i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 24

A small leap of 3 months…
They received call from khushi that she is coming to india.
Raman: khushi is coming tomorrow. What is our plan?
Sanskar: we will continue our jealousy track. We will call lavanya and show arnav and lavanya got married like that and will make her admit.
Arnav: how much days she is coming.
Raman: just one day?
Arnav: what?
Raj: yes. I have an idea. We all will work out like that.
Kavin: done.
All says done.
Arnav: who will convince lavanya?
Raman: we all will.
They phoned lavanya and told about the plan..
The next day.
Khushi came to india with Nikhil to attend a meeting and then she goes to her house.
She rings the bell.
Arnav opens it.
He gets happy and she was more cute and he have never seen her in this style. That too business women look.
Arnav: hi..
Khushi: hi arnav.
She hugs him and moves inside.
All welcomes her and she takes blessing from the elders.
Raj: wow khushi. u r giving great great looks. Very proud of u.
Khushi: thank u papa.
Garima: but u r not eating properly na. see how much u have losen weight.
Khushi: I am eating only ma . leave all that. how r u all? I missed u a lot so much..
Sarika: we too.
Khushi: I am very hungry. I want to have food.
Sadha: khushi today all ur faviourites only.
Khushi: really. She goes to the table and sits and everyone were seated in the table.
She starts eating as if she were starving for many years.
Everyone were smiling seeing her way of eating.
Khushi: don’t stare at me like that.
Sanskar: why r u staying for a day only.
Khushi: who told that I have come for a day. I am here for 10 days.. Nikhil will take care of that company for this 10 days. he to came her but he is leaving tomorrow.
Arnav: who is Nikhil.
Khushi: sorry. I forgot na. he is Nikhil Sinha. My best friend there and we both have a agreement u know. if I cook breakfast he should cook lunch. We share our activities like this..
Arnav: hmm.
Khushi: lavanya why r u silent from the beginning?
Lavanya: nothing like that khushi.
Khushi: ok. why r u all silent as if planning to take revenge on me. ok I will go and change my dress.
Raman: wait madam. What did u brought for us from Australia..
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: one second.
She goes and takes her bag.
Khushi:Ishu, swara and lavanya I have brought u an jewellery which is very famous there. She gives them.
Raman for u this cooling glass as I always remember u seeing this.. sanskar for u I have bought an coat. U like coats na. and anjali for u a cute western top.. that’s it.
Arnav: for me.
Khushi: omg . I forgot about u. sorry. I really forgot.
Arnav gets upset.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi gives him a watch.
Khushi: this is for u.
Arnav smiles.
Raj: till now u didn’t change ur watch na khushi.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: however I change this watch will not change as my ma have given( she refers nk’s mother(adopted mother))
Garima: ok beta change ur dress..
Khushi goes to her room..

Arnav: we thought she is going to stay for a day but we have 10 days time .
Raman: yes we should not miss this time.
Swara: what r we going to do?
Ishita: admit ur love arnav, that’s the only way.
Lavanya: I thought acting for only a day. But 10 days?
Arnav: wont u this much for ur friend also lavanya.
Lavanya: ok done. Tell whats the plan.\
Sanskar: he asking whats the plan whats the plan itself our time r wasting.
Arnav: I don’t know any plan I should start from day after tomorrow only.
Anjali: why bhaiya that day only is an auspicious day ah.
Arnav: no I am going for a meeting in Mumbai.
Khushi comes out.
Khushi: even I want to go to Mumbai tomorrow. To meet laksh.
Arnav: then we both will go together.
Khushi: ok , u r booking tickets or shall i.
Arnav: I will.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi ,ishita ,swara and anjali starts their talks as usual.
Sanskar, raman, arnav was speaking.
Raman: wow arnav she is to coming with u.
Sanskar: yes arnav. this Is the correct time.
Raman: we will arrange a party today evening. That time we will make arnav and lavanya dance. She will definitely get jealous.
Sanskar: hey she is my sister yaar. she is also innocent na.
Raman: if she is ur sister then she is very close to me. she is also my sister. she have to spit all the things out instead of keeping inside her. she should feel free that her family si there.
Arnav smiles.
Arnav: but how r u going to convince lavanya?
Raman: yeah, for that sanskar is there na. he will convince. He is a great convincer.
Sanskar stares at raman.
Sanskar: yes I will do. he leaves to lavanya.
Sanskar tells the plan to lavanya and convinces her.
Lavanya: ok I will do.
Sanskar then leaves.
Raman informs all about the party.
Khushi: can I invite Nikhil?
Raman: sure yaar.
Khushi: thank u.
She leaves.
Arnav: why did u invite him yaar?
Raman: she requested so.
Arnav: raman.
Raman smiles and runs.

