i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 14 & 15


The next episode begins with guptas reaching the hotel by 4 pm.

The hotel manager.
Manager: we r arranging a party at today 7 pm. We would be happy if u all take part.
Laksh: sure. We all will take part in this party.
Manager: thank u.
Khushi: ok.
Radhu: ma me bubbly and chotu r going to play area.
Khushi: I will also come.
Amaya: ma no one will kidnap us ma. u take rest in the room.
Laksh: I will ask the staff to take care. Don’t worry.
Khushi: ok done.
Amaya, radhika and chotu leaves.

At play area.
Aarav was playing . Amaya and radhika were seating in the seat over there.
Arnav comes there.
Radhika: hey devil uncle what r u doing here?
Arnav: I came just. Y u both r not playing?
Amaya: no we got tired. By the way we meet u at my home na.
Arnav: yes.
Radhika: devil uncle u have a mom?
Arnav: yes.
Amaya: dad?
Arnav: yes? y r u asking this question.
Amaya: nothing. We don’t know who is our dad.
Arnav get teary eyed
Arnav: ask ur mom na.
Radhika: mom told us that she wont tell lies to us but she will tell us the truth when time comes. We asked her many times. I want to atleast see that man once.
Amaya: and I want to ask why he left me ,pinky and my mom.
Arnav gets tears.
Arnav hugs them both.
Arnav: don’t worry. U will get ur dad soon.
Radhika: really?
Arnav: really?
Amaya: promise.
Arnav: promise. Now smile.
Amaya and radhika both smiles.
Arnav plays with Amaya,radhika and aarav and leaves.

Evening at the party..
Khushi was wearing a black salwar , ragini-red. Ishita pink saree. Swara- blue saree. Anjali-red salwar.
All the ladies was looking stunning.
The men were also looking stunning.
Amaya and radhika was wearing a blue frock .
Aarav,adarsh,adi was dressed in jeans and t shirt. Ruhi was dressed in pink frock
Arnav was mesmerized to see khushi.
The party begins.

All the pairs were invited for a dance.
Raglak, ishra and swasan were dancing.
Khushi was simply looking her phone.
That time her eyes fall into the stage where arnav was dancing with a girl.
Khushi couldn’t see her face but she can find out seeing her dress.
She was heartbroken from inside.
Khushi: mom, can I go to room. I am feeling like having fever. Take care of Amaya and radhika na.
Saying this khushi leaves out of the party hall and get teary eyed.

At the stage.
Arnav was dancing with the girl na.
Arnav scolding dance properly sanky.
Sanskar: hey this is too over ?
Arnav: what over.
Sanskar:u have made me a girl for ur love.
Arnav: shut up and dance.
Sanskar: bye khushi left leave me.
Sanskar leave.
Arnav goes towards khushi’s room.
Khushi went to her room and stood in front of the mirror.

In the mirror.
Khushi: why I am feeling like crying seeing him with some one. Why should I care.
Arnav: don’t u care for me khushi.
Khushi: no.
Arnav: then why r u having tears then?
Khushi: because.
Arnav: because? U cant say any reason khushi. U love me and that is the truth. Close ur eyes and think khushi.
Khushi closes her eyes.
Arnav leave from behind.
Khushi opens her eyes and thinks its her imagination.

Khushi sits in the bed thinking about her life. How it is.

That time everyone came in.
Laksh: what happen khushi?
Khushi hugs laksh.
Khushi: I don’t want him to again spoil my life laksh.
Laksh: what happen khushi.
Khushi explains him everything.
Khushi: I am not ready to egt heartbroken again laksh. I don’t want my daughters to suffer this.
Ragini: khushi. Cool .
Khushi keeps on repeating the same words.
Laksh shouts.
Laksh: khushi. Stop this.
Khushi realizes what she was doing.
Khushi: sorry.
Amaya: what happened ma.
Radhika: tell u ma.
Khushi hugs Amaya and radhika.
Khushi: nothing .
Amaya: u told that u don’t want to make us suffer. What happened.
Radhika: share us. What happened ma.
Khushi: nothing happened . now come on it is ur sleeping time.come on change ur dress.

Amaya and radhika stare at her .
Khushi: what? Nothing happened. Please believe. Now come change ur dress.
Khushi changes their dress and makes them sleep by telling stories and goes out to ap and dp room.
But our Amaya ,radhika and aarav were naughty na. they get up immediately once khushi leaves.
Amaya: she is not fine.
Aarav: yes something is bothering her. we will listen to their speech.
Radhika: but how?
Amaya: idea there is balcony in each room which is almost interconnected. We will go by that.
Radhika ,Amaya and aarav reaches the balcony of ap and dp room and hides.

