i am sorry khushi (with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 2


hi guys . thank u so much for ur comments.
lets get into the episode.

Anjali comes out of coma.
Anjali shouts khushi
Arnav,ishra and swasan rushed to her room.
All hugs anjali and cries happily.
Arnav: thank god u r fine anjali.
Swara: we were all worried for u.
Anjali: I am very sorry. it was my fault completely. By the way where Is khushi. She was only speaking to me .
Arnav: khushi? She is not here.
Anjali: I am sure she is the one who talked to me. did anyone visit me lastly?
Sanskar: junior doctor anitha visited u.
Anjali: she is the one. She is khushi.
Swara: what khushi came here?
Anjali:s he told that all r blaming her. why u all r blaming her.
Arnav: don’t speak about her now.
Anjali: arnav it is my mistake. Rohit cheated me and I got pregnant. I don’t want to live and I jumped of.

Khushi tried to save me but I let go of her hands. It was my fault completely.
Anjali says the flash back.
Flash back
Rohit: get out of my life anjali.
Anjali: rohit .
Rohit: bye bye anjali.
Anjali breaks down.
Anjali: all r my fault. Khushi told me many times. I was the one who is wrong. I blamed her and made everyone believe that she hates me.
what can I do. god.
Khushi comes there and sees anjali there.
Anjali hugs khushi and cries.
Anjali: khushi so sorry. I didn’t believe u. u said me about him manytimes but. So sorry .

I don’t have anything to live. I am a looser . she jumps from the terrace.
Khushi runs and holds her.
Anjali frees her hand
She falls down.
Khushi runs down and admits her in hospital.
Flash back ends.
Anjali: u all only cheated her. she told something but I couldn’t recall what she said. leave that.
u all should bring her to me. it is entirely ur fault.
Arnav felt very bad for speaking to khushi like that.
All of their reaction changed.
Sanskar: yes arnav anjali is right. we need to bring her back.
Swara: even I agree with u sanskar.
Ishita: yes , I need my khushi back.
Raman: we were too harsh on her.
Arnav: I scolded her raman.
Sanskar: we should bring her back arnav.
Swara: yes.
Sanskar phones khushi
Sanskar: her sim is deactiviated
Raman: what can we do.
Arnav: we can trace that number. We can say where lastly the sim was deactivated
Sanskar: nice idea.
Arnav informs about khushi detail and ask them where the phone lastly got de activiated.
Arnav gets the information that it was deactivated in airport.
Swara: where did she go?
Raman: I think she would have gone somewhere In india.
Arnav: we don’t know anything about her raman. All Is my fault. I were really harsh on her. I shouldn’t have spoken like that to her.
Sanskar: hey arnav its all our mistake. We will together find her.

Meanwhile khushi reaches US.
khushi: so mister akash. I will call u for sure if I need any help.
Akash: surely I will help. Don’t ur parents know u r coming here?
Khushi: no one knows. I am going to stay at my office guest house.
Akash: good. Come to home sure. I will message my address ok. bye.
Khushi: bye.
Khushi leaves in a cab.
Khushi has tears in her eyes.
Khushi: hope anjali u r fine. I miss all of u. I decided. I should take care of me. for me no one is there . I should accept the fact. But how can i?
Khushi cries.
She goes to her house.
Khushi arranges her home and starts to leave for her office.
Khushi receives a warm welcome.
Khushi sits in her cabin. She is handling the company in US.
Anne: hi mam I am ur pa.
Khushi: hello.
Anne: mam what should I do.
Khushi: give me the details of all the deals. I will show u my timetable and u act accordingly. Ok.
Anne: ok mam.
Khushi: u can leave.
Anne leaves.

In delhi.
Raman is sitting.
Ishita comes towards him.
Ishita: raman don’t worry. We will get her soon.
Ramann: even I joined arnav and scolded her. i couldn’t digest ishu. I did a big mistake.
Ishita: its ok raman.
Raman hugs ishita .
Raman: I am so sorry ishu.
Ishu looks into raman’s eye.
Ishu: raman cal dow. It is all of us mistake. Raman.
Ishita goes to arnav and sanskar.
Ishu: arnav the phone got disconnected in airport. We can check the passenger list.
Sanskar: nice idea but there r more than 100 flights coming and going ishu.
Ishu: no sanky lets give a try.
Raman comes.
Raman: we will give a try yaar.
Ishita: arnav don’t worry. We will get her. why r u simply sitting like this. come. Call pratap.
Arnav calls pratap an airport authoritee and asks his help.
Pratap: I will try my best arnav.
Arnav: ok.
Arnav: he said he will try his best.
Arnav goes to his room and closes the door and cries.
Arnav: khushi I am sorry. I always misunderstood u. please forgive me.
Arnav imagines khushi.
Arnav is crying in a room.
Khushi comes towards him.
Khushi: don’t cry. I am with u only na.
Arnav : khushi forgive me.
Khushi: u r my husband. I already forgive u.
Arnav: but.
Khushi hugs him from behind .
Khushi: don’t cry arnav. I forgived u that’s it. Matter close.
Arnav: but khushi I shouldn’t haveshowed my angry towards u.
Khushi: who would u show angriness except me. don’t cry like a little baby.
Arnva: u wont leave me and go na.
Khushi: sure arnav. I promise u.
Khushi kisses arnav.
Khushi goes away from arnav.
Arnav: khushi khushi.
Arnav shouts and comes out of the imagination
Arnav calls nk.nk is khushi’s cousin.
Nk: hi arnav. How r u? how is anjali?
Arnav: did khushi speak to u?
Nk: no
Arnav: I did mistake nk. I blamed her for the one she didn’t do anything false.
Nk: I told u arnav.
Arnav: its my mistake. If she phones u . please tell to me.
Nk: ok . bye arnav.
Nk cuts the call.
Nk: khushi. U did the right think khushi. Let them learn ur value. I know how much u suffered khushi. U would never ever lie to me khushi.
Phone me once khushi. Wherever u r I will be ur support. Hope anjali is fine.


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  1. Kumud

    wow nice and emotional

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Anjali is out of coma n she told that khushi is innocent.thanku 4 not dragging the misunderstanding track.very soon n took anjali out of com n reveak khushi;s innocence.so rohit cheated anjali,tho khushi tried 2 make anjali know d truth anjali blamed khushi n finally when she saw rohit’s true colour she tried 2 commit suicide,khushi was only trying 2 save anjali,but still she cud’nt n anjali fell down,but everybidy mu kushi that bcz of her anjali fell down.so sad.loved nk n his concern 4 khushi.will arnav find out khushi n bring her back?
    Which actor plays Rohit?

  3. Veronica

    Well written dude…..Loved it very much

  4. Super yaar plz update next part soon

  5. Super yar please update next part

  6. Ammu

    Superb yaar
    It’s mind blowing
    Upload soon

  7. Superb..loved it because without any drag you simply cleared misunderstanding and waiting for arshi meet..keep going…

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