i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 21 and 22


the next day khushi goes to interview
at the interview another person was sittign with her…
adithya the boss of the company…
adithya: welcoe khushi. meet this is Nikhil.
Khushi: hello….
Nikhil: hello
Adithya: u both r going to manage my company in sydney in australia..
Khushi: thank u sir.

Nikhil: yes sir..
Adithya: when r u both joining … ur visa is ready. U can fly any time.
Khushi: in 2 days sir. That is at 30 th dec…
Nikhil: what. I need 10 days time sir.
Khushi: please. I cannot stay there. I have personal problems. Please…
Nikhil: ok . fine. we both will be leaving on 30 th dec. no problem.
Adithya: we r allotting u both a independent house which is mine. Next to next house. r u ok..
Khushi: ok sir..
Adithya: then call me once u join the company..
Nikhil: ok sir.

Nikhil and khushi leaves.
Khushi: will meet u at airport.
Nikhil: what personal problem? I thought I can spend some time with my fiancée.
Khushi: wow ur marriage is fixed.
Nikhil: yes. but I am waiting for her to finish her graduation.
Khushi smiles.
Nikhil:ok bye dude.
Khushi: bye.
Nikhil and khushi leaves.
Khushi goes to the house.
The house was prepared for the mehandi ceremony..
But the function didn’t start..
Everyone was seated in the chair.
Khushi goes.
Khushi cries.
Khushi: ma hereafter I cannot be with u always.
Garima: what happened khushi..
Khushi: I wont eat ur handmade food also. I wont get this much good food also. dotn know how I am going to stay?
Arnav: what happene.d
Swara: tell me na..
Khushi: because I got a job and leaving to Australia.
Sanskar: wow congrats.
Raj: superb khushi.
Everyone congragulates her.
Arnav: when r u leaving.

Khushi: 30th dec.
Arnav: what?
Khushi: what sir. Leaving at 30 th dec only na ur marriage is on 29th only Na
Raman: duffer. Marriage is on 31st December.
Khushi: omg. I forgot it.
Sanskar: I don’t know u have to attend our Marriage.
Swara: yes khushi.
Ishita: if u r not there , we wont marry.
Raman gets stunned.

Raman: ishu…
Ishita: shut up raman.
Khushi: they told me some important work so only they told me to leave this much early. I am sorry. please.
Raj: but khushi. u explain them na. what si the need for u to go outside and work. Work in our company na.
Khushi: papa . please.i want to go. I wont get a explosure working in our company itself . please. Please.
Raj: ok fine. u can go.
Khushi: thank u papa. She hugs him.
Sanskar: I wont speak to u.
Khushi says bhaiya in a dramatic tone.
Khushi: wont u do this much for ur sister.
Swara laughs.
Sanskar: ok fine.
Khushi: this is my brother. She hugs.
Ishita: u cant convince me easily.
Raman: yes khushi. u should be here or else she will not marry me.
Khushi: ishu. Look at me.
Ishu looks at her..
Khushi hugs ishu.
Khushi:sorry. I want to see my life also na. please excuse ur sister.
Ishita: ok . for u . I am accepting this.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: ok . chalo all get ready for mehandi… and no boys allowed…
Raman: khushi. why this punishment.
Khushi: ladies function. Go. We will lock u all in a room..she makes faces. She goes to her room.
Nk too comes.
Khushi: r u not happy nk. u didn’t wish me at all.
Nk: I know why u choose 30th .
Khushi: I don’t have the dare or say hear to see them both marrying. I cant nk. I am just 24 year girl..
Nk: ok meri ma. enough. Get ready and I have kepta dress for u as my gift. Wear that today.
Khushi opens the gift cover and sees the dress.
It was of merron shade chudidhar with heavy works.
Khushi: wow its so pretty. Thank u . thank u so much.
Khushi hugs nk.
Khushi: I will wear it and see in ur cupboar there will be a parcel.
Nk: u didn’t forgot this day ah?
Khushi: never. This is the day when I got a sweet brother. When I came to know u r my brother.
nk: and this day we both gift ourselves something na.
khushi: yes and now u wear that.

nk leaves..
khushi was looking faboulous in that dress. Meanwhile ishu,swara and lavanya was in red saree. All were wearing similar dresses. Anjali in blue chudidhar.
Nk,arnav ,raman,sanky and all gents were locked in a room by garima.
Ishu: khushi, its ur marriage or ours.
Swara: u r looking damn cute in this dress.
Anjali: whose selection is this.
Khushi: nk gave me and this day we both will exchange some gifts and he gave me this I gave him a shrewani as today only I came to know him as my brother.
Anjali: wow so cute.
Ishu: ma.
Garima turns.
Ishu: u should put mehandi for me..
Swara: anju . u to me.
Lavanya: then me?

Khushi: I will put.
Lavanya: ok..
Khushi: show ur hands la.
Khushi starts putting..
Meanwhile all men enters the function wearing female costume.
Raman and sanskar wearing a saree. Arnav and nk in chudidhar. Rest of the men’s in saree..
Raman came and sat near garima.
Raman in female voice:
Raman: oh aunty . u r putting mehandi superb can u put for me also.
Garima: sure beta. Remove ur veil na. ur voice is so beautiful.
Raman: ohh. Aunty my face is having darkcirlcles. I don’t want anyone to say about me anything.
Garima: oh ok beta…
Raman meanwhile looks at ishita…
Ishita gets somewhat doubts.

