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Pragya’s POV:
Don’t touch it he said Raucously, I stopped myself from touching his Guitar! Don’t dare to touch my things! especially this guitar! I wobbly said O..Okay.. I…I won’t touch it! Better he said with a rough voice and left the room! I took a deep breathe! I looked at our marrige pic! I don’t know why I married him ,it’s been 2 months to our marrige, he talks roughly with me and I don’t know why? I mean like before marrige when he came with dadi at our home to ask for my hand, I was not ready to accept thou he was ready! I was 29 year old girl,i never wanted to get married, I had my own job, a well settled life,I was a doctor! but bcoz myy mother forced me, I acAccepted , He behaves harshly with me! don’t do this, don’t do that! I was a bold lady! I don’t know the reason behind it but he! I don’t like him, he is bestfriend of My brother purab, he assured me that Abhi is Kind and caring! and so I married Abhi,i just tolerate him bcoz of my mother! I would leave him as soon as possible!!!

Pragya! Called Dadi..
Yes Dadi… I said and went downstairs, what i saw made me laugh but after seeingg the anger in his eyes, i controlled my laugh!
Dadi why are u twisting his ear? I said calmly!
Where u want to go? Dadi asked me while twisting his ear!
Nowhere ..I said!

See Dadi,she is not interested in going anywhere,please leave my ear! He said looking at me!
No way Abhi,pragya beta it’s been 2 months to your marrige ,you both should spend time with eachother so i have booked tickets for movie so you both are going there! said Dadi
But… I said, Abhi continued
okay Dadi,we will just leave my ear,its paining alot, he said in childish way which made me smile! He kept staring me for a while, may be lovingly!! I stopped smiling!
Okay! Better! said Dadi!

We went to our room and he with a rough voice said, we are not going anywhere!
I said Okay! with a simple voice bcoz i did not want to argue with him on such a lame topic!
He stood confusingly may be he thought that i would argue with him! but i m seriously fed-up of arguing with a stupid person!
We are going on a party he said with a low tone!
I don’t want to go i said in an undertone but Thank God he didn’t listened to me or else again he would have started scolding me!

I said okay!

Time passed we were in a party! He took me to his group of friends, I stood there listening to their talks, their I realised that He is such a joyful person! but why he behaves rudely with me? My thoughts were disturbed by one of his friend Aakash..
Shall we dance.. He asked
I looked at Abhi as i didn’t wanted to create any scene in the party!
He noded his head…
I started dancing with Akash on song jeena jeena! I for the first time felt he, abhi was jealous! i don’t know why but i was enjoying this feeling! but i stopped dancing! I came back and stood with abhi..

You look beautiful..Said Aakash
Yes bcoz she is my wife..said Abhi
It was first time i heard wife word from him! It was a pleasant feeling!

We should leave now! Said Abhi
Sure…I said…
we left, now we were in the car! I was lost in deep thoughts if this marrige has any meaning or meaninglessly me and abhi are tied by the destiny! while driving he was staring me,thou he is my husband but i felt uncomfortable!
I looked out from window..
Close the window he said, and pass me a water bottle!
I with a brittle voice said Surely ,here u go!
Can’t you see I m driving! Make me drink water! said Abhi
At that time when he asked me to make him drink water, i didn’t wanted to do that but unwillingly i needed to!
I made him drink water,he kept staring me with care in his eyes! I looked away ,as his eyes were attracting me to look at him!

We reached home, by the time dadi was aslept! I went to my room then to wardrobe,i changed my dress and was back with my usual wear! I mean suit! I took blanket and was about to sleep on couch ,
Don’t sleep he said! Usually he says that and i knew what he was gonna say next! Sleep after i m aslept!

Sleep After i m aslept, he said with rough tone!
Yes! Fine! I said tremulously
it was 1 30 am ,still he was staring me, i wasn’t feeling sleepy but uncomfortable bcoz he continuously was staring me!

it was 2 00 am and he slept, i covered him with the blanket and then I too slept!

someone then covered me with a blanket! i didn’t opened my eyes, but i knew he covered me! If he cares for me that much than why he behaves rudely with me?

