i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 5 and 6


hi guys. this is the last episode of sorrow episodes. from the next episode there is a new start. till this episode it is all how khushi suffered it is like a prolougue of khushi’s life. from the next epi only story begins . i thought to give u before for the better understanding of the story in the upcoming episodes. so please do comment me. . please and i want everyone whoever read to comment this ff.
Ishita fainted .
Doctor came and checked her.
Doctor: she fainted due to overstress, take care of her and give her this medicines.
Raman: ok doctor.
Doctor leaves.
Everyone leaves leaving raman and ishita in the room.
Raman carases ishita’s hair.
Raman: I love u ishu. I will be always be ur support in happy and sad time. Dont worry. Everything will be fine.
He kisses ishita’s forehead and covers her with the blanket.

In US.
Nk: don’t worry khushi everything will be fine.
Khushi: know nk. I am living only for my baby.
Nk: what?
Akash: khushi is pregnant nk.
Nk: really. I am going to become mama for that baby. Wow khushi u have given me such a great news.
Nk hugs khushi.
Khushi smiles.
Nk: r u eating or not. U r looking very slim see.
Meera: yes khushi come lets eat.
Khushi smiles and goes.
Nk feeds khushi with his hands.
Khushi has tears.
Khushi: nk will u do 2 promises to me.
Nk: what ?
Khushi: first u should never tell my pregnancy to anyone
Nk: but why khushi.
Khushi: please.
Nk: promise.
Khushi: second u should marry anjali.
Nk: khushi.
Khushi: I know that u love anjali nk. She too nedds u. be her moral support and take care of her well. will u promise me. I am asking as a request please.
Nk: I will khushi. I promise u.
Khushi: ok its time I will leave.
Nk: why khushi u can be here.
Khushi: its ok nk. I will leave. Bye.
Khushi leaves in her car.
khushi goes to her home.
She receives a call.
Khushi: hi mr adithya.
Adithya: hi khushi. U can join my company. I have booked for 1 am early morning flight for u to come to London. U can handle the company there as discussed. Mr shlok have already came there to take care of pkrsc company.
Khushi: thank u so much sir. U have brought me out of a trauma, I will never forget ur help.
Adithya: my company is in this position becaue of u. I am feeling great having u as a part of my company.
Khushi: its my pleasure sir. Thank u so much once again and u mail me my tickets.
Adithya: ok.
Khushi cuts the call.
Khushi: I should pack my bags.
She remembers her flashback.
Guys I am saying the part after arnav throwed her out.
After arnav throws her out of the house.
Khushi: don’t loose ur courage.
Khushi went to a top of hill to jump.
She was about to jump .
Swara hold her and takes her back.
Swara: r u idiot.
Khushi: shona.
Khushi hugs swara.
Swara: stop it. U never did anything. u r my princess khushi. Don’t cry. What if no one believe I am there na. prove them khushi. Prove them that u r not that much weak khushi. Don’t take decisions like this.
Khushi: how come everyone r like this shona.
Swara: ok. relax come. i will take u to a hotel.
Swara booked a room for khushi an dmade her stay in the hotel.
Swara: ok bye. Everyone will be worried. If anything call me.
Khushi: ok.

