i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 8


At London.
In gupta mansion.
All the preparation for packing r done.
Khushi: maa please me , pinky and bubbly will stay ehre ne.
( pinky-radhika,bubbly-amaya ,chotu-araav their special names where everyone will call them).
Ap: no never. We cannot be without u beta. Laksh say her na.
Laksh: khushi. Please na come with us to Chennai. We all will stay together na. i will miss u all a lot. I cant stay without u . please.
Ragini: yes laksh is right. please khushi.
Dp: if u r not coming even we will also not go.
Khushi: ok I am coming. Ok happy.
Amaya: wow maa we r going na. lovely ma . love u a lot.
Radhika and amay both goes and hugs khushi.
Radhika: thank u ma.
Amaya: we r very happy as we r shifting.
Khushi: ok go and pack. We will leave soon.
Radhika: love u ma .
Amaya and radhika leaves.
Ragini: come khushi. I will help in packing.
Khushi: ok ragu.
Both khushi and ragu leave to pack khushi’s things.
After 1 day they all left to Chennai.

At flight.
Laksh and ragini was seated near khushi.
Laksh: khushi r u afraid of coming to india.
Khushi: nothing like that laksh. I love india.
Ragini: why r u sad khushi.
Laksh: r u afraid that u will again meet them?
Khushi: they r no one to me laksh. I hate them . they r dead for me. why should I feel for them.
Laksh: then why r u calling me laksh
Khushi: sorry my dear lucky .
Laksh: that’s my khushi.
Ragini: khushi u r going to continue ur lecturer job na.
Khushi: don’t know ,thinking over it. I am thinking to handle company fully..
Laksh: good choice.

The flight lands.

They went to their new home in Chennai.
It took 2 days of them to settle down.
A morning.
Dp was very worried and trying to rectify the mistake but he couldn’t.
Khushi came there.
Khushi: papa why r u so tension?
Dp: I made a mistake and I am not able to retify it. Please help me na.
Khushi: papa, don’t ever use a word please . give me na.
Khushi takes the laptop and checks the mistake.
She finds it and helps dp.
Dp: thank u so much beta.
Khushi: its ok papa.
Dp: I am very blessed toget u as my daughter eventhough u r not born in our family.
Khushi smiles.
khushi: i am having a beautiful family papa because of u. i got a father like u,brother liek laksh, a mother like ap, bhabi like ragu. a beautiful twins like radhu and amaya and a son aarav. i am happy appa.
dp: u r so kind hearted beta. i dont know why ur family did this to u
Khushi: leave it papa, i dont want to speak about them .any company coming today papa to office?
Dp: yes. some ksr company.
Khushi: oh. All the best papa. Where Is laksh sleeping ah?
Dp: as usual no one didn’t wake. even ap is sleeping.
Khushi: had ur coffee papa?
Dp: yes. Lakshmi(servant) gave me..
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: I will go and wake kids it is already 8 am.
Dp: ok beta. I will go and wake ap and then leave to office and ask laksh to take rest today and ask him to not come to office.
Khushi: ji papa.
Khushi leaves.

In khushi’s room.
Khushi: pinky, bubbly wake up .
Radhika: 5 mins ma.
Khushi: I should also go to office na. get up .
Amaya wakes up first.
Amaya: good morning ma.
She goes enar khsuhi and hugs her.
Amaya: ma see na I am only good girl.
Radhika wakes up and goes to them and hugs khushi.
Radhika: I am only good girl.
Amaya: no I am.
Radhika: I am.
Khushi: stop it. Both r good girls, now go brush ur teeth, I will ask laxmi to bring milk and we all will have together.
Amaya: ok mom.
After sometime laxmi comes with coffee and they all sit together and have it. Raglak an dchotu too joins them.
Khushi: lucky u don’t need to go to office today.
Laksh: ok r u going to ur office tday?
Khushi: of course. Lot of works to be completed.
Ragini: khushi then lunch?
Khushi: I will come at sharp 12 pm , we all will have together is it ok.
Amaya: if u r not coming then punishment only.
Khushi: ok done.
Laksh: do u remember what is tomorrow?
Khushi: laksh, tomorrow is raksha bhandan hai na.
Laksh: yes and one more special day.
Khushi:I don’t know laksh , tell em na. she teases him.
Laksh: really don’t u know that ur mahaan ur guru laksh maheswari’s birthday.
Khushi: my mahaan. My guru laksh maheswari. Lucky,
She starts beating him.
Ragini: how can we forgot laksh.
Khushi: ragini have u got any gift for him.
Ragini: vo yes. I already have it.
Laksh: what is the gift yaar? tell me tell me.
Ragini: laksh behave ur self. Don’t be like chotu. U r grown up.
Laksh: tell me please , I cant even sleep.
Ragini: laksh.
Khushi laughs.
Khushi: ok bye I am going. Chotu, bubbly pinky all come we will go out let them fight.
Khushi takes the kids outside.
Chotu: ma, why r u always so naughty?
Khushi: I am always naughty like my chotu. I like being like this.
Radhika: ma,me bubbly and chotu want to go and buy gift to papa.
Khsuhi: I will also come with u and we all will go together.
Amaya: ok mom.
Khushi: ok bye., I will frsh up and go to office.

In gupta office.
Dp was giving presentation to kavin,raj and romi.
Kavin: we like to sign this deal with u.
Dp: thank u sir.
Raj: but our sons will manage this.
Dp: even my son will only manage this project.
Romi: good. We will leave .
Dp: as we r going to be partner why not u all with ur family attend tomorrow raksha bandan function and my son’s birthday tomorrow.
Kavin: surely we will attend , it is our pleasure to attend it.
Dp: thank u.
Raj,kavin and romi leaves.
( actually guys dp ,ap and ragini doesn’t know about khushi’s family laksh knows about everyone)
They reaches mbr mansion.
They inform about the party to everyone.

At evening.
Khushi was in a shop , Amaya saw a person who instead of puting the purse into coat he putted it down.
Amaya runs and takes the purse.
Radhika saw this and she too runs.
Radhika: uncle.
That person stops.
He turns. He is none other than arnav.
Radhika: uncle u have put ur purse down while keeping it
Arnav: thank u so much.
Amaya: its ok uncle.
Arnav : u both r identical twins na.
Amaya: haan uncle, cant u see with ur eyes. ( she is small asr)
Arnav: what is ur name.
Amaya: what r u going to do by knowing my name. my mom have told not to talk to a stranger. Bubly come. Amaya holds radhika hands and they both go .
Arnav: what the? How arrogant is she. But I am seeing myself in her. she Is like my ditto. I don’t know why I am feeling so connected with them.
Arnav with his thoughts went out of that place.
Meanwhile khushi,Amaya ,radhu and chotu finishes shopping.


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