I am sorry khushi (ishra,arshi,swasan) epi 31 and 32

Aarav,Amaya and radhika the trio went to room and acted to sleep . mean while laksh came and slept with them.
Khushi sleeps peacefully with ragini as she felt free poring all her griefs..

Arnav leaves to his room…

The next day….
Khushi wakes up first. She sees ragini sleeping and smiles.
She goes to her room and sees the kids sleeping and laksh was brushing his teeth..
Khushi: coffee lucky?
Laksh: haan sure…
Khushi prepares coffee as it usual will be available in hotels.
She makes 2 coffees..
Khushi and lucky sit in the balcony.
Laksh: how r u feeling madam?
Khushi: very good. Actually best..
Laksh smiles..
Khushi; go and look after ur wife. She needs u.
Laksh: yeah. She will start her tantraums. I want this lucky .i want that..
Khushi laughs..
Laksh: keep smiling like this always. I want only this from u.
Khushi: sure mera bhai. I will do it for u. kids r sleeping so long , so I will go and wake them.
Laksh smiles and leaves.
Khushi goes and sits near them
Khushi: wake up. wake up.
Amaya: ma 2 mins.
Radhika: ma 5 mins

Aarav: 10 mins.
Khushi: wake up , then we cant go anywhere. Get up fast.
They don’t respond them .
Khushi: I know how to wake u. she starts tickling them,
The trio wakes up laughing
Amaya: good morning ma.
Khushi: good morning.
They all hug khushi.
Khushi: what happened?
Amaya: just. why should we not hug our mother.
Radhika: u don’t have any rights to question us…
They both said cutely.
Aarav: yeah, they both r right.
Khushi: ok fine. I wont tell anything. sorry.
Amaya: u will be with us only na. wont leave us and go na.
Khushi: u all r my life yaar. where I am going to go leaving u…
Radhika: why didn’t u tell about our papa?
Khushi: I told u when correct time come I will tell u.
Amaya: correct time have come. we know who is our father. Arnav singh raizada na?
Khushi gets teary eyed.
Radhika: u r khushi singh raizada na.
Amaya: we will be ur daughter ma not his ..
Radhika: for us both u r our mom and dad, we don’t need the person who abandoded my mummy. I love u mom.
Amaya and radhika hugs her ..
Khushi: see. U should not speak like to that elders. Hav I thought u to speak like that. u know if u speak like that infront of them then they will say that I don’t know how to take care of u all. U should not speak to any elders like I hate u. when u r age , u can speak.
Amaya: ok mom. We wont speak like that.
Khushi: that is good.
Aarav: u didn’t even speak to me , so bad,
Khushi hugs aarav..
Khushi: u r also my son mr aarav laksh gupta.
Aarav smiles.
Khushi: chalo, lets get ready. We have places to visit na.

