Sorry – A Swasan OS

Sanskar’s pov
“Days passed, but Swara still didn’t talk to me since I hurt her!” “I have to say sorry to her with sweet gestures!” “I hope she likes the set I bought her.”
End of his pov

Swara’s pov
“I would love to slap Sanskar!” “He didn’t only insult me, but he insulted my upbringing!” “I’ll never forgive him!” “I will end my friendship with him.
End of her pov

SwaSan scene
“Swara please listen to me!” “No, I don’t want to listen to you, you didn’t only insult me, but you insulted my family and my upbringing!” “I wanted to show you something!” He took her to their room and gave her a present.

“Wow, it’s beautiful Sanky!” “Thanks a lot Swara and I wanted to say sorry to you for the way I behaved and insulted you!” “You know, that it’s not easy for me to say sorry with words, but I always can say it with presents!”
End of their scene

A quote
“Saying sorry is difficult for some people, but you should say sorry as soon as possible, that the person you hurt has some time to forgive you, but don’t just say sorry, try to do it whole heartedly!” “But not prove anyone that they are right about you, only show your kindness towards them!”

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  1. R u tryng to insult our one & only real heavenly couple swasan?????

  2. what sanskar did to swara…?y she is even angry…?to be honest, this os didnt have any head n tail…or it is incomplete…?hmm…will wait for your reply..

  3. hey is this prologue to ur os r is this OS sorry i didnt find any starting and ending point.. why sanskaar told swara to sorry and why swara is angry?? what u want to write plz clear it? r u trying to insult swasan ?
    waiting for ur reply what ur trying to show here what you showed???? convey to all what you showed..

  4. Raina

    is this any promo?
    i felt it was incomplete. sorry!!
    but the quote and the moral was really very nice.. but you could have the reason why they fought

    1. Raina

      little typing error
      but you could have *showed* the reason

  5. I Agree with anu and pavani…..
    Dont try to insult our heavenly couple swasan….

  6. Seebu_s

    can u pls say from where it started and why it ended…is there any story in this os…n if any one insulted our upbrinings…just bcs of gifts they will forget their pain or what…?waiting for ur reply…

    1. Seebu_s

      and not to forgot…quote is good…

  7. try to show reason behind your os why sorry and why she is angry why he insulted her and her upbringing?
    its not at all clear in this clear it all

  8. Phoniex

    Nice dear

  9. AMkideewani

    Woah, slow down guys it’s only the promo, you will get the real OS soon, after 1 or 2 weeks

    1. u didnt said its promo of OS right? after gettig comments u saying its promo before only u have to say…
      dont show that swara fogiving sanskaar easily after he insulted her and her upbringing by gifting her she forgive him its not good as a swasan fan i wont accept it and dont make fun on relationship dear.. hope u understand .. but if u show swara forgiving him byaccepting its wrong.. dont show like this

  10. Arshaanya

    Wat was dat??
    R u tryng to insult our swasan by showing he insulted her upbringing n jus seeing gifts swara frgve him ??…
    First u posted against swasan on ur wall..
    Dan made fun of relations in ur ff by showing married couples as cousin n made dem marry to dere bhabhi jeth…
    U hurted swasan fanz emotions by dat n now dis ???…
    If u love rag—san dat much go n write on dem y doing dis??
    M not saying all dis coz u wrote dat ff on rag–san even i wil say same thing to swasan fanz if dey made fun of marriage n relations…
    Y story n concept dun mttr to u guyz??
    Wat msg u wil give to ur readers by all dis..
    Can u plz tell me ur age?? Coz jus wanna c how mature u r to show all dis…
    N m not sorry if u r hurt or for saying all dis cox i cant support wrong…

    1. Arshaanya

      Not cousin bt real bro sis ??

      1. AMkideewani

        It’s only a promo the real OS will start later

  11. ?

    Promo? It’s confusing Sam, first Swara is upset with Sanskaar for hurting her and then suddenly happy after he gifted her the gift, is there something that is bound to happen in before that part? Like is there a gap?

    Please post the original OS soon, looking forward to read it, please don’t disappoint me ?

    Hope to read more works of your ahead, this is the second one I’m reading so far.

    To be honest, as a SwaSanian, I would be upset if this was it and no original OS comes out.

    I don’t blame the SwaSanians getting upset or hurt because I personally felt the same way reading it but after I read you mentioned it’s a promo, then I got a little relaxed.

    Looking forward for the actual OS, PM me after you uploaded it if I miss to see it ?

    1. AMkideewani

      I will, but it’ll be posted in a few weeks, because I’m busy

  12. Liya

    I don’t understand why are people saying that she is insulting swasan but these people can’t see the message in the pains to infinity when someone close by hurts you and just a sorry can’t erase the pain …she was just trying to portray it with help of swasan..get a life folks!! Jaan I like your thought next time when you post a promo plzz do mention it 🙂 don’t feel low ?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks sweety I will write that this is a promo next time and thanks for your support❤

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