i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 13


Hi guys. So sorry for not posting these many days.
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All were ready for the trip. The raizadas,maheswaris and the bhallas all were going to kodaikanal by a bus.
Meanwhile the guptas were going by 2 car where khushi driving car with children and laksh driving with rst of them. The almost left at 4 pm by evening. They all reached the hotel at kodaikanal by 20 am where khushi car arrives the first among them 2.
Amaya: mom wow . I think this is going to be my best trip.
Radhika: yes mom. India is very awesome. The climate is awesome.
Khushi smiles.
Aarav: mumma I am hungry.
khushi; come on we will go and have our breakfast. See na till now laksh didn’t come. I think he is driving slowly.

they all go to the dinning hall.
Khushi enters and was shocked to see the whole family of hers already sitting except their parents as they were in room playing with kids.
Khushi speaks to herself(mind voice)
Khushi: they wont leave me ah. No one day peace also for me.
That time rest of the guptas everyone arrive and sit in the table.
They were shocked seeing the whole razidas ,bhallas and maheswari there.
Laksh: khushi what thry r doing here.
Khushi: am I priest to know the future predictions. Dotn be silly yaar. I am also with u na. leaves it . whatever they do I wont break. I am a stone.
Laksh: omg. Stop it.
Dp: khushi.
Khushi: papa not again. Don’t worry. We r here to enjoy. So leave it. I don’t care. First of all order for u guys. We have all ordered.
All have their breakfast and move to their respective rooms..
Khushi,buubly,pinky and chotu a room. Raglak one room and dp an dap one room.

On the other side.
Ishita: what yaar no reaction.
Arnav: but she was shocked.
Sanskar: what now.
Raman: we will arrange a party tonight. As saying the owner have kept a party for all the people residing here.
Swara: but we need to ask the owner na.
Sanskar: u don’t know swara. The owner is arnav singh raizada.
Ishita: what. Arnav u have buyed this hotel?
Arnav smiles.
Swara: u r great arnav. definitely ur love will win. If sanky was in this position he would have not done like this at all. U r great.
Sanskar: swara. How can u decide just like that , that I wont do like this.
Swara: I know about u.
Sanskar: dont judge ur husband just like that.
Swara: I will judge.
Raman: stop it. we have come here for arnav not to fight. U r now replacing arshi as they r the only king and queen of fighting.
Arnav: thank u raman u r only my bestie are. U r very supportive to me yaar.
Raman: no yaar. if I didn’t do then u wont let me spend time with my ishu na.
Raman laughs.
Raman: sorry.
He holds his ear.
Arnav hugs raman.
Sanskar: u forgot me . so bad.
Ishita: stop it guys. R u kids. Seriously kids behave well than u.
Nk: haan she is right.
Raman: u don’t say. What u both were doing till now? where were u?
Anjali: raman .
Arnav: ok I will do arrangements for everything. We all will go for sightseeing now.
Raman: separately. With each of ur partner and kid.
Sanskar: done.
Arnav: then me.
Nk: u go with ma and pa na. u r their kid na.
Nk laughs.
Arnav: nk.
Sanskar: u follow khushi. What is the matter.
Arnav: ok done.
Anjali: now everyone disperse.
All leave to their rooms to get freshed up.

Now first ishra.
Raman drives the car and he takes adi and ishu to silver castle falls.
Adp: wow papa water falls. Thank u so much. I love like this. u r the best papa in this world.
Raman: u r the best son in the world.
Ishita: hello. Here I am sitting. Ishita pouts.
Adi: u r the best ma ishima.
Ishita smiles and hugs adi.
They all reach the venue and stand to view the falls.
Adi meanwhile was keenly watching the falls.
Meanwhile raman.
Raman: u r the best wife in the world. Saying this he kisses ishita’s cheeks. Ishita gets shocked.
Ishita: raman. she feels shy .
Raman: u r my wife .
Ishita: will u do this in front of adi. U r becoming very naughty raman day to day.
Raman smiles.
Ishita: don’t smile.
Raman smiles more.
Ishita beats him.
Adi too joins ishita.
The trio enjoyed a lot on the falls.