At the other side.
Sanskar comes and sits beside.
Sanskar in some what girlish not exact voice.
Sanskar: can u pur mehandi for me?
Anjali: sure…
Swara: vaise aunty…
Sanskar fumes in anger.
Sanskar: haan beta. Tell me.
Swara: how is my mehandi. Am I not looking cute….
Sanskar: u r so beautiful…
Swara: u r so cute aunty. U know compared to everyone u r looking the most beautiful.
Sanskar: haan thank u..
Swara: aunty after I complete my mehandi I want to take photo with u.
Sanskar: sure.
At the other side.
Arnav comes and sits behind lavanya.
Arnav was wearing chudi with wig hair and was looking as a girl.
Arnav: la. Its me arnav.
Lavanya whispers arnav.
Khushi: what arnav.
Arnav: nothing aunty..
Khushi: am I looking like an aunty. How dare u?
Arnav: no aunty. I just said.
Khushi: again aunty. How can u. I am just 24 years old and u….
La: its ok khushi leave.
Khushi: who r u. how do u enter this function.
La: hey . she is my friend.
Khushi:ask ur friends to be in ur limits.
Khushi continues her work….
Arnav was seeing lavanya but now his face turns to khushi.
He was lost in it.
He have never ever seen her this much beautiful.
Background music rabbave was playing.
He don’t understands this feeling which was very new to him.
Khushi: la. Whose name should I write. Cane I write A.
La: write asr.
Khushi: ok fine.

She had tears while writing it.
She overcomes it.
Khushi: finished. U should keep it for 4 hrs.
Khushi gets up and leaves.
As everyone was sitting at ground..
Khushi gets up and stamps on arnav’s shawls and it got struck in her leg.
Khushi while taking the shall accidentally arnav’s wig falls down.
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav: omg…
Sadha: arnav..
Arnav starts running.
Khushi chases.
Meanwhile running he surrounds the hall and first went to raman.
Arnav: raman help me. he taps him.
Ishu gets shocked.

Raman: idiot duffer.
He too started running.
Arnav went to nk and sanky and did the same. At last all the boys got caught.
Everyone gave boy punishment to do sits up for 20 times. Poor boys..
The mehandi ceremony came to end like this.

The next day was haldi.
The house was decorated beautifully with yellow and white flowers and it was really an awesome environment.
Ishu,swara and la in yellow saree and khushi and anju at yellow chudidhar..
All the bride and bridegroom were seated at opposite.
And there was a netted shall separating them.
All the elders applied haldi to everyone…
Nk was capturing the moments with his photo.
This function comes to end with this. (guys I am ending this fuction simple as I don’t have any idea about this function)..
The evening was sangeeth..
Raj-garima, kavin-sadha and romi –sarika all started the sangeeth with an awesome performance on tere galiyaan…

Khushi: I hope u would have like this performances .
Nk: guys do u have any ideas about how bride groom propsed their brides.
Khushi: don’t think too much. here is the video..
The first it. sanky and swara.
Their hok jhok whilesanky blackmailing to tie he rrakhi and they both fall on the ground with swara above sanskar that scene was shown.
The video stops.
Khushi: wow how much romantic my bhai is.
Swara blushes and hides her face behind sanky.
Sanskar: khushi…
Nk: now we r here to show the video of a simple proposal but a dhamedkar proposal. U would be shocked like this is our arnav ah? Who is saying these much lines…
The video shows how arnav proposed lavanya and she accepted him.
The video ends..
Khushi: next is our awesome pair. Raman. ur this much romantic. How can u think this much romatic yaar. u will understand my words when u see this video.
This video shows how raman proposed ishita through a presentation and how she reacted everything.
Nk: now we call all the pairs to come to this stage for a dance.
First was ishra.
Ishra danced for soch na sake…

Second was swasan where they danced for geura.

Third was arnav and lavanya where they danced for sanam re….

Khushi was getting teary eyed but she goes to her room and changed her dress as it was time for her flight.
She took the things..
At the mean time sangeet got over.
Khushi comes with her luggage.
Everyone bids bye to her.
Arnav: khushi can come alone. I want to have a word with u.
Arnav takes khushi aside.

Arnav: please don’t go na. I want u khushi. please. I want u to stay in our marriage. Please.
Khushi: arnav.this time my life is important for me na. u r having everyone here na. my absence over here will not affect u that much, because we used to fight a lot and we have not been that much friends.please concentrate on ur works and don’t try to be sentimental. That doesn’t suits u . ok bye. Will meet u soon .
Khushi leaves with nk as he drops her in airport.
Nk: take ur food properly. Have ur inhaler with u always and.
Khushi: nk. I know yaar. please.
Nk: what u r sad na.
Khushi: yes. I never thought that I will leave them all and go. I miss everyone. For my selfishness I am hurting everyone. I don’t have the heart nk to see the marriage of arnav. really. I am not able to face him at all. That is why I am going away. I want him to be happy and not feel that why I am sad.
Nk: ok . cool down. Now u should forgot everything. Just focus on ur career.
Khushi nods and hugs nk…
She leaves and goes inside the airport.


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