The soul of my life epi 18 ” ragini mrrg is fixed”


Hi guys. Thank u for all whoever is commenting on my ff. I’ll directly go to the episode.

Soul of my life
Here is the episode.

Ragini is seen folding her clothes n packing. She is lost in thoughts.

Bua: sry dayaal sir. But I can’t give my daughter hand for ur son. Uska rishta tay hui hai.
Dayaal: ohhh. Is that so….. But plz once think again. My son saw her in a mrrg n from then he wanted to marry ur daughter. But I came to know that she is not ur daughter.
Bua: yes I didnt give her birth but she is more than my daughter. N yeah whatever u say but her marrg is fixed. Plz can u leave….
Dayaal: we will give money in return from bride groom side. Plz accept this.
Bua: it’s not the matter of money. She will marry my son…. I have given promise to my could u plz leave.
Dayaal: think once again na…
Bua: I said leave….. (Shouts)
Dayaal says in anger:I will see how this marrg happens.
Bua: ramesh…
Ram: ji Malkin…
Bua: we will start preparations for karan ragini wedding. As soon as they come we will do their engagement.
Ram: par Malkin ragini bitia ko aur karan beta ko ek bar pooch ke…..
Bua: u don’t worry ramesh they will agree. Karan have no one in his life. He will agree I’ll make him agree. N abt ragini she won’t go against me… I have promised my Bhai that I’ll make her my dil(guys I have mentioned abt this in my 4 or 5 episode)

****flashback ends*****
Rags thoughts were broken by reena meera shouting.
Rag: guys why r u shouting….
Mee: di we were not shouting. But we were calling u from such a long time.
Ree: ha ragu where have u lost
Rag: no where….
Ree: OK OK come let’s go….it’s time to.leave. all were waiting for us outside.

All goes outside where boys are waiting for them…
Laksh sees ragini coming n remember her rejection…. He gets teary eyed…
Rags also him n gets teary eyed. But soon turns her face n wipes her tears such that no one notices them. But a pair of eyes have noticed them. (No u guys are wrong lucky didn’t notice them but instead were noticed by karan)

Soon they leave for kolkata. Raj sits with reena frontfront n at back meekar.
Mee: di duggu u people come in other car…. There is no place na…
Kar(thinks): yeah if we come in other car then I can spend some time with meera n sort out differences. N can become frnds with her….
Kar: ha ha laksh ragu u people come in other car.
Lak sees ragini while ragini sees down due to nervous…
Rag tries to say no but before that lucky speaks
Lak: OK…..we will come in other car. U guys carry on. rags stood confused…
While the other leave…

Scene shifts to swasan….
Swa comes to BM
Shek: shona beta….
Swa: ji Papa….
Shek:with whom u went to hugli.
Swa: papa he is my boss…
Mishti: what’s his name shona…
Swa(in mind) : why they r asking like that. Kahi yeh sanskar ko dekha aur yash samaj baita…
Mishti: shona m asking u something.. What his name…
Swa: haa maa his name is sanskar…sanskar maheshwari…..(rudely takes his name)
Mishti: what hppnd shona is he irritating u…
Swa: no maa… He is so nice. He loves to help people… He is always with people… He loves his family a lot. Infact he thinks all people as his family. But patha nahi kyun aaj thoda teda ho gaya… He is talking nonsense….
Shemish sees that swara was happy talking abt sanskar….
Neeti: shona come fast… I want to show I something…. She drags swara from there….
Shek: mishti did u see how much happy swara is when talking abt sanskar. Today I saw my old shona back.. This is all becoz of that sanskar.
Mishti : yes shekhar… She said maheshwari right…..
Shek: haaa tho isme….. Suddenly he realises something… If means she is talking abt durga….
Mishti: yes….
Shek: wow…. I think if we marry sanskar n swara she will be happy… He can keep her happy.
Mishti: but shekhar does swara agrees for this. Becoz I know how much she pretends like she has move on but she still loves yash… I don’t think she will accept.
Shek: she will agree…. For us…
Mishti: shekhar this is not right. Doing something by emotional blackmail is not crct
Shek: mishti u say do u want to see our shona happy or not. Mishti nods…. So then for our shona happiness we have to do this….. She has to move on…. For how long she will remain like this….
Mishti: u r right shekhar.

