i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 3


Hi guys hope u guys like it. U will get this story updates on weekends as I wont be able to post it in weekdays due to my school. So sorry for that. they r really putting more pressure on us. Without wasting time lets get into this episode.

Nk: khushi.call me atleast one time. I am ur brother only na. please call khushi. I am worried for u.
Nk receives a call from unknown number.
Nkpicks it.
Nk: hello.
No one speaks at that side.
Nk: khsuhi answer me.
Khushi : hi nk
Nk: how r u yaar?
Khushi: how is anjali. I am fine.
Nk: she is fine. she came out of coma.how r u? where r u?
Khushi: I am fine. I am in us only
Nk: ok .
Khushi: did anyone there phone u?
Nk tells about arnav calling.

Nk: khushi whatever u r doing is right. I will be always there to support u. don’t ever think that no one is for u. I am there for u always as ur best friend and as ur brother
Khushi: I know. everyone r happy right. being without me.
Nk: nothing like that khushi. U r the diya of our house. without u no happiness is here. if u need any help just phone me once and I know u don’t want to see me.
Khushi:nothing like that. ok nk bye I have work.
Khushi cuts the call.
Arnav through pratap gets to know that khushi went to new jersey.
Arnav: sanky khushi went to new jersey.
Sanskar:why she went there. Maybe to parents home. But all of our parents are here na. they went to a holy trip to pray fo anjali.

Raman: ye. Hey did u inform ma and papa that anjali came out of coma.
Arnav:yes. then I should leave to new jersey.
Sanskar: we all will go.
Arnav: no I will only go. U all stay here.
Raman: but arnav.
Sanskar: raman leave let him go to find his love. We all will be here.
Arnav: that is good raman. I will book tonight flight.
Arnav books the flight and boards the flight.
Arnav: khushi I am coming to u. I love u so much khushi. I am very sorry for my deeds. Please forgive me.
Rabbave sad version plays.

Ishita and raman.
Ishita: raman I hope we will get her soon.
Raman: arnav went na he will take care. Don’t worry.
Ishita: raman I want to say u one thing. I don’t know how to say.
Ramna: what.
Ishtia: I love u raman.
Raman: for this u r getting this much thinking. I too love u ishtia. U r my life.
Ishita: yes even for me.
Raman: I don’t know why I am unable to be happy. I am not even happy ishita.
Ishita: even me. I am not able to be happy.
Raman: everything will be fine ishita.
Ishita cries.
Ishita: I am unable to see arnav’s face. He is that much sad than all of us. He is facing guilt raman. I am unable to see him in pain.
Raman hugs ishita and consoles her.

On the other side sankar is crying.
Swara: sanskar don’t cry .
Sanskar: I don’t know what is my behen doing?
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: everyone r worried about her. one second I will call nk. She should have definitely have called him.
Sanskar calls nk.
Nk: sanskar whats up?
Sanskar: did khushi call u?
Nk: no,
Sanskar: tell truth.
Nk: yes.she called me . I adviced her that she is right. she don’t deserves this much pain. U r supporting anjali . u know ur behen right. it is right to support anjali but not by pulling down ur sister so low. I know my khushi.
Sanskar: nk .
Nk: u don’t know how much pain she have undergone sanskar. U dont call urself her brother and phone me. hereafter don’t call me asking about khushi.
Nk cuts the call in anger.
Swara: what he told?
Sanskar tells swara everything.
Swara: Sanskar first let arnav find khsuhi. Then we will speak all this.
Sanskar: I didn’t belive my sister yaar. I believed anjali but I didn’t believe her knowing her character.
Swara: sanskar.

Swara hugs sanskar.
Sanskar: I couldn’t also take care of my wife who is 5 months pregnant(guys sorry I forgot to mention about swara pregnant).
Swara: who told u like that. u r the best husband in this world. U take care of me a lot.
Sanskar hugs swara.

The next day arnav reaches new jersey.

Khushi was getting ready to office as she had a important presentation that day.
She receives a phone.
Khsuhi: hello.
Akash: hey. I am akash.
Khsuhi: hi akash.
Akash: where r u working?
Khushi: in pkrsc group of companies.
Akash: ok I am coming for lunch there.
Khsuhi:w ow
Akahs: my wife invited u to dinner and she send me lunch with me for u.
Khushi: thank u so much. I will surely come.
Akash: ok meet u at office bye.
Khushi : bye.

For lunch akash came to khushi’s office. They both eat their lunch and akash took khushi to his house.

At car while driving.
That time khushi phone rings.
Akash: who is it?
Khushi: some American number.
Khushi attend the call.
Khushi: hello khushi speaking.
Akash: sanaya irani.
Khushi: sorry sanaya irani. Tell me what u want.
The phoner answered.
“hi. I want to know about ur pkrsc company”
Khushi was stunned to hear the voice. In her tears started to flow.
Who is that caller?


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