i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 19 and 20


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The next episode begins with….
All of them then after enjoying goa went back to delhi as their holiday were over….
Arnav ,raman ,sanskar took care of their fathers business in delhi meanwhile our swara, khushi and ishita are reading mba final year. Nk is working as a chief doctor in a big hospital….

One day everything was seemed to go well but khushi don’t know that day was her turning point of life for which she is suffering in the present also….

She asusual finished her college and took her car and drove to the garden where she plays with the children…
That time a boy came ..
Boy: khushi.
Boy: my name is rahul..
Khushi: ok. how do u know my name and who r u ?
Rahul: I love u khushi.
Khushi gets shocked.
Khushi: sorry, I cannot love u…
Rahul: I know u love arnav but I love u so much khushi. I will look after u very well than arnav….
Khushi: excuse me , be in ur limits.. I know whom I am and what I should do. please go….
Rahul holds her wrist.
Rahul: khushi.
Khushi frees her hand.
He pulls her and holds her hand back such that she cant move.
Rahul: I don’t know. I need u…
Khushi kicks him. the people in the locality rushes.
One man: handover him to police ma. persons like him must no be spared…
Khushi: don’t u dare touch me. u r misbehaving with a girl. u have to know the problems na. she calls police….
Police meanwhile comes and arrests him…
Khushi goes to police station and gives a complain….
Rahul: note it down khushi. u will suffer for refusing me and putting me in jail. U r hell has began.
Khushi: u r hell has began mr rahul…
Khushi leaves.
She goes to home and didn’t interact with anyone much.. arnav gots worried as she never be silent for 1 min also. he was walking here and there that time nk comes…
Arnav: nk. Go and see khushi na see is somewhat depressed…
Nk: ok arnav. I will go.
Nk leaves…
Nk enters khushi,s room.
He sees khushi sitting In a depressed mood.
Nk: what happened khushi?
Khushi: nothing.
Nk: tell me .
Khushi hugs nk and tell everything.
nk: whatever u did is correct. Don’t think of anything. do what u feel right.
khushi: ok. I want to sleep.
Nk: dinner?
Khushi: no need.
She sleeps in the bed.
nk comes out.
arnav worriedly.
Arnav: what happen?
Nk: she is sleeping now. don’t want her dinner it seems.
Arnav: she is fine na.
Nk: haan yes fine.

I year leap.
Khushi,ishu,swara have completed the graduation…
All of their parents come to india.

Khushi: ma pa. everyone come here.
Nk: come fast na.
Everyone get settled…
Khushi:everyone we r here to reveal all suspenses today. First suspense. Raman and ishita loves each other.
All of them gets shocked .. but later smiles.
Sadha: we don’t have any objection beta. We will do ur marriage within 10 days.
Ishita: really.
Sadha: yes. ishu hugs her mom happily. Ishu and raman takes blessing from all.
Khushi: surprise no 2..
Nk: swara and sanskar loves each other.
Kavin: how much suprises.
Khushi: more one only.
Gairma: then 2 marriages together. Wow.
Khushi: not 2 three marriages. 3 rd is arnav and lavanya.
Arnav brings lavanya.
Arnav: ma I love her.
Kavin: oh my god.. I am going to faint.
Raj: yes me too.
Romi:w eaccept all ur marriages and khushi what about u..?
Raj: haan. Khushi. u tell.
Khushi: coming to that point. I will get married after 2 years of my father’s choice bridegroom.
Raj: why 2 years. Now itself I will see na.
Khushi: no papa. I want to work and be free for sometime in my life and not like these idiots maryring at this age itself.
Garima: but khushi.
Khushi: ma please.
Raj: ok. I have belief in my daughter.
Khushi: thank u papa. I love u so much.
She hugs raj…
Romi: u will take care of the full work na khushi…
Khushi: sure me and nk will do the work… and I wasn’t to say a secret which I have hidden from u all that is our gang.
Swara: what is it khushi?
Khushi: nk is my twin brother.
Sanskar: what.
Garima: yes he is my son only we gave it to ur fathers son as he don’t have any child.
Sanskar hugs nk.
Sanskar: sorry if I spoke anything wrong.
Nk: its ok my bro.
Sanskar: why didn’t u tell me before?
Khushi: we didn’t have any opoortunity to say. Ok leave all that. tomorrow we r going to exchange shagun and all the planning will be done by me and nk. done…. We will keep engagement day after tomorrow…..is it ok for u all?
Sanskar: sure fine….

The next day they exchanged shagun… ishra and swasan was happy the most…. Arnav was somewhere feeling like he don’t want to do this marriage but diverted his mind….

