I AM SORRY.I UNDERSTAND (swasan 3-4 shots) Part 4 (last)

Soooorrrryyyy friends!Here comes the last part.
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One day,Swara gets a call from Chandni’s school informing that she has been admitted in hospital.Swara informs Sanskar’s PA because she knew Sanskar never took time for such issues.She didn’t expect him to help her in such a situation.But to her surprise,Sanskar had reached the hospital much earlier than her.

Both were called inside by the doctor who informed them about the trauma which Chandni has been undergoing these days.”As parents,u have given lots of psychological pressure to ur kid.She is too small to handle such complicated situations.U have made her suffer for ur own problems.She is very happy as of now but happiness and sadness to the extreme has cost her health.She is not able to conclude as of what’s going on around her.Sanskar!she needs u more than anything.Make her understand who is she to u and what is her life all about.At some corner of the heart,she is afraid of loosing u and ur love(pointing to both).She is refusing to believe the reality.Everything has happened all of a sudden,so she is finding it difficult to understand,accept and overcome everything.In short,Chandni has to be taken care of only and only by both of u.Keep aside everything and just concentrate on Chandu.Or else u will have to bear the result which is going to be dreadful,for sure.Hope u understand!”

Swara and Sanskar never did think that their relationship should be given a second chance.After the doctor’s statement,both realized the blunder they were about to do.Swara changed her determination for Chandni’s upbringing all alone and Sanskar who always had been a workaholic decided something big.Chandni was discharged after 2 days with a warning about her deteriorating health.

From the next day,swasan started implementing massive changes to their schedule.Swara took notice of Chandni’s food,sleep and daily work.Her world revolved only and only around Chandni.Swara was not used to such tight schedule,but the thought of losing her family made her forget all pain.Sanskar saw to it that he reaches home before Chandni sleeps and be there till she wakes up.He informed his office staff to manage the meetings such that it doesn’t affect the time spent with his daughter.
After three and a half months,

Chandni’s health is improving rapidly.Now Sanskar has dedicated his weekends for his family.One day,all three had been on an outing.They visited a mall.Chandni was enjoying to the fullest.Sanskar purchased a beautiful saree for Swara and on the other side,Swara was trying to select a watch for Sanskar.A pair of eyes were watching them very closely trying to understand as to what they are upto.

Days and weeks passed by,
Swara’s health condition was not stable.Not being used to heavy work schedule,she started to fall sick often and was weak too.But Sanskar and Chandni became her strength.There was considerable drop in the performance of Sanskar’s company but nothing seemed to be more important for him than Swara and Chandni.Days passed by.Swara and Sanskar were happy and contented for the first time in their life.Both experienced the real taste of joy.But both were cconfused to such an extent that they were not clear about anything.

The day of judgement,a few hours before the hearing….
The judge called Swasan inside her room.She understood the feelings they would be undergoing.
Judge:U can start.
Swasan at the same time:We want some more time!!(Some more….seriously)
Judge(lost her patience):Choose a lawyer as ur son-in-law.He will handle ur case for the whole life!!
(Swasan were shocked at her statement)
Swasan:But Madam…..

Judge:What but…. haan?Both of u are able to sacrifice ur individuality for each other’s happiness,can do anything for each other,can ignore anything…being health issues or profit level,can work mutually for ur daughter’s health,but cannot accept that both of u were wrong?
Swasan:But madam,we were doing everything for Chandu….
Judge:Llet me tell u the truth behind Chandu….She is not only ur daughter but also ur symbol of love.Have u ever understood the depth of a husband-wife relation?They give themselves to each other which is impossible in any other relation.Swara and Sanskar, u r telling me that u did all this to save Chandni,hmmm?But the truth is both of u want to save ur love.Chandni has indirectly helped u by becoming a means for ur mission “SAVE MY LOVE”(she remembers something)Haa..i forgot to ask u.. what about the dress and watch that u people had bought that day?Oh….so that was for ur future partners….( Those eyes were of the judge)

Swasan(unknowingly):No one can snatch my Swara/Sanskar from me!!
Judge(sigh of relief):At last….wait a minute….u didn’t say this by mistake right?
Swara started crying badly at this moment.Sanskar tried hard to console her.
Swasan (to each other):By mistake or by intention,the truth is one and only one…..that Swara and Sanskar as Swasan are made for each other.
Sanskar(continues):It’s my mistake that I failed to understand the importance of love and family.And there is much more than work and money.In fact,I never had suffered before as I suffered in these three months.
Swara:And that’s because even after being happy and contented,we were not complete.
Judge:So… that u have made ur decision clear,we shall carry on with further formalities.
Swasan:Ma’am we..we .do..don’t need a divorce.

Judge:Even if u ask or plead for it,iam not going to grant divorce for u in my life time(smiles).We have to declare ur decision to the outside world too.Come lets go..!
From the very next day,Swasan and Chandni started living a new life filled with only love,trust,understanding and sacrifice.They were completing and complementing each other.
After a few months,

Looks like someone is going to join the family as the fourth member….as an another symbol of Swasan love!VERY SOON!
The whole world is happy for swasan and because of swasan!

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