I AM SORRY.I UNDERSTAND (swasan 3-4 shots) Part 2


So here comes the next part.link to the first part: http://www.tellyupdates.com/sorry-understand-swasan-3-4-shots-part-1/

Sanskar is happy to have dinner with his family.He is shocked with the sudden change but is enjoying a lot with chandni.Two eyes witnessing the scene is undergoing a mixture of emotions.
The next day,Sanskar wakes up to find his little princess getting ready in her uniform.Till yesterday,it was Sanskar who did all morning chores because Swara was not used to getting up early.

Chandni:”Pa,iam going down.U too get ready and come soon.Let’s eat together”.But she gets no response from Sanskar.She shouts:”Paaaa….”
Sanskar get startled while Chandni giggles.Hearing the scream,Swara comes running.
Swara:”Wh….what….what’s wrong chandu?y r u shouting?where is ur papa?”
Sanskar who isn’t able to believe Swara’s response stands still.Chandni points to Sanskar to which Swara’s reaction is…..an unexpected one.

Swara sees Sanskar from top to bottom.She looks disappointed and says Sorry and goes from there.Chandni says”Come fast,pa”and goes behind her leaving Sanskar confused.
Swara serves the food to both and goes up hurriedly.Sanskar and Chandni goes out and sees a cab waiting at the gate.Sanskar makes Chandni sit in his car and comes inside again.He finds a note on the table-“Setting out to search for means to live”Sanskar understands but he never felt so much of pain till date.For the first time,he starts thinking that he is skipping his responsibility.He doesn’t want to stop anything and just wait till the end.Swara gets down and sees Sanskar going.She feels like witnessing the exact future, at present,in front of her eyes.
Sanskar drops Chandni and goes to office.The whole day,he keeps thinking about Swara and the note.He cancels all important meetings and goes out to have lunch.On the way ,he meets his friend Madhan.

Madhan and Sanskar were college mates and close friends.He knows about Swasan and Chandni too.For the past six months,he was in Australia so there was no communication between Sanskar and Madhan.
Madhan:Dosth,Why don’t u have lunch with me,in my house?
Sanskar:Lunch??But how did u know?
Madhan:At this time,when someone is going towards a restaurant,what does that mean?
Sanskar:But….I….why should I go…..

Madhan:I know about u and my sister very well.U r Mr.Perfect an d she….?Leave all that.U r lying to ur dosth,seriously Sanskar??
Sanskar bows his head down.Madhan gets to know the problems between Swasan and the divorce but he remains silent.By the time,they reach Madhan’s house.
“DIVYA BHUVI”(divine heaven)

Both enter the house.But little did Sanskar know that the time being spent there is going to be life changing for him.

Credit to: Priya

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