Evening at the party.
All the ladies at beautiful saree. Gents at suits.
All were looking to good.
Nikhil brought his fiancé Anaya with her.
Khushi: hi this is khushi.
Anaya: I saw u in photo. Anaya.
Khushi hugs Anaya.
Khushi: come , I will introduce to everyone she introduces him and her.
Sanskar takes swara aside.
Sanskar: swara u r looking so cute.
Swara: thank u.
Sanskar: why don’t u wear saree always instead of wearing chudidhar.
Swara: wear always kurta sanky. Can u?
Sanskar: of course no.
Swara: same here.
Sanskar: but u r looking cute in this..
Swara: so…
Sanskar holds her hand and comes back her.
Swara: what r u doing. Everyone r here.
Sanskar: everyone r busy..
Swara stamps his leg and she winks.
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: what always doing like this. I am leaving bye.
Swara leaves to hall.

At hall.
All the couples are invited for dance.
Khushi was sitting she got little sad seeing arnav and la dancing but showed smile.
She sees Aman sitting .
She goes to him and sits towards him.
Khushi: hey aman.
Aman: hey khushi. why r u not dancing.
Khushi: no partner.
Aman: shall I join u?
Khushi: of course.
Aman and khushi dances.
Arnav sees this.
Arnav: what is ur hubby doing la?
Lavanya: what I know?

Aman: when r u planning to get married khushi.
Khushi: soon after ur marriage.
Aman: my marriage already got over.
Khushi: what?
Aman: no I mean my marriage is fixed.
Khushi: wow. Congrats.
Aman thinks “ thank god I escaped” or else death from arnav”.

At the other side.
Raman and ishita while dancing.
Ramna: ishita u r not even dancing well.
Ishita: hello mr u r not dancing well not me.
Raman: u r teaching dance for me. ah. No one can ever dance with u.
Ishita: oh I see . I bet u that I will select a parner from an member ouside our family and show u.
Raman: even I will show u. they both turn their faces and walk away..
At the other side.
Nikhil: I am sorry Anaya.
Anaya: don’t talk to me Nikhil. U didn’t buy me any gift and u r leaving tomorrow itself . not even fair.
She turns and goes towards the stage.
Raman too comes.
Raman: will u have a dance with me?
Anaya: why?
Raman: to tease my wife.
Anaya sees Nikhil.
Anaya: yes sure. Even I am bored to have this partner.
Raman takes Anaya to the stage.
Anaya: bhaiya.
Raman: what?
Anaya: I am just studying mba and u r an company’s owner. Then u r my brother only na.
Raman: yes yes .

At the other side.
Nikhil get jealous and sees ishu coming.
Nikhil: will u dance with me ?
Ishu: sure .
Nikhil: u r doing this for ur husband I am doing for Anaya. Deal.
Ishu: wow ok.
They too starts dancing.
That time one announces to change the pairs by closing their eyes without seeing who is their pair.
That time music stops .
Sanskar and swara were together.
Anaya and Nikhil were together and got shocked.
Nikhil: sorry.
Anaya: ok done.
Raman and ishita were together.
Raman: u.
Ishita: u.
Raman: I will leave.
Ishita: why r u angry now. we just did that for fun na and u took it seriously.
Raman hugs ishu.
Ishita smiles.
Aman and lavanya were together.

At last our arshi were together
Khushi opened her eyes and gets shocked.
They both had a eyelock.
They came out of it when all the audience clapped.
Khushi leaves the stage with teary eyes.

The party ends.
Nikhil: bye khushi . meet u soon.
Khushi: bye.
Nikhil and Anaya leaves.

All gets settled down.
Aman: ok bye I am leaving.
Khushi: why u all didn’t inform me that aman is already engaged.
All look at him with an expression.
Raj: we forgot.
Khushi: ok bye I am leaving . very tired.
She leaves.

Arnav: raman , sanskar.
Raman: aman , we want to speak to u. come to our room na.
Sanskar takes aman with him and raman and arnav too goes in.
Raman and arav beats aman.
Aman: hey sorry yaar, without knowing I did. Mafkardo.
Arnav: do any other mistake then u r gone..
Aman smiles…

No precap..

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