The soul of my life epi 19 “the unspoken language”

Hi guys thank u all whoever commented on my previous epi n commenting on all my episodes.

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Here is the episode.

Raglak are going in one car whereas meekar,rajeena are going in other car…..
There is complete silence. No one is talking even there are lots of words to talk to discuss. Even their minds are not allowing to talk with each other but their hearts are always trying to get a chance so that they can pour their feelings out. They wanted to hug each other. They wanted to remain in each other’s embrace. But they don’t becoz of their circumstances. Rag becoz of bua…. Laksh becoz of rag…. They are talking with the words of unspoken language…

Both raglak are stealing glances without the notice of others…..

Scene Shifts to swasan
Swa n ap stood shocked seeing each other.
San: ma she is swara……swara she is my mom. The one n only best mom for me.
Swara n ap were still in shock.
Swara ran without giving any reply.
Sanky was confused with her behaviour.
San: swara….swara (shouts n runs after her)
But before he reaches her she hires an auto n left.
He comes inside n sees that all mm is tensed. He then sees that ap is unconscious. He runs to her
San: ma..what hppnd(to all):what hppnd to her why is she not opening her eyes…….
Screen shifts to swara
As soon as she reaches BM she without saying anything rushes to her room leaving her parents n neeti worried.
Shek: mishti what hppnd to her why she is crying.
Mishti: I dont know shekhar. Mrng she is normal but now she is sad something happnd inbetween. They go to her room n bang the door. But she is not opening…. Shemish were now so much worried for her…..

Screen freezes on worried faces of shemish……

Guys sorry for the short update. Actually I’m I’ll but I thought u people were waiting for my ff so I thought to give short update. Hope u won’t mind…. Once again Thanks guys for commenting….


  1. Kakali

    Thnx Maha for d update… it was superb.😊..The scene of the unspoken language of RAGLAK was tooo awesome… simply loved it..😘

  2. radhika

    Nice part short but full of suspence that what is going to happens and yup _____ for caring and thinking for us love u

      • Radhika

        not about short or big di its about emotions that shows that u care for us and don’t keep us waiting that’s why u gave a small vala update even if u don’t have time i love that thing the most in this part and love u 😘😘 for this

      • Fairy

        Yaar maha u hve given us such a fantastic ff n always entertain us …long-short doesnt matter!!!!u always thought for us n dats d thing which i really appreciate …ur words always touch my heart… u lotzzzzz!!!n u r a reallly a sweet n awesome person😊😊keep smiling..!!

      • Maha6



        Tq fairy. I don’t know that my ff is making u people that much happy. I’m really glad that my work is entertaining some people. Thank u so much.

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