i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 17


The next day.

Khushi’s mind voice.
Will he accept me ? I don’t know. what if he doesn’t love me. what if he rejects me. what if he thinks me just as a friend.
Khushi was having a greeting card with a gift in her hand.
She learns that arnav is in that arnav is in the back side of college. Which is some type of garden with flowers.
She goes there.
She gets shocked going there.
There she sees arnav proposing a girl. that girl is none other than lavanya.

Arnav: lavanya. I don’t know , when I fall in love with u. If u r there my life will always be happy. Will u be with me always?
Lavanya smiles and takes the bouquet he haves in his hand and hugs him.
Lavanya: I love u too arnav…

Khushi gets shocked seeing this scenario. She just drops the gift she brought and ran away to her car and started the car and starts riding.
She was crying like hell.

In the other side.
Ishita: raman.
Raman: what.
Ishita: this is very new for me yaar. I have never bunked any classes.
Raman: what yaar. will u not do this much for me also.
Ishita: ok. ok. where r we going ?
Raman: to ur fav ice cream shop.
Ishita: wow ice cream. I love it. I will eat how much ever icecream I want.( note gusy. Ishita love icecream very much and if she starts she wont stop having ice creams. She is fond of icecreams very much.)
Raman: sure.
Ishita: u should not make kid of me.
Raman: ok.
They both reach the shop.
Ishita: 1 chocolate icecream with hot lava chocolate and choco chips
Raman: bring 2 scoops of the same in the same cup.
Ishita: u could have ordered for u na. u ordered only for me.
Raman gets shocked as he thought they both will have feeding each other in the same cup.
The order arrives and ishu starts eating the icecream without asking raman if he wants.
Raman gets angry but seeing her cutely eating the icecream makes him lost in her.
Ishita: raman.
Raman: what?
Ishita: do u want?
Raman: yes.
Ishita feeds him.
Raman smiles.

At the other side .
Swara was sitting in her class listening to the lectures where she was not interested.
Swara: sanky monkey. he is not even taking me anywhere. There is no ishu and khushi also. why is my lover is only likt this.
Swara gets up from her seat.
Swara: mam , I am having headache can I leave mam.
Mam: sure. Go.
Swara leaves.

She reaches sanskar room.
She was seeing sanskar was listening to the lecture without any distraction.
Swara signs but he didn’t see him.
She throws a paper on him he sees her.
She signs him to come out.
He signs no.
Swara shows and angry face and goes inside the room.
Swara: excuse me mam. Principal mam is calling misteer sanskar maheswari.
Mam: sure. Sanskar . go na.
Sanskar fumes and moves out of the room.
Swara winningly smiles.
They both reach the canteen.
Sanskar: why r u doing like this swara. This class is very important to me. today all the portions got over and then only exams.
Swara: sanskar. Go and listen to ur classes. I thought I can spend time with u but u na. go .
Sanskar: ok sorry .
Swara: no. go brother I wont talk to u.
Sanskar: sorry.
Swara: no.
Sanskar: I know how to convince u madam.
Swara: let me see. Mr maheswari.
Sanksar: surely wait and see mrs maheswari.
Swara: what u called?
Sanskar: mrs maheshwari.
Swara: I am still swara bhalla and not swara sanskar maheswari.
Sanskar: after marriage ur name is that only na.
Swara blushes but didn’t show.
Sanskar: some one is blushing.
Swara: no
Sanskar tickles her . she starts laughing.
Swara: stop it.
Sanksar: compromise.
Swara: ok. compromise.
Sanskar and swara smiels seeing each other.

At the evening.
Raman phones nk.
Raman: hey nk. Khushi is with u only na.
Nk: why r u asking.
Ramna: because she is not here . that is why asking.
Nk thinks where did khushi go?
Nk: yes yaar. we will be late. Ok bye.
Nk cute the call.
Nk tries calling khushi. But it is un reachable.
Nk: what would have happened. I know she would have gone to the hill top. She will go there if she is sad or happy. Let met try there.
Nk drives the car and reaches the top and finds khushi sitting there and was crying .
Nk goes near her.
Nk: khushi.
Khushi: nk.
She hugs him tightly and cries.
Nk: khushi. Bas yaar. why r u crying.
Khushi: arnav loves lavanya. Nk. Not me. he proposed her.
Nk: khushi.
Khushi keeps on crying.
Nk: khushi. See here. he is not worth of u khushi. He loves anyone na. leave him. he is not the one for u. some one would have born for u khushi. He still didn’t come infront of u.
Khushi: but I thought it was him. I loved him so much.. I never showed any of the feelings outside. But nk I decided. I didn’t expect him to show his love to me. my love for him will never change. If he loves lavanaya and be happy even I will be happy thinking my love go his happiness.
Nk hugs khushi.
Nk: no one will be like u khushi. U r an angel. U r my cute princess. Leave all that and focus on ur career. U will achieve bigger in ur life.
Khushi nods.
Nk: now I need an smile from my princess. Smile .
He tickles her.
Khushi smiles.
Nk: come lets leave.
Nk and khushi reaches home.

At the meantime arnav informs about lavanya about everyone . All were happy.
Nk and khushi enter.
Ishita: khushi u know arnav is in loe with lavanya.
Khushi: wow that is great yaar. did she accept u?
Arnav: yes.
Khushi: I wonder how did she accept this saithaan?
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: just joking. Congragulations.
Arnav smiles.
Khushi: I am tired. I will go and sleep.
Ishita: why khushi. What happened?
Khushi: headache yaar. nk give me any medicine na.
Nk: come .
Nk and khushi both leaves.
Khushi: u r the best brother in the world nk. I don’t know I cant even share anything with sanskar eventhough he is also my brother.
Nk: u r the best sister in the world. Now have this tablet and sleep.
Khushi: ok sir.


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  2. Veronica

    Awesome yaar.The fb scenes are romantic and lovely

  3. Jasminerahul

    Khushi is heartbroken seeing arnav lavanya confession. Sad.was the confession true or fake?loved nk as a brother consoling Khushi. Ishra icecream scene is so sweet.swasan scene was cute

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