The next day was engagement….
Khushi and nk was arranging for the funvtion at morning…
Khushi: bhaiya u go and fix the serial lights and I will take care of it..
She climbs the stool and fixes the flower but she slips and falls down. Arnav holds her…
They both had a eyelock and khushi breaks it. he makes her stand.
Arnav: madam cant u see properly while doing decorations….
Khushi: sorry.. ok u go and rest I will complete rest of the work….
Arnav leaves..
Khushi and nk finishes the decorations work…

Evening at engagement….
Ishira,swara and lavanya was wearing cream with pink lehanga and arnav,raman and sanky wore cream sherwani. Everyone was looking awesome. Khushi with blue lehanga and nk with blue sherwani as they both were the comparers…
Khushi: hi everyone. Good evening. I am thanking u for ur presence in our most important days… today is the engagement of my best friends and hope u all like it.
Nk: we r now starting this function….
First was raman and ishita….
Raman: can I put ishu?
Ishita: sure.
Raman makes ishu wear the ring and ishu makes raman wear the ring…

The next was sanskar and swara.
They both exchanged the rings.
The last was arnav and lavanya.
Arnav made herwear the ring but his eyes was searching for someone else.
Lavanya makes arnav wear the ring…
Arnav: nk where is khushi?
Nk: no a urgent phone came for her. that is why..
Arnav: ok ok.
Nk leaves and finds khushi in her room.
Khushi was speaking in her phone
Khushi: I will be present for the interview tomorrow. Thank u . she cuts the call.
Nk: what interview.
Khushi: I am almost selected for a job. Posying in Sydney Australia. Tomorrow is the last stage if I got in that’s it . my life will be superb in sustralia.
Nk: I am very happy and why u came away.
Khushi: I don’t have the confidence nk to see my love of life engaging to other . so I simply avoid it…
Nk hugs khushi.
Nk: everything will be fine . ok.
Khushi: I know….

At the other side…
Swara gets a message from sanky,
She goes to the pool side in her house.
Swara: sanky….
Sanskar hgs her from behind.
Swara: leave me. anyone might see us.
Sanskar: u r my half wife.
Swara: only half wife not full,
Sanskar: u made me wait for a year na.
Swara: yes. leave tha. Tell me why u called em?
Sanskar: I want to spend time with my fiancé so…
Swara: sanky u r really a monkey and a donkey… don’t know which time u should do anything..
Sanskar : swara angrily.
Swara: oh my fiancée is angry ah? She goes near him and pecks his cheeks and runs.
Sanskar smiles…

In the other side…
Ishita: raman … I am so excited about my marriage . u know how it fells when all of us are marrying in a single day but khushi and nk is missing.
Raman: yes . I don’t know what is cooking in her mind? I think she loves someone…
Ishita: how r u saying?
Raman: I think she had a break up.
Ishita: say me clearly na.
Raman: I think the person she loved broke with her. she is trying to be happy but not happy from inside.
Ishita: r u saying really?
Raman: yes. we should find it.
Ishita: ok my detective.
Raman: vaise ishu..
Raman: u r looking beautiful today.
Ishu: why I am not beautiful before ?
Raman: yes. today only u r looking like a girl in this traditional lehanga.
Ishu: u … idiot.
She starts beating him..
Raman runs.

Ishita: khushi catch him na.
Khushi catches raman.
Raman: sister please save me from this monster.
Khushi laughs….
Khsuhi: no way brother. She winks.
Ishita comes and catches raman.
Khushi: ok bye. I am nto intrepting ur fight..
Anjali: hey. No one here is seeing me . I just now came from the tour and all r busy in one or the other side…
Khushi hugs anjali.
Khushi: today ishra,swasan and arnav and lavanya engagement..
Anjali: u all didn’t even inform me. how could u. ishu u too. U don’t talk to me at all.
Anjali goes to her room and locks..
Everyone gather at the hall.

Arnav: what can we do to bring that devil out of anger…
Nk: I will look after her. u all go.
Ishita: really nk?
Nk: yes. I will calm her anger in 2 mins…
Khushi: challenge?
Nk: challenge accepted…
Nk goes to anjali room.
Nk: anjali….
Anjali: don’t talk with me nk..
Nk: sorry.
Anjali: its mainly their mistake not ur mistake.
Nk: then open the door and speak to me na.
Anjali opens the door.
Nk: its their special day na. don’t spoil it. now come like a good girl and u know today all ur fav food items r here.
Anjali: do I look like a foodie nk?
Nk: haan yes , why not.
Anjali stares at him in anger.
Anjali: hwo dare u..,
Nk: omg. What did I say to her?
Nk starts running and anjali chases him..
In the mean the light offs and there is a music played.
Arnav ,sanskar, raman,khushi, ishu and swara dances for badtameezil dil …
Nk in the mike.
Nk: sorry and this is a performance to convince our cute little princes…
Anjali smiles and joins them….
They all have a happy time….


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    All get engaged.arnav la too.poor khushi. But at the time of engagement Arnav too felt wired.swasan were cute n romantic. Ishra scene was good.loved nk anjali scene the most.badtameez dance was cool

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