You are my soul (Episode 2)

hiiiii guys

so lets cont

Shivaay – so u work in this office great i got a friend .

Annika – yeah yeah we can make good friends

Shivaay smiles at her

Shivaay- so lets work

He shifts his gaze towards the computer and conts to work

Annika pov

That’s all ???.Ohh great I got a workaholic  friend . I thought atleast he will talk wid me today and we will try to understand about each other but he is very boring. Ohh ani dear Wen will I get a friend like you .Who will enjoy life like you .Noooooooo!!!!!

Annika moves to her place and admires shivaay like reading a book ‘HOW TO IRRITATE SOMEONE’ .she gets a idea to stop him from working .she crawls down to his place without him seeing and pulls the plug and cuts his wire. she gets up from the place. but her manager spots her crawing.

Manager -ani why are you crawling in the ground

Ani- sir actually …..

manager stares at her in a weird manner

Ani -sir i hav a offering for god thats y crawling sacrifice for god

Manager- thats fine y are u doing it in the office

shit!!!! Ani did he work before in the CBI

Ani – sir work is like god ,workplace is like temple

Manager – do what ever you want but complete the target soon

Ani – yes sir

Annika moves back to her cubicle she finds shivaay working in her cubicle

Shivaay- sorry annika my computer is not working i will finish my job soon

Annika -Ok

Ani pov

what the hell he thinks of himself  i think he wants to become the CEO of the company in one day. I am sure tomorrow morning he will become the manager and then day after tomorrow he will become the CEO . I am fool to except something from him


ani is about to go for the canteen but she sees shivaay still working .

Ani- shivaay its lunch time lets eat

Shivaay- five minutes annika five minutes

Annika looks at her surrounding and finds no one around in the office she thinks it is time to teach him a lesson

Annika – what do u think of yourself????

Shivaay – excuse me

Ani pushes his rolling chair and shivaay is shocked .His chair is pushed towards the wall . Annika walks towards him.

Ani- are u a robot ?? .

Shivaay tries to get up from the chair but Ani pushes him back.

Ani – when a beautiful girl is sitting next to u .

you are still concentrating on the damn computer . Are u the ceo ???

Shivaay smirks at her words

Ani- dont smirk at me from now on u should come out wid me when ever i call you

Shivaay nods at her

Ani – good boy now come and eat


shivaay and annika come out of the office

Ani  – so bye meet you tomorrow

Shivaay- yeah sure

Ani – how will you go home

Shivaay is startled for a moment

Shivaay- My friend will be here to pick me up i am staying at his house

Ani – wait i will drop you

Shivaay – No no i will go in his bike

Ani – shiv we are friends now come na

ani pulls him to the parking area and takes him in her bike

shivaay  and annika are travelling in her bike. annika is driving shivaay is sitting in the back seat

Ani- so when you are going to buy a bike

Shivaay- yeah very soon

Ani- dont wait for the time .if you want i will do a favour for you . i will drop at your friends place daily.

Shivaay- thank you but no need i will take care

Annika stops the bike and turns towards him with fake anger

Annika- do u regard me  as ur best friend then i will drop you everyday

they come to his friends place

Shivaay – here this is my friends place

Ani – wow nice house .anyways bye meet you tomorrow

Shivaay- bye

Annika leaves from the place in her scooty. he looks at her till she disappears from his vision . he smiles at her and says crazy girl

Khanna – sir here are your car keys

Shivaay – thank you khanna and by the ways dont send my car to the office .I will take my car from here.


ok guys chapter over

guys i feel the support is very less . so if there is less comment i will take as my story is bad

ok bye



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    It is lovely dear

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    It is Going so good…I’m loving this story..Anidi is so crazy..will be waiting for the next..

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    awesum update…luved it
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