I am sorry khushi (ishra,arshi,swasan) epi 33

hi guys. today is a very short update , only on arshi.
i cannot be regular as i have classes .. i will update the next update on friday

Arnav goes towards khushi and sees her going to her room..
He goes and rings the bell of the room.
Khushi opens it and shocked to see arnav.
Khushi: what r u doing here.
Arnav: can I speak to u? 5 mins please..
Khushi: ok come in..
Arnav: where is radhu and Amaya?
Khushi: In playing area..
Arnav: I know what I did is very wrong..
Khushi: u don’t need to know. u did wrong.
Arnav: yeah I did wrong. I am sorry. I don’t know that I have hurted u this much.
Khushi: then? Tell I am waiting.
Arnav: I really didn’t see ur side in that situation. I could only see anjali. i..
Khushi: I told u right that please give me a chance , please believe me . I begged u right. did u hear my words that day?
Arnav: yeah I didn’t hear. I am sorry for that. I ,was blindfolded in rahul’s trap,khushi..
Khushi: that is ok mr raizada but u believed the fake fir reports. How could u. I know myself and how can u believe that inspector statement, I was keeping on telling u na. no. u left me. u left me when I needed u the most arnav. u left me and went in the middle of a road arnav. she gets teary eyed.. u didn’t even think once that my khushi would have done this? not one second also. I am that much bad like to kill my sister ? cant u think one second. She shares everything with me first than u. how can I just do like that to her arnav. how could u. even I am an living being na. how much I can handle. That day the deed u done by burning my things , I really cant explain u arnav how does it feel. u know I felt u all r killing me and my baby. I felt like broken or someone snatched my life, she cries..
Arnav cups her faces.
Khushi: no need.
She takes his hands

Khushi: I don’t need u now mr raizada. I have created a small world with much difficulty. Don’t spoil that world… I don’t want ur presence in my life. I don’t want u. I hate u. I hate u to the core rm raizada.
Arnav: then why u r crying? Arnav says this with teary eyes.
Khushi: I am not crying..she wipes her tears but tears were continuously flowing from her eyes..
Arnav hugs her..
Khushi didn’t respond..

Arnav: I love u khushi. the punishment u gave me from separating me from u for 6 years is very horrible punishment u ever gave khushi.. I don’t know that I ahd a daughter. U punished me na sepertaing thses much years from our daughters. If u want punishment give me anything but don’t separate me from u and our kids khushi, I couldn’t bare that. please don’t punish me like that. please don’t..
Khushi hugs arnav crying.
Arnav: I wont break ur trust again khushi. I promise u I never ever will leave ur hands. I will be with u always.. I love u khushi..i cant be without u. u r my life khushi. please khushi. I cant stay without u..
Khushi cries a lot in his embrace.
Arnav too cries..
Arnav: I am sorry khushi. I am sorry.
Khushi: did u take these much long to say these…
Arnav smiles and hugs her more tightly…
Khushi: arnav I cannot…
Arnav: u cannot come there as u cannot face ur parents, u r still annoyed or hurted by them,
Khushi nods.

Arnav: I will come with u and stay with gupta’s. I know u cannot stay without aarav too. I know u need some time to accept them…
Khushi smiles and nods..
Khushi: thank u.
Arnav: why r u telling me thanks? No thanks or sorry between us.
Khushi: ok fine..
Arnav: will u introduce me to them…
Khushi: actually they know. I think they heard what and all said that night. today morning they hugged me tightly and told that they heard everything.
Arnav: so I have to convince them?
Khushi: I bet that u cannot convince Amaya. U can convince radhu but not her…
Arnav: why?
Khushi: she is exactly like u, if anger or hatred peak level.she will control radhu too. But she will handle everything perfectly..
Arnav smiles.

Arnav: hwy this pinky ,bubbly. Chotu.. what name is that..
Khushi: its ragini idea. Radhika was pinky when she was born so pinky.amaya was bubbly some out little fluffy so that name, aarav was so small so chotu.. u know if they 3 get together. They will do everything. I will bring them wait…
Khushi leaves to the play area…
Khushi brings them both to the room..
Amaya: what mom.we were playing na..
Khushi: come inside..
Amaya,radhika and aarav enters..
Amaya and radhika get shocked to see arnav and both of them turns their head.
Khushi signs arnav to go.. she have smile but she hid it..
Arnav goes to them both.
Arnav: I am sorry.
Amaya: pinky ask him to go. I don’t want to speak to him.
Radhika: haan sir bubbly told na. leave..
Arnav: I am sorry radhu. I wont do like this again..
Radhika sees Amaya.
Amaya gives her an stern look.
Radhika: no… please leave..
Arnav: I wont leave u again. I know whatever I did with u all is bad.. I am sorry.. he holds his ears.
Radhika smiles and hugs him.
Radhika: don’t ever leave us papa.
Arnav looks at Amaya but she turns and runs to khushi..
Khushi: what happened…
Amaya: I wont accept ..
Khushi hugs Amaya.
Khushi: Amaya , what I thought u. if people realizes their mistake then..
Amaya: we should forgive..
Khushi: yes. I did the same.
Amaya runs and hugs arnav..
Amaya: why didn’t u meet us these much days. I missed u a lot..
Arnav: even I missed u.
Amaya: u wont leave us na?
Arnav: never..
Radhika: promise?
Arnav: promise..

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  1. Aww…. so sweet.

    Love the dialogue between Arshi. It is very emotional conversation.
    Cute girls, Amaya and Radhu angry on Arnav and never want to forgive him for what he did to their mom.
    Radhu forgives Arnav very quicky but Amaya still annoyed with Arnav and run to Khushi. Nice mother to teach child to forgave elder because of their mistake. Amaya become soft-heart like Arnav then she hug Arnav.
    Cute father and 2 daughter conversation and promise.

    Can’t wait for more episode to read.

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u parichary

  2. superrrb dear I love it

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u lopez

  3. Veronica

    Cuteeeeeee epiiiii

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u viru

  4. Kumud

    Awwww so sweet and cute live their reunion with their dad

  5. Jasminerahul

    Arshi scene was very sad.though first they were cut up good that now kids are in good terms with Arnav.nice scene.

  6. Nice episode

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