i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 18


hi guys. i am so sorry for not poting my episode. these many days. our chennai got affected with varada cylclone and schools unable to complete the portions they r giving lot of homeworks. i am not even getting a good sleep and have to do late night works. so sorry. i will try to be regular from now onwards guys
The next episode begins with after a few days.
Where it was the starting of holidays as the 1 st year got over and arnav,raman and sanskar completed the final year of mba.

Ishita: we all will go for a trip.
Swara: yes ishu it will be boring if we be here.
Arnav: I already talked with dad and he to gave permission to go.
Raman: wow then we will go to paris and then around a world tour.
Sanskar: wow. It will be superb.
Ishita: I will call khushi and nk and inform about this.
Arnav: ishu no need khushi . we wont able to enjoy she will always argue.
Khushi and nk was listening this as they were at the door stairs.
Khushi: even I am not willing to come with u raizada .
Ishita: arnav ..
Arnav: u decide. If she comes I wont come.
Khushi: even I am no dying to come to tour instead I will be here.
Arnav: nk u can come with us.
Khushi: he will be with me. we both will go to a tour if u all go.
Arnav: ok bye.
Khushi: mr attitude same to u bye.
Arnav and khushi turns opposite direction and goes. Nk goes behind khushi.
All of them leaves except khushi and nk the next day..

Nk: where r we going.
Khushi: I don’t want to go to foreign. I love india. we will go to south and explore places.
Nk: done. First where?
Khushi: Chennai.
Nk: done. Pack ur bags. How much days we r going.
Khushi: 1 month holiday …
Nk: 1 month tour.
Khushi nods.
Nk: r u mad?
Khushi nods.
Nk: ok anything for my sister.
Khushi: come book the tickets. We will go book the night flight.
Nk: ok done madam. U get ready…

At the end of the tour…. In goa.
Arnav feels very hurted as eh didn’t let khushi come. he realizes his mistake
Arnav’s gang was also there and khushi and nk was also there.
Khushi an dnk come to another boat for the parachute ride but shocked seeing their gang.
Ishita: khushi.
Khushi: how come u here?
Arnav feels happy as at last he meet khushi… he don’t understand his feeling.
Khushi: ok nk. Shift to another place after this.
Nk: done.
Arnav: why r u shifting..
Khushi: as u don’t wasn’t to go tour with me..
Arnav: I am sorry. I did wrong .
Khushi: its ok.
Each and everyone enjoys. Khushi was sanding at the edge of the boat. That time her legs slip and she falls into the sea. She was wearing life jacket but she is having wheezing problem. arnav immedetaky sees this and jumps into the sea.
He brings her up and she was having severe wheezing.
Nk: khushi breathe properly. Bring the pump.

Arnav ask the driver of the boat for medical kit and took the kit.when asked him. he didn’t give but instead he itself made her head straight and gave her.
She becomes normal.
Arnav: cant u see properly. Always careless. Wont u see where u r standing.
Khushi: I dotn know how I fell.
Arnav: what if anything have happened?
Khushi:s orry.
After that they all reach hotel and nk made khushi have tablets and made her sleeping.
Khushi holds nk hands.
Khushi: why do he care for me like this?
Nk: I don’t know.
Nk leaves..
Meanwhile arnav in his rooms was in deep thought.
Arnav: why I felt like my life is going from me when she is suffering? What is that feeling.. I don’t know anything. I was feeling very lonely in her absence. What can I call this. I love lavanya na then how this? no I love lavanaya and I have respect on khushi. that’s it.
He was confused…..

Raman ties ishita’s eyes with a cloth.
Ishita: raman where r u taking me.
Raman: surprise.
He was driving the car.
Ishita: raman tell me na..
Raman: chup….
Raman takes her to the top of hill.
Raman opens her eyes.
She sees the whole city in night time.

Ishia: wow raman. superb place I love it.
Raman: thank u.
Ishita: how u r getting these ideas . u r the best lover in the world.
Raman smiles.
Ishita hugs raman in excitement.
Ishita: I love u raman.
Raman: I love u ishu. When will I marry u?
Ishu: after I complete my mba then we will speak to our parents…
Raman: really will they accept.
Ishu: definitely.
Raman: bu I cant wait till that.
Ishu: ok. we will exchange rings now.
Raman: rings?
Ishita: I have. They both exchange the rings.
They both look at each other.

On the other side.
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: r u not excited . we both r going in the back water that too at night.
Swara: no. why should I when my sanky is with me.
Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar: we reached.
Swara sees a big ship…
Sanskar: come get into the ship….
Sanskar and swara gets into the ship.
Sanskar: will u join me miss swara bhalla.
Swara nods and holds his hands.
They both get into the party hall where all the couples where dancing.
Sanskar: will u join me for a dance.
Swara: yes sure.
They both started dancing to the song soch na sake.

After dance.
Swara slides in sanskar shoulders.
They both walk back to the small boat.
Swara: just for a dance u brought me here.
Sanskar: yes. don’t u like this place?
Swara: I love this ship.
Sanskar: I know u like it.
Swara smiles.
Sanskar: what happened.
Swara: no worried about khushi?
Sanskar: nothing will happen . nk is there with her.
Swara: I have a doubt. U r her brother but she is close than u to nk.
Sanskar: I don’t know. u know after nk parents die she was with him as his support.
Swara: hmm…
Both sanskar and swara both reach the shore and goes to the hotel room……


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    1. Thank u so much kumud

  1. Jasminerahul

    loved nk khushi bonding.arnav saving khushi n taking care of her was nice.sad that arnav really likes la.hope he realizes that its only an infatuation.raman surprising ishita n ring exchange was sweet.swasan ship dance on soch na was beautiful.

    1. Thank u so much jasmine rahul

  2. Veronica

    Awesome buddy…… Make sure to sleep more and then update ok? I am ur sis so u should obey me ok? When u get good sleep only u can update funtabulous epis like this ok? And really sad for chennai. My childhood friend has a little injury. She is in chennai. She is alright now.??

  3. Thank u so much viru.. yes viru u r my sister and I will definitely obey u. I am feeling sorry for ur friend and u know when the cyclone start hitting Chennai my house window glass was shaking as if it will fall down,i was afraid due to the sound. It was really a worst experience and I got sad as more tress have fallen down .. every tree got uprooted
    It was horrible and no current too for 2 days….

  4. Sravs

    awesome………….waiting eagerly to know when and how will arshi unite…………..and what would their reactions at that time………………….waiting for next one and ha by the way take care of yourself……………………..bye……………waiting for your next update

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