i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 12

Hi guys. Thank u so much for ur comments. i am very very sorry. my health condition was not good as there was a problem with my right hand which is due to my neck problem. i was advice to be rest by doctor for 15 days. now only i am feelign better. so sorry.
Lets get into the next episode without wasting the time.
The next episode starts with the next day.
Khushi as usual wakes up an dputs coffee and ave it to dp who always wakes after khushi.
Dp: khushi we all r going to kodaikanal today.
Khushi: wow papa. Even I though to ask u that we may go to a holiday.
Dp: then pack ur bags and put leave in ur office for 3 to 4 days and today for a half day can u go to maheswari company and look after the works .
Khushi: sure papa. I will do it. tell me what r the works.
Dp: u need to discuss about the project which we signed with ksr company with that arnav.
Khushi gets shocked.
Khshi: papa. But.
Dp: I can send laksh also for this. why I am sending u is I don’t want my beti to fall weak in everyone’s eyes. I am giving u a responsibility. U take the decision for Malhotra. The manager of a company. U knew about him right take care of that matter.
Khushi: ok papa.
Khushi gets ready and goes to the office without having her breakfast.
Arnav came before itself and was waiting at laksh cabin.
Khushi reach there.
Khushi calls and asks to come Malhotra to the cabin.
Khushi: mr raizada if u want u can be here or wait outside as I have a work pending
Arnav: no I will wait here.
Malhotra enters.
Khushi: Malhotra as u were the incharge of this company before therefore it is my right to ask u that why the last few deals for our company have shifted to kharma company. Do u have any idea of it?
Malhotra: no mam . I don’t have nay idea of it.
Khushi: then how come ur account have increased by 1 crores rupess. Did u get commission from them for diverting the deals?
Malhotra: I dont know anything about that.
Khsuhi shouts: enough of ur lies mister Malhotra.she throws the paper consisting of the transactions. How could u do like this. u r appointed for a contract of 1 year na u wont get easily freed from this company and u wont be paid salary for these whole one year. Did u get it and u should pay the 1 crore to the office for ur disloyence to our company.
Malhotra: how dare u say to me like this. who r u to order me . r u my md.
Khushi: yes I am the md today and ur boss have given orders to em to punish u
Malhotra: u r not an girl equal to my status and u r speaking to me. u r itself a anaad and ur husband also left u . u r using the gupta property for ur use and u r telling me haan.
Khushi was about to slap him but
Arnav meanwhile slaps him.
Arnav: don’t u dare raise ur voice against my wife like that. do u get it damn it. she is khushi singh raizada and she is not an anaad and i am there for her always as her protective shield. If u say anything about my wife like this again and u will be killed by me.
Khushi had tears hearing arnav calling her khushi singh raizada.
Khushi: mr raizada u don’t need to Interfere in my matters. I know how to handle this. Malhotra u have to pay 1 crores as a compensation and I fire u from this company with a black mark in ur records. Get out. U can collect ur documents when u pay ur 1 crore. Leave.
Malhotra leaves.
Khushi: anyway thanks for helping me. we will start our discussion. .
Arnav: khushi cant u speak against him . why r u being very silent. Speak up na.
Khushi: the khushi u r seeing is very different from that khushi leave it. we r here only for the project and not any other else.can we start?
Arnav: yes.
Khushi and arnav was discussing about the project .
After 2 hrs khushi’s head was rotating.
Khsuhi thinks I didn’t have anything in the mronign. How cruel I am. I will order anything for me.
Khushi: do u need anything to eat?
Arnav: whatever u have I will alo have it.
Arnav smirks.
Khushi gets frustrated.
Khushi orders 2 orange juice.
Khsuhi: give me a 5 mins break.
Khushi holds her head.
Arnav: khsuhi r u fine?
Radhika: how can be fine uncle.
Khushi: pinky,chotu, buubly what r u all doing here?
Amaya: mom. Don’t u have any basic sense? Wont u eat anything from morning? Why didn’t u have breakfast?
Khushi: bubbly I ahd work so came to office quicky.
Arav: is ur office work more important than ur health ma.
Radhika: now as a sweet mother u r going to have ur breakfast now without any interuptions.
Saying this Amaya and radhika starts feeding her.
Arnav was very overhelmed seeing their bond
He thinks that he misses his most precious moments of his life.
Khushi: please enough. I have to go home and also eat my lunch. Pelase stop . please.
Amaya: ok.
Khushi: who told that I didn’t have my break fast.
Radhika: laksh papa only.
Khushi: I though. I will look after him once I reach home and u now go home and pack ur bags for the kodaikanal tour. Did u get it.
Arnav thinks so they r going for a tour. then I will also go.
Wow arnav u r an genius . u r planning very well. he smirks.
Khushi grins her throat.
Khushi: sorry for the delay.
Arnav: its ok.
They both get involved in the project.
After finishing the work arnav leaves instantly.
Khushi then reaches her house an ddoes packing for the tour.

In pmr mansion.
Arnav came and shout.
Arnav: all of u come down na. come fast.
All of them arrives there.
Arnav: khsuhi is going to kodaikanal with them for the tour.
Ishita: wow arnav then we will also go there. And yes adi and adarsh r having leave na in school as it is quaterly holidays it will be jolly for them also.
Arnav:w ow dhi. I was about to say this and u told this .
Ishita: that is ur sister.
Raman: omg. Stop this. I cant bear this.
swara: raman. see na they r sister and brother. U na..
raman: oh swara what did I do that u r angry at em. Tell me na. for u at that time I took sanskar record as u asked me to take.
Sanskar: what did u say?
Swara stares at raman in anger.
Swara: wont u shut ur mouth. Why r u blabbering like this. swara started beating raman.
Sanskar: what record?
Raman: ok I wont say. Sorry sorry.
Sanskar: what is it tele m na.
Raman: actuallu u know u were searching for ur computer record na when u were studying mba. Swara have stolen it.
Sanskar get shocked.
Sanskar: r u a robbery queen? Do u know how much I searched for my record??
Swara: that record is useless as u didn’t write anything about studies but about me only.
Ishita: oh my god. These many things happened haan? Naughty u both.
Sanskar: even u both ishu. Can I start telling. 1)u asked help from arnav na to make her speak to raman in night.
Ishita winks.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: she used to talk to raman full night yaar. that is why her phone bills increased.
Ishita: sanky. Enough. If u start then I will also start.
Arnav: stop it yaar. concentrate on me na. why r u always behaving like this?
Swara: sorry. we all r going to kodaikanal . ok.
Ishu: ok. done. Arnav book a bus and we all will go.
Arnav: already booked. Where is our ma and pa.
Anjali: as usual to temple.
Arnav: inform them and be ready in 1 hr.
Arnav : leaves to his room


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