Now nk and anjali.
Nk have tied anjali and ruhi eyes.
Anjali: where r u taking nk.
Nk: silence
But our ruhi is naughty na she untied it.
Ruhi: papa.
Nk: naughty ruhi. He lifts ruhi and tickles her.
Ruhi laughs.
Anjali: hello I am going to open my eyes.
Nk: no no. come.
Nk takes anjali to coakers walk.
Nk opens her eyes.
That place was filled with full of smoke due to coldness.
Anjali smiles.
Anjali: u know na I like this types of climate very well.
Nk smiles.
Ruhi was shivering due to coldness.
Nk hugged ruhi and put her another sweater and nk and anjali walked by holding each other hand where nk was carrying ruhi in one hand.
Anjali: u know nk this place is so awesome.
Nk:yeah that is why I thought to bring u my dear wife.
Anjali smiles.

Now swasan.
Sanskar drives the car.
Swara thinking where he is taking me. suddenly he stops the car.
Sanskar: get down we have reached the place.
Swara and adarsh both gets down.
Adarsh: where r we going.
Sanskar: suspense.
He takes them inside a dense forest were there is a dead end.
Sanskar: this is called as sucide point.
Swara frowns.
Swara: why r u taking us here ?
Adarsh: wow papa. Its awesome. I have never seen in my life like this point.
Swara: adarsh u should be angry at ur father.
Adarsh: I like this point a lot.
Swara: go I wont speak to both papa and son.
She goes near the spot and sees the rest of the mountains . actually she was really enjoying the beauty of nature .
Sanskar: swara u r smiling.
Swara: who said I am smiling. I hate this place and I hate u too. Saying this she steps forward but it was nearly end.
She slips due to sand.
Sanskar holds her . he pulls her.
Sanskar: why swara. See na what will happened if u have fallen. Don’t u care about us both.
Swara hugs sanskar tightly.
Swara: really sanky I don’t know. I didn’t see properly. I am sorry.
Adarsh to hugs swara ..
Swara: when u both r there I have no worries and I will be careful.
Sanskar and adarsh smiles.

Now last coming to arshi.
The guptas reach the botanical garden.
Amaya: wow so cute. Full of flowers.
Radhika: yes.
Ragini: wow so beautiful.
Laksh: stop it yaar. outside itself u r saying this much. come inside and see na.
Ap: u have come already to this place khushi?
Khushi: yes ma. this is my one of my fav place. I love kodaikanal. I came with nk once during holidays.
Ragini: chalo khushi.
All goes inside. Arnav too comes behind them.
They all see various kind of flowers.
Amaya and radhika was going near each flower and taking picture.
Khushi smiles.
Arnav was watching behind them.
Arnav: they both r exactly like khushi. Same like khushi where she loves taking photos. He too take their pics .
Amaya and radhika sees him taking pics.
Amaya: u all go . me and radhu will come.
Aarav: what happen.
Radhika: u go na.
All of them leaves forward.
Amaya and radhika goes near arnav.
Amaya: why r u taking my and radhu pics and my mom’s pics.
Arnav was stunned.
Arnav: vo vo.
Radhika: what vo . who r u to take pics.
Arnav: who told I took ur pics. Check. I was taking the pic of the flower behind u . if u want see.
Arnav shows the pics.
Radhika: sorry uncle.
Arnav: its ok.
Radhika: because of u only Amaya, I misunderstood this uncle.
Amaya: because of u.
They both starts fighting.
Arnav: stop stop. it was my mistake only. U both don’t fight.
Amaya: ok.
Arnav: but one thing. U both should be my friend.
Amaya thinks.
Amaya: ok done.
Radhika: friends.
They both shake hands to arnav.
Amaya: I will think of a name to u. u r name is devil uncle how is it.
Arnav: why r u keeping name like this.
Amaya: because u r so stubborn and anger. Saying this she runs.
Radhika: bye devil uncle.
Saying this radhika to runs.
Arnav laughs at their behavior.


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