i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 9


hi guys. so sorry for not posting it. here we go with the next episode
The next episode begns with khushi.amaya,radhu and aarav reaching home.
Khushi gets a phone asking her to go to pudhucherry for official work.
Khushi: I should go to pudhucherry now.
Laksh: khushi.
Amaya: go ma. I wont speak to u.
Radhika: me too.
Aarav: maa this is unfair. How much we planned tomorrow.
Khushi: I will surely come before the function.please.
Amaya: pakka promise.
Khushi: pakka promise.
Ragini: khushi but.
Khushi: I will go and come na. more important work as they r starting a branch there and I need to go.please.
Laksh: if u r not here when the function starts then.
Amaya: definitely punishment.
Khushi: ok . I will pack. Should leave now.
Ap: come fast we all will be waiting for u and without u we wont celebrate.
Khushi: pakka ma. I will be here. sure.
Khushi goes to her room to pack the dresses nad then she takes blessing from ap and dp and leaves.

The next day.
All the raizadas, bhallas and maheswari’s reach there.
Dp and ap welcomes them.
Kavin introduces everyone to them.
Dp: laksh, ragini come down .
Then laksh and ragini comes down.
Nk was shocked to laksh.
Nk: lucky
Laksh: nk.
They both hug.
Laksh: how r u?
Nk: very good. Omg laksh u changed a lot.
Laksh: really u look the same. See this is my wife ragini.
Nk: Namaste ji.
Ragini: Namaste.
Sanskar: u know him nk.
Nk: he is mine and khushi’s best friend in US.
Raman: really?
Nk: yes. he ucky meet sanskar ,raman, and this arnav.
Laksh and arnav shook hands
Laksh gets angry.( no one knows that khushi’s family is them).
Raj: yes he used to come to our house in US. HOW R U ?
Laksh: I am fine uncle. how r u all.
Anjali: we all r fine.
Laksh: wait u r anjali right. nk wife.
Anjali: how do u know?
Laksh: khushi have shown ur all pic when we were in US .

Ap: laksh let them enter. U all come inside.
They all get seated in sofa.
Ragini: lucky i will go and wake the kids.
Laksh: even I will come with u. excuse me please.
Ragini and laksh goes to the room.
Laksh: ragini , this is khushi’s family.
Ragini: what lucky. What r we going to do.
Laksh: we should manage. Ok wake up the kids and bring them.
Ragini: ok lucky.
Ragini wakes the kids. And after making them ready brought them down.
Arnav was shocked to see them.
Dp: this small boy is aarav , raglak son. This is Amaya and radhika , my daughter’ daughters.
Swara: wow they both r identical. So cute.
Raj: u didn’t tell me that u have a daughter?
Laksh signs dp but he didn’t notice.
Dp: yes I have a daughter. Her name is khushi.
All of them get stunned to hear the name khushi.
Arnav: khushi?
Dp: haan khushi kumara gupta.
Arnav In his mind.
How can I think my khushi is here. this khushi is some one else. But her kids are so cute.
Ishita: where is she?
Ap: she went to a meeting. She will be here now . anytime she may come.
Aarav: pinky see na she is 30 mins late . she told she will be here at 5.00 pm but now it is 5.30.
Radhika: confirm punishment only.
That time they hear a car sound.
The trio runs out.

Khushi comes inside.
The trio blocke the way.
Khushi: sorry. sorry . sorry.
Amaya: no way.
Radhika: put 20 situps.
Khushi: pinky see na ur ma is very tired please beta.
Aarav: no way ma. Do. khushi starts doing.
Dp: omg , they r giving punishment.
Laksh and ragini goes to them.
Khushi: lucky, many many more happy birthday.
Laksh: thank u.
laksh was blocking khushi’s view from others.
He moved.
All of them saw khushi.
Khushi didn’t see anyone . she was just looking towards laksh
Khushi: ok lucky I will get ready and come. I need a coffee ragu. Please.
Ragu: sure.
Khushi moves up stairs and changes her dress.
Meanwhile, In down all r shocked.
Dp: u saw na she is my daughter khushi.
Romi: is she really ur daughter.
Ap: no. we adopted her. she Is our little princess. U know she have gone through manythings but u know she raised her bth daughters very well
Arnav eyes get teary eyes as he saw his own daughters before. He had a smile as he got his life back.
Ishita sees this.
Ishita: arnav, cool. Everything will be fine.

khushi then comes down and move towards the hall.
She had her coffee cup in her hand. Seeing them she drops it down.
Tears start flowing through her eyes.
Khushi to herself.
Don’t show ur tears. Come on be happy. U can be happy.
Khushi: sorry just slipped.
Laksh comes towards khushi and hold her by putiing his hand in her shoulders.
Laksh: hey khushi. See this is our papa’s clients.
Laksh introduces everyone to khushi.
Khushi: Namaste.
Ap: was ur job completed beta?
Khushi: haan ma. It was awesome.
arnav was looking at khushi symentanousily.
Khushi feels frustrated.


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  1. Sravs

    waiting eagerly to know the future parts………………so nice that arshi came face to face………….

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    God!Awesomeeeee……I just loved the epi soo much….update a longer epi…eagerly waiting for next one

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  6. Jasminerahul

    wow..arnav n gang reached the house as laksh’s clients.they saw khushi.arnav realized that he saw his own kids.what an emotional scene when khushi saw them.cant wait 4 d next part.i know khushi is angry n its her frustration which made her scold arnav tho she is happy 2 c him

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