i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 5 and 7


hi guys. here is the next episode.

After 6 years….
So the characters are.
Khushi kumari gupta: a single mother, manages a company.
Radhika kumari gupta: arshi’sdaughter.
Amaya kumari gupta: arshi’s daughter
Both radhika and Amaya are identical twins.
laksh gupta: owner of gupta companies, bestie of khushi and now her brother.
Ragini laksh gupta: wife of laksh , and mother of aaraav.
Aarav laksh gupta: son of raglak and calls khushi as ma.
Ap: mother of laksh .
Dp: father of laksh and owner of gupta companies.
Guptas has adopted khushi.

Now let us come to our delhi family.
Adi raman kumar bhalla: ishra’s son. 5 years.
Adarsh sankar maheshwari: swasan son 6 years.
Ruhi maheswari: nk and anjali daughter 4 years.

At Chennai.
At mbr mansion.
a man Is sleeping in the bed.
Ishu: adi wake up ur papa na.
Adi: papa get up get up. why r u always sleeping papa.
Raman didn’t wake.
Ishu: I know how to wake u go and brush ur teeth adi.
Ishu goes near raman and puours a jug of water on him.
Raman wakes.
Raman: ishu.
Ishu: why r u always sleeping like a kumbakarnan.
Raman: ur going to get nicely from me.
Ishita starts running inside the room.
Raman chases her.
Raman pulls ishita and both fall into the bed.
Ishita was above raman.
Ishita: raman, adi may come.
Raman: no he wont. He is an obedient boy like his papa.
Adi: papa, what r u doing
Ishita: raman leave.
Raman leaves ishita.
Ishita gets up.
Adi: ma come , we will go and have our milk.
Raman: then papa.
Adi hold ishita and ramnan’s hand and takes them .

At swasan room.
Sanskar: swara where is my file. Swara come here na.
Swara comes to the room.
Swara: why r u shouting sanky adarsh is sleeping na.
Sanskar: sorry.
Swara: what file do u want.
Sanskar: I was searching for a file name swara.
Swara: sanky. I have lots of works an dnow u r dimply disturbing me with ur stupid talks.
Sanskar: now and all madam is very busy. U r not even spending time with me swara.
Swara: sanky, u have a son and still now want to romance with ur wife. What will he think if he sees his papa romancing with his mama.
Sanskar: he will think that he will soon get a sister or brother.
Swara: shameless sanskar.
She starts beating him.
Sanskar: enough swara.
He pulls her and pins her to the wall.
Sanskar moves closer to her.
That time someone knocks the door.
Sanskar: see na in this house they r not even leaving to romance my wife.
Sanskar goes and opens the door.
Garima: sanskar beta come down to have breakfast.
Sanskar: ji mom.
Garima leaves.
Sanskar: come on swara lets go down.
Swara: u go I will come.
Sanskar leaves.
Swara wakes up adarsh.
Swara: adarsh beta wake up wake up.
Adarsh wakes up.
Adarsh: good morning ma.
Swara: good morning. Come brush ur teeth and then we will go down.
Adarsh: ok ma.
Swadarsh both reaches down.
Where ishraadi arrives there.
Ishita: where Is nk and arnav
Sadha: he told he will come down in 5 mins.
Sarika: he is sleeping don’t need to disturb arnav.
Swara: hmm.

nk room.
Nk : anjali get up na. ma have already came to call us for breakfast. Get up na.
Anjali: 2 mins nk please.
Nk: anjali, come on yaar our princess itself woke but u na. see ruhi u r mama is sleeping na go an dtickle her.
Ruhi goes near anjali and tickles her.
Anjali laughs.
Nk to joins ruhi.
Anjali: enough enough. I woke see. I will go and fresh up and come.
nk: without u I wont go so come fast.
Anjali smiles and goes to fresh up.

At arnav’s room.
Arnav was dreaming about khushi.
Arnav blindforlded khushi and took her to an place.
Khushi: arnav come on yaar open it fast.
Arnav:wait na.
Arnav got down the car and opened the door of khushi and made her to stand in the place.
Khushi could feel the rose petals near her legs.
Arnav opened her eyes.
Khushi was amazed to see the place.
There was a carpet full of rose welcoming her.
And the place was completey filled with rose plants.
Khushi: wow this is so awesome arnav.
Arnav: come on princess.
Khushi and arnav walks in the rose petals holding each other hand.
There was a stage there.
Arnav takes khushi to the stage.
Arnav holds her hands and knee down.
Arnav: khushi I am very sorry for what I did with u. I am very sorry. I should have never done this with u. I am sorry. I am completely responsible for ur tears. Hereafter I will never ever do this. please forgive me khushi.
Khushi takes her hands from arnav’s and moves backwards.
Khushi: I will never forgive u arnav. never.
Arnav: khushi.
He sits crying.
Arnav wakes up . he realizes it was dream.
Arnav: khushi where r u? I miss u khushi. I didn’t learn ur importance . I am so sorry.
Arnav wipes his tears and freshes up and moves downwards to the dinning table.


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  2. Jasminerahul

    new cs was a real surprise.ishra r cute.swasan were too cute.sanskar is naughty.arnav’s dream was well written n touchy.waiting 4 arshi union..als nk Anjali scene.plz show how Anjali agreed 2 marry nk

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    Wow yaar it’s cool….Waiting for next epi eagerly

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    really yaar this is amazing.

  5. Soo sweet my arnav

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