I AM SORRY.I UNDERSTAND (swasan 3-4 shots) Part 3


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Sanskar enters the house and stands at the entrance for some time.The house is not less than a mess.Madhan calls out “Gudiya…..”.Just then a lady in her late twenties comes running like a kid and clings on to Madhan.She speaks-“Madhu,u know ur daughter disturbed me a lot today.Dekho,she didn’t eat anything”She is hugging a photo frame of a small girl of around 3 years.
Madhan:Dosth!She is my wife Hasini!
Sanskar is unable to understand as to what is exactly going on around him.Madhan calls the maid and asks her to take Hasini with her.He calls out-“Ma..Bapuji..”.Then two elderly people in their late fifties comes there.Madhan introduces Sanskar to them and they wish him.Sanskar responds to them back.Madhan starts to narrate his story-
“Dosth,they are my inlaws.Hasini’s parents.U know Sanskar….I got married 5 years back.We both were very happy and infact our families were proud of us.In a year we were blessed with our gudiya-our daughter-our princess-our sweetheart-our deepa.She was the first symbol of our love.She became the lifeline for the whole family.Everything went well but…..”Madhan stammered.The old man continued
“But that accident which happened a year before turned everything upside down.Madhan lost his parents and his daughter.Hasini wasn’t able to accept the tragedy.She was under coma for 2 months and is in this state for the past 10 months.We are really blessed to have a son like Madhan in the place of a son-inlaw”Saying this,he gets teary eyed.The lady holds his hand.All this time,Sanskar was looking at Madhan.He could see peace and contentment in his face.

Sanskar and Madhan goes to the balcony.Madhan continues-“I always wanted to enjoy every second ofmy life to the fullest.But see,my life….is complete….so soon.I have nothing other than Hasini and my inlaws.I have to take care of them”Sanskar attempts to say something but Madhan interrupts-“I understand Sanskar….I was a perfect and strict person more than u.I was lazy but wanted everything at the right time at the right place.My mother looked after all these inspite of her busy schedule.The day she left me I felt the real pain of losing someone for no reason.I am doing half of the household chores.Sometimes,I feel frustrated and leave everything as it is.Yesterday too I felt the same.The memories of Deepa are haunting me”Sanskar hugs Madhan and consoles him.He continues” Those people who praised me till my ears bleed, for my cleanliness, are just refusing to check whether Iam alive or not.People change with time but love doesn’t”Sanskar looks at Madhan”Life is never based on a single person or a single thing.It has everything hidden in it.The real success and perfection of a human being lies in finding out everything and balancing them in the correct manner.Hope u understand”Sanskar remembers all his moments with Swara.He is disturbed by a voice”Lunch is ready.Come”
Sanskar and Madhan have their lunch and Sanskar leaves with a heavy heart.He saw the childish behavior of Hasini and how difficult is to amanage her.Sanskar is in no mood to go to office so he goes back home.

At about 3.30,Sanskar reaches home.He recalls how he had always scolded Swara for being irresponsible and immature. He goes to freshen up.Later he finds some food items ready to be cooked.Chandni comes home by this time,but she didn’t.Sanskar gets tensed and starts scolding Swara again.He thinks how can she be so selfish that she just forgot to pick up Chandni.He keeps on calling Swara but she doesn’t attend the call.

After nearly an hour,Swara and Chandni come home.Both are surprised to see Sanskar at this time.She runs and hugs him-“Pa…..u came so early today.U know ma got snacks for us.I saw an…..”She narrated whatever happened in the way to home.Sanskar never had thought that his daughter will be so close to him.Because he used to go before she wakes up and comes after she sleeps.Weekends were rarely spent together.The father,daughter duo were enjoying each other’s company,while Swara brought pakodas and tea.”Both of u have it,I went to ma’s house on my way back and I made all these”Sanskar offers her one but Swara refuses saying that she has got some works to do.Sanskar feels bad but lets her go.He continues playing with Chandni.Swara was thinking about answering Sanskar if he asks about her job search but fortunately he didn’t question her.

At night they have dinner and everyday passes by.But Sanskar and Swara have become more responsible these days.They got to understand each other better as they had some good time to spend with the whole family.Even Chandni’s health improved.In the mean time,they have realized the truth but are not ready to accept that both were at fault.Infact,they individually couldn’t accept that he/she was at fault.In these confusions,2 months passed by.

At the start of 3rd month,Sanskar and Swara came to know……

Credit to: Priya

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