we are ready to pen down our thoughts ur comments come to our mind n automatically we write the epi.

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    very nice

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  16. want raglak together

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