In the other side…
In swasan room..
Swara was staring at a photo in her mobile and lauging.
It was none other than sanky dressing as a girl na while dancing in the party with arnav.
Adarsh: mom stop this.
Swara: see ur papa na.
She laughs.
Adarsh: he is sleeping now other wise that’s it.
Swara: wait.
Swara moves towards sanky and puts lipstick to him , puts bindi and puts eyeliner.
Adarsh laughs.
Adarsh: mom.
Swara: shoo.
she draws and moustache with an help of eyeliner …
that time sanskar littly moves..
swara asks adarsh to sit down…
sanskar wakes.
Sanskar: what happened swara?
Swara: why cant I look at my husband..
Sanskar: seems that u r too romantic today . he pulls her above him…
Swara: sanskar. adarsh is down only leave me.
Sanskar sees adarsh and leaves her.
Adarsh: what r u doing papa.
Sanskar: just playing with ur mom.
Adarsh: papa, can u go and call arnav chachu please…
Sanskar: why u don’t have legs na.
Adarsh: papa please..
Sanskar: ok.
Sanskar leaves the room..
Swara and adarsh burst out laughing.
Sanskar with an sleepy face goes and rings bell of arnav room. While going all were seeing him some where weird..
Arnav opens the door.
Arnav screams…
Arnav: ghost. Ghost. Help me. he runs inside…
Sanskar: arnav its me..
Arnav: sanky?
Sanskar: what happened?
Arnav:see ur face…
Sanskar sees his face and gets shocked.
Sanskar: swara.
Arnav burst out laughing.
Sanskar: u.. I will deal with u later.
He goes to their room and sees swara and adarsh both laughing continuously.
Sanskar: swara,adarsh.
Adarsh: papa ur face. he again laughs.
Swara: u both.
He starts running towards them..
Swara and adarsh runs…
Swara and adarsh comes out of the room and hides behind arnav.
Swara: arnav see he is chasing me..
Arnav: nice work swara. this suits him a lot.
Sanskar: arnav…
Adadrsh: papa u r going to run like this itself haan?
Adarsh winks.
Sanskar goes to the room and starts washing his face..
He comes outside and sees swara preparing coffee.
Sanskar pulls her ears.
Swara: ah…
Sanskar: why this deed?
Swara: u were looking beautiful and handsome in it.
Sanskar: u r um imaginable swara.
Swara: thank u.. how will I be being sanskar’s maheshwari’s wife..
Sanskar: oh is it.
He tickles her.
Swara laughs.
Swara: please stop it…
Sanskar: why should I , I am making fun of u..
Swara: please..
Sanskar leaves her…

Meanwhile in ishra room..
Ishita and raman was sleeping , adi wakes..
Adi: still now sleeping , I think they should have been born as an sleeping prince and princess always sleeping like this.
Adi gets an idea.
Adi takes the alarm and keeps it in ishu’s ear and hides.
Ishita wakes up with a thud..
Ishita: khadoos. Woke my sleep and acting haan. Wait I will show u who is this ishita bhalla is .. wait and watch..
She goes and takes a water bottle..
Ishita: raman utho na. please.
Raman: I am sleepy 5 mins ishu.
Ishu: oh..
She pours the whole water bottle.
Adi laughs ..
Raman wakes up with a thud..
Raman: what is this ishu?
Ishu: what si this ishu? She imitates raman…
Raman: u na…
He takes another bottle and pours on her.
Ishita gets angry/..
Ishu: u woke my sleep by keeping alarm in my ear and u r pouring on me mr bhalla.
Raman: when did I keep alarm.
Ishita: don’t act..
Raman: I didn’t keep ishu.
Ishu: u only kept that si why I poured water on u..
Raman: I didn’t ..
There a erson was laughing underthe bed.
Ishita and raman heard him laughing.
Raman: who is laughing?
They both go and see under the and sees adi..
He keeps on be laughing.
Ishu: come out adi.
Adi : no I wont come. if I come I have to hear ur lecture. He winks..
Raman goes inside and pulls him outside.
Raman: what is this adi.
Adi: why u both r always sleeping like this. actually I am better than u both in this
Ishu: but adi u could have woke us na.
Adi: it was really jolly watching u both fight.
Raman: don’t speak to me.
Ishu: haan to me too.
They both turn their faces and sit.
Adi: my sweet mumma na , wont u forgive ur son.. please.
He made puppy dog pout..
Ishita melts and hugs him.
Raman: I am a stone . u cnat melt me.
Adi: papa. U r my sweet papa na. u r the best father in this world , I love u a lot..
Raman: ok..
Ishita: raman ..
Raman hugs adi.
Raman: we both can never be angry at u adi.we both love u so much..
Adi: I know…
The trio hugs happily..

Khushi makes amaya ,aarav and radhika ready…
Amaya: mom. Whom do u love between me and radhu..
Khushi: ok first answer this question. For u which eye is the best right eye or left eye?
Radhika: both. We cant say like that..
Khushi: like that only u both r equal to me.
Aarav: then me.
Khushi: u r above them aarav…
Aarav winks and hugs khushi.
He makes faces at Amaya ad radhu..
Khushi: no partiality between u 3. Ok done. I am hungry really. Come we will go down. Lucky told he will bring ragini and ma and pa r waiting for us.