Scene shifts to sanskar…..
Sanky comes to BM. He calls swara.
San: swara I’m waiting for u outside ur house
Swa:(shocked): what??? She then goes to window n sees him waiting near her house outside….
Swa: oh god… What will happen when ma Papa see him… Soon she gets ready n runs to him.. She was stopped by Shek
Shek: shona where r u going that too in a hurry
Swa: haa Papa my friend has invited me for dinner. I forgot to tell u.
Neeti: who is that frnd whom I dont know… Agar janthi hu tho vo mujhe bhi bhulayenge nana
Swa: areyy nahi Alleppy vo tujhe nahi jantha….acha m getting late bye…
She goes to sanky….
San: why r u so late….
Swa: u want to come or not…
San: hlooo m ur boss. Talk politely…
Swa: ohh hlooo u only said that outside u r my frnd. No one talk politely with a frnd. Now come orelse we will get late. Sanky n swara goes to mm.
Swa: ohoooo ur house Is very nice…
San: come inside n tell me how is our house …. I mean my house from inside….
Swa: OK….. They go inside….
Sanky: maa see who has come….
Ap comes from kitchen bringing bowls from inside…she still not see swara…
San takes swara towards ap.
San: ma can u plz stop arranging those on dining table n see who has come…he turns ap….
Ap n swara stood shocked seeing each other..
Swara was shocked to ap there n then sees sanky…..

Screen freezes on shocked face of swara n ap….

Guys I hope u like this episode… Sry if I didn’t reach ur expectations…..
Guess…… What is the reaction when swara comes to know abt shemish thoughts?
Why swara n ap are shocked to see eachother?
Does ragkar mrrg hppns or ragkar tells bua abt their respective love?
Do bua agree to raglak n meekar mrrg?
Or she is adamant to her promise?

Guys plz ans these questions…… Kakali I think u r happy with this swasan track….

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  1. Nice…waiting fr next

    1. Maha6

      Tq priyanka I’ll try to update soon.

  2. Ya ya Maha m very happy… ??.. thnxx dear… hmmmmm after knowing Shemish thought m sure Swara gonna reject Sanskar with a high voltage out burst…?
    .. n about Swara n Ap stocked expressions i think there is something between them ,, they know each other from long..((dont know bt lagta hai Yash n Sanskar r twin brothers.. n ap knows Swara as she loved Yash,,,,,,,))) ((((uffffffff my brain ?? thinks soo much whatever its rit or wrong… don’t know …??what will happen to me)))) n coming to RAGLAK n MIKAR… hmmmm they gonna confess their love soon .. first bua will not agree bt after seeing their love…she will also understand … coz she wants them to b happy.. ((( i speak soo muchhhhh na,, bt what to doo????????)))) n u have to bear mee…?

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali. N yeah coming to ur guesses may be they r right or wrong but it’s enough that u have tried. U will get to know the answers for the questions soon. Till then keep following

  3. kkkkkk…??

  4. Dharani

    very nice

    1. Maha6

      Tq dharani

  5. awesome part di full of everything and about the question answer part swara will qgree for marriage for shemish firstly she did not agree but after sometime she will got to know that shemish wqnt her happiness and because of her sadness they are also sad and they want her happy in her life so she will accept for her parents happiness but after sometime for her happiness i think thqt bose family know mqheshwari family from long back and maybe swarq pqst qlso cobnect to this also maybe something related to yash and shekhar say that if she go there she will be happy so may they know eqchother by best friends relation or by relatives and about ragkar karan will tell about meera but ragini will not because she sacrifice her love for bua and now she will not tell about it but karan will make everything fine if not than bua herself get to know that raglak and meekar love each other so at the end everything will be sort out and the promise she made to her brother is about rags happiness to marry rag with karan so now the time and relations are change so bua have to think about it also so she will accept raglak and meekar this are my guesses and i know that ur thinking is much higher than me so i don’t know whats there in ur mind i can only guess right nx wrong and loved the both part and its really interesting di ok now i am stopung my bak bak and loved it and u too☺☺☺

    1. Maha6

      Awww radhu….. Well t__. Fill the blank. Well u guesses merge with mine. Ur genius radhu.

  6. Soujanya


    1. Maha6

      Tq soujanya

  7. Mica

    waaaaa,,, what happened between them ? huh ! i’m shocked maha rocked !

    1. Maha6

      Tq mica for commenting. But whom r u talking abt. N if abt raglak then I have given it in previous episode. I think u have not read that part

      1. Mica

        swara and AP of course,,, :3

      2. Maha6

        Ohhh I guessed wrong. N yeah abt the mystery u will get to know slightly in my next update. Hope u will follow my ff.

  8. Super as always .

    1. Maha6

      Tq anjali

  9. Awesome episode

  10. Akshata

    awesome update.

    1. Maha6

      Tq Akshata

  11. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear…..

    1. Maha6

      Tq sreevijayan. N abt the question u asked in my previous epi that y rag wanted lucky to hate her I hope u came to know now. If not I will tell as bua wanted to make rag mrrg with kar she dont Want to go against her wish. So if lukcy hates her then he can move on in life. Hope u understand

  12. Superbbbb fantastic n awesome episode dear…eagerlyy waitng for nxt!!!keeep rockng n stay blessed??

    1. Maha6

      Tq fairy

  13. Raglak scenes are nice

    1. Maha6

      Tq lovely

    1. Maha6

      Tq hemalattha

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