“I am Sorry!” TwiNj os #Valentine’s day special

Hiii frnds,
Remember this writer, yah the one who always makes u nd kunj cry and writes one sided love more. Ok so batau kis kisne sab mujhe guess kiya cmmnt.section me. And sorry to all the ff writers whom I have not commented. Actually I have not read it. I was thinking of quitting tu but my frnds purvi my jaan, pretty aka presha and ishu aka paavu didn’t allow me to do so… Inhone jangli billiyon ke tarha mujh par attack kiya tha… Haan Is bichari bacchi par. Ok let me tell you the reason for posting this os.
1. Compensation for not posting my ff for so long.
2. Compensation for not commenting on the ffs for so long.
3. Are its a Valentine’s day treat for my all frndz here. Because I love you all so I wanted to celebrate my Valentine’s day here.

Disclaimer: no proof reading. Plz ignore mistakes. This article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and if unknowingly I do, I sincerely apologize.

Letz begin,

“She is so cute na…” said kunj looking at a Maya, his childhood crush. “Haan too cute” said Twinkle looking at kunj lovingly. “I m going to propose her now. You will help me na” said kunj determined. Twinkle’s face suddenly turned gloomy. She was only able to utter a “yes”. She got up and went towards Maya. Some conversation was held between them, then Maya walked towards kunj. Twinkle smiled and mouthed kunj ‘good luck’. He just smiled at her. This was their relation. They could even communicate each other without a single word. Other than friendship, Twinkle secretly loved kunj, her childhood bestie. But he was too busy with his childhood crush, Maya, that he didn’t recognize her feelings for him. Twinkle was such a sweetheart. One could have proposed her at a very first sight. Beautiful by heart and cute by face.

“I love you Maya, I don’t know how, when, where this happened? But it happened and I don’t regret it Maya, I love you” kunj said confessing, sitting in his knees infront of Maya. Maya was shocked, “sorry kunj, but I don’t love you, I have a boyfriend” said Maya breaking kunj’s heart. Someone pulled maya by her waist and kissed her right cheeks, Maya continued, “Meet him, my Boy friend, Nihal,”. Maya left with Nihal.

“Don’t worry Kunj, it happens she doesn’t deserve you, don’t think abt her, you may find someone better for you, someone who will love you the way you love her, nd u can find that someone if u look around other than Maya.” Twinkle says consoling him and even giving some hints too. Kunj looked at her. Twinkle smiled at him. She was about to leave when kunj held her wrist, “Do you love me?” Asks kunj. “Umm… U will get ur answer only if u try to see the real world.” Saying this she smiled. Kunj looked on confused.

“I love you Twinkle!, will you be my girlfriend? I know I did bad with you but plz accept me. I was mad to not love such a beautiful girl!” Kunj said smiling at Twinkle. Twinkle was so happy, she replied with teary eyes, “I love you too kunj. I would love to be your girlfriend. I have always loved you kunj!” By saying this she hugged him tight. He too responded.


“Will you be my Valentine?” Asked Maya to kunj. Kunj was shocked. He looked at her confused. Maya sensing his confusion, “I broke with my boyfriend, I realized that I love you”. Kunj was shocked again. He looked at his phone and found Twinkle’s text saying, “kunj I m waiting for you outside my apartment, plzz pick me up fast as u have promised. Love,”. He smiled at Maya, deleted her chat, and went with her to Valentine’s Day Party.

“How could he do this, he promised me that he will never leave me but still he is with Maya, leaving me alone here,” said Twinkle crying to her besties Purvi and bulbul. “How can he do so, he is so bad, he broke my besties Heart, not once but again and again” said purvi angrily. “I know Bulbul, but I feel he cannot do this, I have seen love for her in his eyes.” Said bulbul. “No chulbul, he betrayed me. Am I that bad? Why can’t he reciprocate the feelings I have for him.” Replied Twinkle. Purvi said, “I feel bulbul is right twinky… U just confront him”. “No jaan, he is a cheater, a lier, I hate him to the core now.”


Kunj saw Twinkle entering the party. Her face had lost that charm, the smiling face which was used as a healer for everyone’s sadness, now needs a healer itself. Their eyes metmeet but Twinkle broke it by looking at other way. He somewhere felt hurt. Twinkle with her besties, Purvi and bulbul, stood at a corner watching the couples dancing.

“Hello, Young ladies and gentlemen can I have your attention plz!!!” Kunj said standing with the mile in the middle of hall. Twinkle looked up and he smiled at her. Twinkle ignored him. “Today, I want share something with you all. I want you to meet ‘My Girl’,”. Maya became happy and Twinkle’s eyes filled with tears.
“Yeah, the girl of my dreams, the girl whom I love the most in this whole world, yeah, its her, yes Its my Twinkle, Twinkle Taneja.” Kunj said, Twinkle looked on shocked.
“Yes Twinkle, I love you so much, it was all my plan, to tell the whole world that u r my girl, my queen, my life, My everything. ” Kunj said smiling and spreading his arms.
“Run Twinkle run, he is calling you” said Purvi and Bulbul together. Twinkle smiled within teary eyes and ran towards him and hugged him tight. Twinkle cried in his arms. Purvi and Bulbul stood smiling with teary eyes and Maya stood all shocked. “Oye! Twinkle, tu mujhe bhool gai, haww so bad,” all looked towards the source of the voice, “VAASU DI!!!,” Twinkle ran and hugged vaasu (di). “How can I forget you, u r my life u know na….”. “Haha, I know. Kunj so plan successfull?” “Yeah Vaasu, plan successfull, thank you so much.” Kunj replied smiling.
“What plan?” Twinkle asked confused. “It was all my plan… And she narrated how they planned, kunj to go with some other girl, but fortunately Maya did that work and rest u know.” Vaasu (di) said. Kunj got on his knees and said, “Twinkle I m sorry for hurting but plz will you be Valentine”. Twinkle just nodded yes and hugged him. Twinkle, kunj, purvi, bulbul, and vaasu (di) shared a group hug. All clapped for them.

