I AM SORRY.I UNDERSTAND (swasan 3-4 shots) Part 1


Hey guys,iam here with my very first OS on SWASAN.I had started to write an ff but stopped it because I didn’t get much response.So here is the story

Family court(court room)
Swara and Sanskar are standing opposite to each other.
Judge:Swara and Sanskar are granted 4 months time and the court will declare the verdict after the stipulated period.(A painful eyelock between swasan)
Swara and Sanskar are about to go in their respective cars while Chandni(Swasan’s 5 year old daughter)screams at the top of her voice:Mujhe papa aur mama dono chahiye!!
Swasan are helpless as they love their daughter more than themselves.Swara reluctantly goes to Sanskar and they drive towards their home.

At home,
Swara and Sanskar avoid all means of communication and try to be normal in front of Chandni.After having lunch,Sanskar makes Chandni sleep and goes to office.While sleeping,Chandni keeps on murmuring ‘papa chahiye’ which makes Swara feel sorry for her.
Now coming to Swasan story,Swara and Sanskar’s parents are childhood friends.They wanted their children to get married so that they can continue being friends and also share a very close relation.Swasan were not interested initially but agreed to the marriage for the sake of their parents.Everything was fine between them.Chandni’s birth after 2 years of their marriage was the happiest moment of their life.
But from then on,Swara and Sanskar started arguing even for petty matters.Swara complained about Sanskar’s busy schedule and Sanskar about Swara’s immaturity.Things went worse when Sanskar went abroad for six months on a contract which shattered little Chandni.She missed Sanskar a lot and fell sick often.Swara wasn’t able to handle her loneliness and her daughter’s crave for her papa.She vented out her anger when Sanskar returned but Sanskar somehow managed to convince her for the timebeing.
Years passed by,but the level of understanding between swasan had nearly become nil.Chandni always longed for her parent’s love but was deeply hurt to see them fighting always.One fine day,Chandni fell ill and the chances of her survival was very low.Swasan blamed each other for her condition but ended up taking the decision of divorce.

Swara who is feeling bored thinks of visiting her close friend Mayuri,also a colleague of Sanskar.Mayuri knows about Swara very well and asks if everything is fine between Swasan.Swara starts pouring out her heart. Mayuri takes Swara to Sanskar’s office leaving back Chandni wid Mayuri’s maid.She asks Swara to have a look at Sanskar’s cabin(Sanskar is in a meeting with his boss).Swara looks around and finds lot of files.She sees a diary and opens it.The first page contains their family pic.Swara starts to read the diary.At the end of each day’s page,’SORRY MY QUEEN AND MY PRINCESS’ is written.She feels the pain that Sanskar undergoes everyday for not able to spend time with his family.She remembers all her fights with Sanskar and gets teary eyed.Mayuri gets Swara back to reality.She explains the hardships Sanskar faces everyday.Swara understands that all such situations are unavoidable.She is desperate to apologise to Sanskar.

Mayuri”Dekho Swara,it is very easy to blame and complain.But before saying a word about anyone,we should see ourselves from their place.And Iam sure,we will never be able to perform better than them.U are blessed with a beautiful life.Don’t let it go by ur own deeds”Mayuri and Swara go back.Mayuri explains her story.She was married to an army officer but he passed away within a year.Since then,she is living alone.Mayuri”U may think that being alone is good.But lonely are those people who are cursed.Take care Swara”

Swara reaches home with Chandni.She wakes up and starts searching for Sanskar.Swara tries to console her and explains about Sanskar’s work to her.Chandni is shocked as she hears Swara supporting Sanskar for the first time for being late always.She listens to Swara and goes to play.Swara prepares dinner by the time Sanskar comes home.He freshens up and brings Chandni to the table.Swara serves for both and sits along wid them to eat.Sanskar is surprised as Swara and Chandni always ate before him and he had to eat alone every night.He is happy but doesn’t show off.

Note:Sanskar still doesn’t know about Swara’s visit to his office.

Guys will give the next part tomorrow.The story will be only for 3-4 parts.Thought of completing in one shot,but could not.
Thank you.
God bless you.

Credit to: Priya

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