i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 23


hi guys. i am having holidays for 3 to 4 days . so i am free from all school stuffs and thank u all for ur comments. u know from the next month my 12 th std is beginning. i dont i will be able to post so i will try to finish this ff soon and i have an idea for a new story and i am typing that too so that i can post that during my 12 th std. after 1 st jan again my school starts and dont know i will be able to post. i can post only on saturday and sunday heeafter.. i am very sorry. whenever i get time i will surely try to post. so sorry
Here in arnav’s room.
Arnav recollects her words.
Khushi: my absence wont affect u arnav…
Arnav: no khushi. ur absence affects me. I don’t understand everything. I am missing u a lot. I don’t understand this feeling . god please help me..
He sleeps meanwhile thinking.

In his dreams.
Arnav runs to the airport with a flower in his hand..
Arnav sees khushi entering the gate.
Arnav shouts: khushi.
Khushi turns.
He runs and hugs her.
Khushi: what r u doing arnav?
Arnav: I am sorry khushi. I love u khushi. not lavanya. I love u truly khushi. I just didn’t understand my feeling.
Khushi: but arnav lavanya.
He kisses her and shse gets shockd and slowly she to hugs him tightly.
Khushi: I love u arnav. I too love u…

Arnav wakes up suddenly with sweat in his head.
Arnav: I am cheating lavanya. Yes I love khushi. I love khushi not lavanya. He runs to lavanya room.
He goes and sees lavanya and another person in her room.
He gets shocked.
Lavanya: arnav. actually.
Arnav: do u love aman?( aman is another mate from college).
Lavanya nods in fear.
Arnav lifts her.

Arnav: thank u,thank u . thank u so much.
Aman: what happened arnav?
Arnav: even I don’t love lavanya , I love khushi.
Lavanya and aman gets shocked.
Aman: that idiot , stubborn girl whom u usually scold.
Arnav: ehy don’t u dare.
Aman: congragulations arnav.
Arnav and aman hugs..
Lavanya: sorry arnav. I just now realized my love for him was true. Ours was just a attraction.
Arnav: even I realized the same.
Aman: what r we going to do?
Arnav: no need of anydrama. I will declare it to our parents now.. come.
Lavanya: I am afraid.
Arnav stares at her.
She too comes.
Aman: think arnav it is midnight 1 am.
Arnav: I thought.
He shouts ma. everyone come here na.
All gets startled and comes down to hall.
Kavin: arnav whats the matter?
Arnav: papa I don’t want this shaadi.
Kavin: what?
Raman: arnav u r playing? Go and sleep.
Arnav: no . I love khushi not lavanya.
All gets shocked.

Nk: then why didn’t u tell her?
Arnav: I just now realized.
Garima: what is this new drama arnav. what about lavanya then,.
Arnav: lavanya loves aman…
Lavanya’s father: do u really love him.
Lavanya: yes dad. Please.
Raj: ok fine. will do one thing . instead of arnav, aman u sit . that’s it. arnav I am very angry at u.
Arnav: papa.
Swara: ok everyone go to sleep. I am feeling sleepy.
Sanskar: there is a serious issue going and u swara. U r unimaginable
Swara smiles like a cute girl..
Ishita: u could have told before na arnav. now what r u going to do. she is now flying In the air.
Arnav: even I am thinking the same.
Sarika: ok everyone off to sleep. Have to do lots of work tomorrow.
Everyone leaves.
Arnav : nk.
Nk: what arnav.
Arnav: I want to speak to u.
Nk: ok fine.
They both leave to arnav’s room.
Arnav: u know each and everything about khushi.
Nk: yes.
Arnav: tell me. does she love me.
Nk: u find out.
Arnav: please nk.
Nk: yes. she loves u.she loves u more than anything. she had the choice to decide the date of joining but she purposely selected today as she don’t want to see u marrying someone else. She sacrificed arnav for ur happiness. U know she was to propose u on the day when u proposed la. She listened everything. I know her behavoiur fully arnav.
Arnav gets teary eyed.
Arnav: will she accept me?
Nk: dotn know. if u want to know more about her feeling to u, take her diary and read. I think she didn’t take her diary.
Arnav leaves to khushi’s room and takes the diaries and starts reading it.
Arnav gets and idea.

The next day marriage.
Ishita and raman get married and sanskar and swara get married. Aman and lavanya also get married . they all were having gala time meanwhile arnav misses khushi.
Raman had a plan and also took arnav and lavanya pice as if they r getting married and sent with along ishra and swasan marriage.
Raman: she will definitely see this and react.
Arnav: hey I don’t want her to get hurted.
Raman: this is called instigating the jealousy.
Arnav smiles..
Aman and lavanya leaves..
Meanwhile ishra and swasan goes to their respective room..
Arnav,nk and anjali plans something.
In raman and ishita room.
Raman comes and holds ishu.
Ishita turns that side. They both sit in the bed ..
That time ishita slowly keeps her head in raman’s shoulders .
That time phone beeps and 3 to 4 mobile starts ringing.
Raman and ishita get startled and they both get up In a jerk and takes all the mobile phone.
Raman comes out of the room..
He sees arnav,anjali and nk laughing.
He twist their ears.
Anjali: sorry raman.
The other two nk and arnav run away

In the other side .
At sanskar room.
Sanskar was lying in swara’s lap and they both were talking ..
That time some water shower falls on them and they both get drenched.
They both get up.
They see come out and see nk and arnav laughing.
They all chase them and they all started fighting with water( still behaving as kids)..
Raman throwed fanta on arnav. arnav in anger throwed wheat flour to raman and sanky meanwhile was throwing tomato ketchup. They all made the kitchen tidy.
Their parents all came out.
Romi: oh my god. Is it play time for u all?
Swara: papa.
All stopped.
Kavin: why r u all playing like this. wont get ur sense eventhough u all r married.
Arnav: papa, me nk and anju r not married so u cant say us anything. everything raman only did. He winks at raman.
Raj: enough. Everyone off to ur room silently.
Everyone leaves.
Nk,arnav and anjali did hifi and laughed.

The next day.
Khushi reaches Australia. She takes this as a new beginning to her life and both Nikhil and khushi reaches their respective home and gets freshed up.

Meanwhile at india.
Raman: what we will do?
Arnav: I will wait for her .
Sanskar: what?
Arnav: I will wait for her and will tell my love when she comes to india.
Raman: but arnav.
Arnav: please raman.
Sanskar: ok fine…

no precap..

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  1. Veronica

    Loved how Arnav said he will wait for her till she return to india…. And Raman sending Arla photo was awesome and his dialogue was funny and destroying first night was so funny???(lmao)

  2. Jasminerahul

    Arnav realizing love for khushi was nice.now from nk Arnav too realized khushi’s love for him.but still khushi is unaware of Arnav’a love for her.sad. Arnav is waiting for her to return.oh
    Lavanya realizing that she loves aman was a shock.but because of that everything became smooth.

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  4. Mica

    uugghh they are so naughty, Happy New Year

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