***** The End *****

Jaan, chulbul and vaasu di hope you won’t mind. Other’s I was not able to adjust more character so don’t feel sad that I didn’t mention you. I will try in my next article.

Plz do comment whether positive or negative. Any confusion do ask me. Ignore mistakes if any.

Bye love you

With love,

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  1. Sohi

    Os Was Too Good
    Plz post your soon
    Do continue

  2. awsm..good

  3. Fantastic os I loved it tamanna

  4. SidMin23

    It was cute and beautifully written

  5. SidMin

    How can I forget you yaar ……………….. Missed you ….
    Loved it … the os was awesome last meh I felt like Maya ka …LOL hogaya enjoyed it in the middle part I thought how could Kunj cheat Twinkle …. but the end was perfect and di you rocked it …
    Well I guessed it was you reading the line … I make you and Kunj cry … One sided love …
    Love you 🙂 Keep writing and dare you leave TU I would come out of your mobile screen and haunt you …
    Love you 🙂

  6. Purvi128

    Hayyeee meri shona …… ker diya na emotional..!!
    Awwwwwww I love you sooooooooooo much ❤❤?????
    Yaarrr you made me feel so special shona ..!, and you know what…!
    When I read the first word of this is na..! Believe me i got to know that it is you my shona??? You know heart to heart connection…..!!!!
    You know I m feeling so special .! You made my day!! I mean night..! You made my whole life..! I m feeling so special..!
    It means a lot yaarrrr ..!! I was so sad and and see you made me happy as usual ..! Well tu jaa ke pehly meri mail padh ..!
    Again I m really sorry for that,.! You know na what I m talking about !!
    Please forgive me ..!
    Or ek baar fir ..! Thanks nahu bolungi balke I want to say that “I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ..!!! YOU ARE MY LIFE MY EVERYTHING!!! YOU ARE MY BESTEST FRIEND..! YOU ARE MY SHONA..!”
    You know i even had tears in my eyes (of happiness) i m feeling so special..!
    This is the best feeling ever ..! You got when someone who means to you so much in your life, they also feel same for you ..! I m very luck to have you ..!
    And plss forget those words…! I m sorry again ..!
    and let me clear 1 Thing I LOVE YOU MOREEEEEEE….!!!
    Apni excitement mein os ka batana to bhool hi gayiii…!!,
    The os was splendid,awesome,beautiful,cute,lovely,excellent,jhakkas,marvellous,fantabulous,fabulous,superb etc (end of thinking capacity)
    I don’t have words..!
    Afterall tu ne likha tha amazing toh hona hi tha…! Tu khud jo aesi hai..!
    Ab or wait mat kara or FS post ker day jaldiiiiii ..!!

    LOVE YOU MORE ❤❤?????????????❤❤

  7. Presha

    Dekho maine guess kr liya tha ki yeh meri sweeteepie hi hogi…
    Ab koi TU quit nahi karega… I m so so happy
    This os was awesome amazing

  8. Maine recognise kar liyaa??
    Mast and superbbbb OSs ???
    Accha toh maii friend nahi hu aapkii ..Now I get itt????? .,……Sorry not sorrry……,….,
    So if you are not quiitngg post your ff soon???????

  9. Hey dii I recognized you easilyy?
    Amazinggg os ?????
    Ohhh accha toh I am not your friend … ??? I get it now.,….Sorry not sorry…….
    If you are not quitting then post your ff soon??

  10. SidMinTwiNj

    Aishu I’m not in a condition of commenting after reading it oh my God I’m grinning from ear to ear… I tho read the last part more than 5 times and I’m blushing smiling my happiness has no bounds… I just can’t stop myself from grinning… Love you to square cube infinity of infinity for making me feel so special… I was so tired after writing for long time but after reading this all my tiredness vanished… I feel so fresh and stress free… U made my day and night… Thank you tons for this wonderful gift… Now coming to OS it’s so beautiful… Love it to the heart core…

    Once again thank you so much for making me feel so special…

    With lots of love ??????❤❤❤❤

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    guys plz do comment, if I don’t get at least 15+ comment I m surely going to quit tu

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous

  13. Baby

    ohhhhh god tammy……………..
    yaar soooooooo sweet n adorable os…..
    m crying srsly sooooo sweet n lovely it was
    jst luvd it to eternity………..
    osm amazing marvallleous peice of writing
    nn m waiting for ur fs………….
    post it asap dear………
    love u lods……….♥♥

  14. Shalini15

    Tamanna my baccha tune toh mujhe speachless kar diya wow yaar it was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb fantastic os. Loved it too much.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? nd don’t you dare to quit tu else I won’t talk to you. ??????????????

    By the way I too have posted my OS please read it if you like .

    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  15. Hey tamanna. The os was beautifully written just loved it.
    Plss don’t quit TU nd post ur fs soon i m waiting..
    Love you

  16. Fan of your writings

    Hey dear. It was so cute. I m in love with ur writings. Plss continue ur fs. I m waiting.. nd ya plss don’t quit TU. Its your fan’s request…
    Love you

  17. Aanya_pandey

    Sperb OS tamanna

  18. Ramya

    How can u leave tu
    U know I’m ur very big fan
    Plsss Don leave dear plsss
    Love u keep smiling

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