She didn’t sleep whole night.
At morning.
Khushi phoned adithya.
Adithya: hi khushi how r u?
Khushi: fine sir, what about u?
Adithya: fine.
Khushi: sir I need a job opportunity somewhere away from india ,America and Australia.
Adithya: sure khsuhi. U take London. I am having the same job which u did 1 and half year ago. Do one thing. Can u come and meet me at banglore.
Khushi: yes sir.
Adithya: ok meet me tomorrow as I will be whole time with my family there.
Khushi: ok sir.
Khushi cuts the call.
She goes to banglore via flight.
She reached adithya’s house.
Adithya: welcome khushi.
Khushi: thank u sir.
Adithya: the management authority there is resigning the job within 15 to 20 days so u can take that post, but for that 15 to 20 days u need to work in America in my friends company as he is coming for that 20 days here to india for his daughter’s marriage. U can take the guest home of his . is it fine.
Khushi: fine sir.
Adithya: why what happened khushi.
Khushi: sir my fate is written in this way sir. Everyone who believed me are not believing me. leave it sir.
Adithya: ok. I will send u the tickets and u may leave to America by 2 days.
Khushi: ok sir.
Khushi leaves.
She then catched a flight to delhi.
She was walking in the road suddenly she felt dizzy and fainted.
The people over there admitted her in the hospital.
Khushi regained consciousness after sometime.
Doctor informs her that she was pregnant.
She was very happy but at the same time felt sad that she didn’t have anyone to share this news and no one ever cared about her.she promised herself to take care of the baby well.
She got discharged and she wanted her passport to go to America.
Khushi: what will I do now. I don’t have my passport with me to go to America. I should go to that house again for taking my passport but how. Ok khushi be bold. U can do it. I cant ask shona to bring as she will get caught helping me.
She goes to the house.
She rings the bell.
Her hand was shivering.
Garima opened the door.
Garima: for what u came here. don’t u have any shame coming here. get out.
Khushi: I came for taking my things.
All of them came down by garima shouting.
Arnav: who r u , what u want?
Khushi: stop it. I came here to take my things.
Arnav: the things are all what we brought u for u na. u dotn have any rights on it.
Khushi: no there r things which I harworked and got it wasn’t brought by u. I will go and take it. It is mine. Not urs.
Arnav: how dare u.
Khushi moves upstairs.
All of them tries to stop her.
She takes her passport her certificates ,diaries which she wrote, her hundi from which from childhood she was hardworking and collecting.
She moves downwards.
All were staring at her angrily.
Arnav: on minuite miss.
Khushi waited.
Arnav brought all her things .
Ramna: arnav what r u doing.
He burns it in front of her.
Arnav: like the things r burning u r also dead for us. U r not associated with me or anyone.
Raj: and don’t tell that I am ur father to anyone. U don’t have any identity.
Garima: u r not my daughter.
Sanskar: u r not my sister.
Ishu: u r not my bhabi.
Raman: u don’t have any relation with all of us.
Swara didn’t say anything.
Kavin: no need to speak about her .
Khushi was hurted more. She was about to cry but controlled.
Sadha: will u go out or we need to again push u.
Khushi: thanks .
She says smilling.
Khushi goes outside.
She was crying very badly.
Khushi: why this happening to me. it is my mistake ah. Please god if u can ,take me out of this world. I cannot live.no I should never think like that. I am having a life in me. I love u baby. I will raise u away from this cruel people. I will always be there of u baby.
Khushi goes to her hotel room sad.
Khushi: I have a responsibility. I should speak to anjali.
She is in coma but I think I am the one who can bring u out of the coma. It is my responsibility. But how. Khsuhi got an idea.
She recives a call.
Khushi: shona.
Swara: khushi , I am sorry on behalf of u.
Khushi: its ok . I have gone through manythings so no problem. I am ok shona. They burnt me alive na, so they don’t have any relation with me or my baby.
Swara: khushi is it real?
Khushi: yes shona.
Swara: wow a great news yaar. but there is no one to look after u yaar. I am feeling helpless. Sorry yaar.
Khushi:its ok. I am going to America. I will not contact u until I again come india. If I come again india I will surely call u. if I speak to u I will get all the sufferings again.
Swara: ok madam.
Khsuhi: don’t tell about my baby to anyone.
swaraA: ok dear promise.
Khushi: I am coming tomorrow to the house as doctor anitha to meet anjali.
Swara: don’t take risk khsuhi.
Khushi: no shona. Anjali is also my responsibility.
Swara: ok. fine. meet u tomorrow bye.
Khsuhi: bye shona.

The next day.
Khushi gets ready in a burka.
She goes to that house.
Arnav opens the door.
Arnav: who r u .
Khushi speaks in a different tone.
Khushi: hi I am anitha junior doctor came tocheck anjali.
Arnav: welcome doctor. She is in the left room.
Khushi’ s heart beats fast.
Arnav: stop.
Khushi stops.
Arnav: show ur id.
Khushi shows her id card.
Arnav: why cant u remove ur burka, u r in a house only na.
Anitha: sorry , I am not supposed to remove it according to my house rules that too at others place. I came to do my duty. If u leave me I can do it.
Arnav: ok doctor.
Khushi enters the room.
Arnav too follows her.
khushi: please stay out . I need to check her.
Arnav: ok.
khushi locks the door.
Khushi: anjali.
She had tears in her eyes.
She goes near her.
Khushi have tears in her eyes.
Khushi: u have done a very nice thing anjali. U r just lying here without knowing anything. there ur brother and everyone blames me for this condition am I responsible anjali. I told u na that much time not to leave my hand, how can u. u know they burned the things of mine infront of my eyes saying that I am dead for them. Why anjali. Wake up please to say the truth. U r the one and only one who knows the truth. Why r u lying like this. wake up. save me from their taunts. Support me . anjali support me na.

Khushi starts crying.
Khushi: they did not even leave me to see u. why r u doing this. but ur doing like this is not affecting only me but also my baby. U know I am pregnant anjali, when I was pregnant he throwed me out. Why anjali all of this is because of u. please I beg u to wake. not only everyone loves u. I too love u anjali. U r also one of my life. Please wake up. don’t make me more hurted by being like this. bye. But soon I need a very good news that u have come out of coma. This is the best thing that u r going to give me anjali as a sister bye.
Khushi wipes her tears and pulls her burka and covers her face and comes out of the room.
All were waiting outside.
ishita:how Is she doctor.
Khsuhi: her health is improving. She will surely come out of coma very soon.
Swara: really.
Khushi: yes it is time , I will leave.
Swara: u can have anuthing na.
Khushi: no thanks. I have some other works to do . so pelase I will take a leave.
Raman: arnav.
Arnav: doctor fees.
khushi: u pay it in the hospital. They r paying me salary .
Raman: ok thank u so much.
Khushi leaves.
She was having tears.
She took her suitcase where she brought new clothes and boarded the flight sri Lankan airlines.
Flashback ends.
Khushi: I am not going to forgive u all. Until I stay ehre everyone will come and disturb me. I am sorry nk . I ama going without saying u . I miss u nk. But if I stay here I cannot bear more .
Khsuhi packs her bags and leaves to airport and leaves to London.

Precap:after six years. A new beginning of love story.

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