They all get seated in the table.
Radhika: ma tomorrow what special?
Khushi: nothing special. Anything special
Aarav: ma u forgot. Tomorrow is..
Laksh signs aarav not to tell.
Aarav stops.
Khushi: what is tomorrow aarav?
Aarav: my karate class.
Khushi: but we will be leaving day after tomorrow only na…
Amaya and radhika gets sad.
Khushi smiles seeing their attitude.
Ap: so what is today’s plan?
Khushi: u tell?
Laksh: we will spend family time here itself in the hotel by playing.
Ragini: u r saying like this because I cant play right?
Lakh: hey I didn’t mean by that way.
Ragini: so bad of u laksh..
Laksh: I told like we all will enjoy to be together.u can also play , I will take care..
Ragini: really..
Laksh: yes.
Ragini: wow. Superb..thank u.

Meanwhile all raizadas,maheshwari and the bhalla comes down..

Khushi: but ragini get thinking , how come laksh allow u to play. He is planning u to be substitute.
She winks at laksh.
Laksh: what happened today to u.u r in full form.
Khushi: to pull brother’s ears I can do anything.
Ragini: this is so bad of u laksh.. I wont speak to u. I wont eat breakfast.
Ap and dp laugh seeing her act..
khushi: but I will ensure u will play..
ragini: really?
Khushi: yeah. First finish the breakfast like a good girl..
Ragini: ok fine. for u only khushi not for this idiot.
Khushi smiles but she hides it.
Laksh whispers : come out will give u beatings.
Khushi: I will tel what u told about ragini. What tauntrams.. she winks.
Laksh: u r really getting naughtier.
Khushi: why cant as I am laksh gupta’s sister na..
Laksh: really some one need to control ur mouth.
Khushi smiles.
Aarav: tell na what is the plan..
Laksh: we will play hide and seek, hiding in a place,..
Amaya:wow soo cool.but can nani and nana run? She winks?
Ap: hey why cant we. We will also play.
Dp: yeah. Don’t worry..
Radika:I don’t know how u forgotten tomorrow mumma.
Khushi: I really don’t know. tell me na..
Amaya: no need. If u get remembered its ok or else leave it.
Saying Amaya and radhika leaves to their room with an cute pout.
All of them started laughing.
Aarav: mumma why this game.
Ragini: it will be suprising really..
Khushi:see their pout. I really admire them.
Laksh: we will plan a big surprise. I will show them that video..
Khushi: no..
Laksh: I will surely.
Khushi: no no no.
Laksh: I will surely..
Khushi: if u do then…
Laksh: what u will do?
Khushi takes a glass of water and pour on him..
Laksh: u…
Khushi starts running outside the hotel.
Laksh chasing her.
Lahs: poured water on me na.
Khushi didn’t see front and was running seeing laksh. She dashes into someone and she falls on the person in force..
it was none other than arnav..
they both had a eyelock.
She gets up and leaves awkwardely without seeing anything goes back to hotel.
Arnav moves towards laksh.
Arnav: will she not forgive me laksh?
Laksh: she loves u arnav. I know that for sure. She doesn’t want to trust anyone again. she s feared of having that pain again. could u have not thought that day will she do like that. she was saying that much time na. u know she cries daily. No one knows. I know. u should have been her support saying that she wont do like this but u.. u left her and went , when she needed u the most. She wanted ur embrace arnav. she wanted only u. if u were there with her na then she wouldn’t have been this much affected. But u na left her and went..
Arnav: I know I did the mistake. I want to rectify the mistake really.. I ..
Laksh hugs arnav.
Laksh: I know how much u both love each other. She needs u arnav. she needs u. go an dapologise and tell her how much u love her. she will definitely will accept u . really.
Arnav: really?
Laksh: yeah go..

precap: khushi forgiving arnav

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