Abhi’s POV:

I behave rudely with her bcoz she deserves it! she deserves more than this! She is a killer!she is a murderer,she is a criminal,she killed my tanu ! It was the day when i just went her home for wedding proposal,i told her everything about me and tanu, she willingly accepted it! but the next week she killed tanu! I was as usual at my work, there i recived a call from hospital ,they said someone has shot tanu! I rushed to hospital ,there nurse said me late! she died! but she was again and again saying pragya shot! pragya shot! I had anger in my eyes! for even the last time i couldn’t see tanu bcoz of pragya arora! nurse handed me a bracelet of pragya! i knew she is same pragya! i wanted to take revenge,i could have sent pragya to jail but i wanted to seek revenge from her myself! i m not rude,neither cruel but for her I m! thou i feel bad for her sometimes,i feel she is not the one but that bracelet and all! tomorrow i m leaving for Australia!

it was 2 30 pm and my flight was at 6 00 pm, I aksed pragya to pack my things! she did it! I still feel she is innocent but….
Do u want me to pack anything else? said pragya..
No ..Thanks! I said calmly!
she left room and still i felt bad!
it was 4 30! i wanted pragya to see off me! but i knew she won’t come!
Shall we leave? A voice came
i turned back and she was there! pragya.

I with a smile said you are coming with me?
Yes dadi asked me! said pragya
i was so happy i don’t know why! i rushed to dadi and hugged her,seeing this pragya smiled a little!
and i love it when she smiles! okay i m thinking much! We left for airport!

It was time to board,i wanted to hug pragya,but i felt little awkward ,i want to take revenge then why this much attraction? I feel like pragya is not a attraction but addiction!
she hugged me tightly! that was a surprise moment for me! I hugged her back!
we broke hug, i said bye! she too said bye!
i loved it when she hugged!

I was now on way to my destination in aeroplane,i was all long thinking about pragya! She ate food or not? Is she okay? Is she sleeping?and most weird thought was Is she missing me? and Is she thinking about me? I just closed my eyes but still her thoughts were roaming in my mind!

I reached at Australia, i was warmly welcomed by all! i went to hotel,I slept for a while! soon I got up and thought to call pragya through viber as she would be concerned! I picked my phone up and called her! She was not picking up the call i was concerned but may be she was sleeping! i just called purab then!
Hi purab… I said
Hey abhi! said purab
where are you? I said
well we are leaving for airport! said purab
Airport? i said
Yes to Italy! me and maa are going there for vacation! said purab
Oh then Enjoy! I saidb

i ended call,i took a bath and shouted fuggy bring my towel that was a embarrassing moment! i shouted in hotel..
I changed my clothes and went to roam around the hotel!
I was walking and then at a moment I listened to the voice that was familiar to me! I stopped moving further ,and listened to the talk!

What if abhi comes to know that you are alive!
I m Tanushree taneja! my plan is full proof as always,i just made pragya’s life miserable!

Tanu? I said with a low tone! she is alive? oh God! what the hell i have done! pragya? all long i kept thinking that pragya is crim…criminal! I wanted to slap tanu for this, but i thought if she comes to know that i know her truth she again would make plan to make pragya’s life miserable,and i can’t do that!

I rushed to my room,i tried to call pragya and at last she picked up!
hello! she said
I didn’t replied ,i had tears in my eyes!
Is everything fine there? why aren’t you answering me! hello!
hello! i said,i m fine! why weren’t u picking up the call!
sorry! i was sleeping! said pragya
okay i will be back tonight! i said
so soon? is everything fine? said pragya
yes! i said and ended the call…

I was happy that I can continue my life with my pragya,my fuggy!but before that i wanna say her sorry for everything!

Pragya’s POV:
He will be back tonight! i m happy but again he will start nagging at me! i will go to Hanuman Temple today! that would be quite nice!

i informed it to dadi and left!

Abhi’s POV: okay finally i m back!
pragya, pragya i shouted,dadi came and hugged me! I asked where is pragya?
She went to temple!
oh okay!
i left to my room,i saw our marrige pic,I said sorry! without wasting time i left for Hanuman temple!


pragya was in temple, sitting at the stairs of temple! she was sobbing ,as it was looking she had cried much! by the time abhi reached,he was about to go inside the temple and saw pragya sitting at stairs,he went to her and sat beside her,she saw him and wiped the tears!
you are here?i was coming back! said pragya!
abhi held pragya’s hand ,and went inside the temple!
he went on his knees and Said SORRY!

this surprised pragya!
abgi explained all the things that h
e was thinking for pragya all way long!
it means if you never would have listened to Tanu’s talk you were gonna belive that I killed her!
Sorry pragya! sorry i m really very much sorry! said abhi
pragya forwaded her hand and said promise me that you are never gonna leave me,promise me that you will never doubt on me, promise me that you will care for me ,promise me that you will love me more!
Sorry,but i promise you! said abhi
he hugged pragya tightly…
but how u knew that I love you!
i never confessed it! I always say love is never confessed but felt!
Sorry…said abhi ane hugged pragya tightly

The End

So far guyz this is my 5th OS! Thank you so so so much! all silent readers out there thanks to you too!

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