At the other end of the balcony arnav was hiding and listeneing the conversation.
(both daughters and the father are same na)

Laksh: what happened khushi? U r this much weak khushi.
Khushi: laksh . yes laksh. I am weak as that is why everyone use me and throw. Everyone r the same laksh.
Laksh: khushi.
Khushi: i trusted my family that they will believe me eventhough that rahul shows the video. But everything happened reverse. everyone I trust leave me laksh.
Laksh: don’t say like that . am I not there for u. we are there na.
Khushi: yes.
Ap: we r a family khushi. Don’t ever talk like that.
Dp: whoever do like that don’t deserve u.
Khushi: yes papa. I wont speak like that. but why r they torturing me like this. but I wont leave that rahul papa. He deserves punishment.

Ragini: what rahul? Punishment?
Khushi: today I am suffering because of that rahul. Today my child are fatherless because of him. I separated from my love because of him. Anjali suffered because of him. Everything because of him. that is why I punished him.
Laksh: but how.
Khushi: I made him to fall in depts.he is suffering due to lack of money. The man who gave money to him is demanding money and torturing him. he is now In jail due to not giving money and lot of complains on him for
Manipulating women. I felt that I did it right papa. He doesn’t deserves happiness. He tortured me a lot.
Ap hugs khushi.
Dp: today I am proud of u khushi. U didn’t do wrong. He deserves punishment. But what he did to u?
Ap: yes . we have every rights to know about u. tell about ur whole life na.
Khushi: today I have the courage ma. I can say.
Khushi starts her flashback.

At US.
Laksh: u r going to india khushi?
Khushi: yes yaar?
Laksh: will miss u a lot.
Khushi: me too.
Laksh: nk take care of my bestie well.
Nk: I will yaar. first she is my sister.
Laksh: eventhough u r her twin brother I am her bestie.
Khushi: stop this. both r equal to me and laksh how many time I said u don’t say that he is my twin brother in oublic. Only me him and all our parents know.
Laksh: ok madam. Bye. Don’t forget me.
Khushi: u will forget me .if u go behind ragini u will forget everything.
Laksh: khushi.
Nk: time for the flight. I will come next week to india. bye
Khushi: bye.
Khushi : leaves.
Laksh: next week u will also go. How I am going to be without u 2 in a dramatic voice.
Nk: laksh stop ur drama. As khushi said u will forget us.
Laksh: stop it nk. Come we will go to a coffee shop.
They both leave.

Khushi arrives to india at delhi . and she joins the college that day itself. Remember I told about the day one. Arnav and khushi fighting and khushi leaves angrily out of the canteen.

After arnav and raman came out they went to canteen.
After the class over. Everyone of their gang came and sat.
Arnav: how was ur class.
Khushi: very good.
Arnav: I didn’t ask to u at all.
Khushi turns her face.
Raman: hey u both r fighting as kids.
Ishita: hey how is nk?
Khushi: he is superb. He will come by next week.
Swara: wow. We didn’t see for him for long time.
Ishita: he is doing medicine na.
Khushi:yes. he finished doing phd on surgery also.
Ishita: good.
Arnav: why r u always spending time with nk. Do u love him. u r coming to india after 10 years.
Khushi: shut up. don’t u dare talk to me like this. if u don’t know about our relationship don’t open ur mouth. Shut and sit. He is my best friend ,brother and encourages me. not like u discouraging and fighting like this like a coward.
Khushi picks her bag and leaves
Ishita: go and say sorry to her. u did wrong. Is this what mom and dad taught u?
Arnav: ok ishu.
Arnav leaves.

Ishita: now also they will fight. No need to go and see .
Swara: yes.
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: yes brother.
Sanskar: why r u always calling me brother?
Swara: ok I will make u understand. Raman is my brother na. my brother’s friend is also my brother only na. n another ways. Sanskar u r khushi’s brother. Khushi is my friend and sister then my sister brother is also my brother only na.
Sanskar: oh my god . I will leave.
Raman: ishu .
Ishu: what raman.
Raman: ishu. I ….
Ishu: i what?
Raman: I love……..
Ishu: u love??
Raman: I love my commerce teacher.
Ishu laughs.
Raman thinks.
Again I failed.
Ramna: nothing. I will leave.
Raman leaves behind sanky.
After they both leave.
Our girls started laughing.
Swara: I love my commerce professor.
Ishita: swara in a irritating tone as sanskar said.
Both laughed and did a hifi.

Arnav went to khushi.
Arnav: I am sorry. I spoke wrong.
Khushi: I don’t need ur sorry. how can u say like that arnav.
Arnav: I am sorry.
Khushi: no need go.
Arnav: it Is my mistake. I came to say a sorry to a girl like u. u wont change khushi maheswari. U r brother is better than u. u r very worst.
Khushi: how dare u. even I am feeling like how u r born as a brother to ur sister ishu. She is very nice than u. but u . u r a laad governor
They both keep on arguing.
Afterwards arnav leaves in frustration after he leaves.
Khushi starts laughing.
Khushi: I love u my laad governor. I missed this argument for 10 years. Yes I love u more than anything in this world. I love fighting with u for silly reason. But I got hurted when u spoke with me and nk like that. how can u think like that arnav.


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