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The episode begins with all of them arrived for dinner.
After dinner everyone leaves the house.
Khushi makes Amaya.radhika and chotu sleep and come down.
Laksh informs everything to ap and dp.
Ap: r they really ur parents khushi.
Khushi: yes ma but not now. u r my parents. I don’t have anyone of them.
Apa hugs khushi.

Khushi has tears
Ap: cry beta. Pour all ur griefs to us. U will feel better. Please dotn suppress ur pain khushi.
Khushi: ma. I have to supress it for pinky and bubbly. I don’t want them to face my pain. I will go out laksh. Please.
Laksh: hey but it is 10 pm.
Khushi: please laksh. I want to .
Laksh: ok go. Take the car and go . but any problem call me.
Khushi: ok.
Khushi leaves taking her car.

Ap: laksh u should tell me why they have thrown her out. What they did with her. u never told us .
Laksh: ma they burnt all her things in front of her saying that they r dead for her. that time she was also pregnant ma. I cant imagine how much pain she might have gone through. Leave it ma. we will talk about it later. I will go to my room ma.
Laksh leaves with ragini.
Ap: how can they be this much rude? R they humans?
Dp: I will support her ap. As a father I will secure her from them . it is my duty.
Ap:I am evry proud to get her . I felt sad when I lost uttara. but now I feel like Uttara has come In form of khushi. Dp we will go to a small tour na. it will be relaxing for everyone.
Dp: u r right. I will talk to laksh and we will leave tomorrow.

In mrb mansion.

All were sitted in the hall except arnav.
Raj: u know I am very happy today as I saw my daughter.
Garima: even I am happy too.
Sanskar: but she didn’t even see our face and talk to us.
Ishita: sanskar, it will take time. U know her daughter r so cute. They both r so identical yaar. it is very different to distinguish them.
Swara: haan. I don’t know how is khushi managing.
Ishita: swara how can khushi speak to u yaar. even she should be angry to u na.
Swara says everything to all of them.
Swara: sorry. I didn’t want to break her promise.

Kavin: its ok . leave it.
Raman: but u know khushi attitude is changed yaar. her naughtiness anything is not in her face. She cant even sit silentlyfor few minuites also. she is now being very polite. I miss that khushi in her.
Ishita: raman everything will be back. We will bring that khushi back. It is our duty.
Raman: well said my wife.
Swara: started again?
Raj: first what we will do?
Romi: we will go and speak to dp. Without their support we cant even meet khushi.
Swara: yes papa. U r correct.
Ishita: then we will speak to them tomorrow.We should take nk with us. Where is nk and anjali.
Nk: I am here only di. Now only we came after making ruhi sleep.
Raman: came after making ruhi sleep or romancing.
Ishita: raman don’t start ur silly talks . we will go tomorrow andspeak to them. Now everyone go to ur room and sleep.
Sanskar:ok ishu.
All leave to their respective room.

Nk and anjali room.
Anjali: nk I am feeling very happy today u know.
Nk: even I am feeling happy.
Anjali: I got forgiveness nk for my sin.
Nk closes her mouth.
Nk: it is due to ur out of mind u did it. Don’t call it as sins. Leave all that. u promised me na that u want talk again about ur past.
Anjali: ok sorry nk. I don’t know nk why I went behind rahul when u were infront of me.
Nk stares angrily at her.

Anjali: stop staring . I want to share it please. I don’t know when I started loving u . u r my world nk. U r my support and everything. I love u a lot nk. I cant imagine a life without u.
Anjali hugs nk and cries.
Nk: calm down anjuu.nothing happened.
Anjali: because of me only na khsuhi went. Because of me only na she suffered a lot.
Nk: bas. It is her fate anjali. If it is written like that nothing will change.leave it . come . lets sleep.
Nk took anjali by his arms and made her lie down and covered her with blanket and made her sleep.

At ishita room.
Ishita was caressing adi.
Raman: go ishita u r not even taking care of ur husband.
Ishita: oh raman . r u a kid.
Raman: he slept na. now u spend time with me.
Ishita: ok. what can we do now.
Raman: u say na.

Ishita: will we go out somewhere?
Raman: pinch me na . am I dreaming.is ishita bhalla asking this question,
Ishita pinches raman.
Ishita: come we will leave. Adi wont wake up till morning.
Raman: ok madam.
raman: ok come. we will leave.
Ishita and raman leaves.

Sanskar: swara.
Swara: what now I am feeling very sleepy.
Sanskar: come on swara be attentive. Spend time with ur husband na.
Swara: I am always free in house. u r only going to office.
Sanskar: then u r asking me to not go to office.
Swara: I didn’t mean like that.
Sanskar: what did u mean like that. why r u always like this swara always disturbing my mood with ur silly talks.
Swara: mr maheshwari , I am not like that. I am fully free and u r only blaming me that I am not spending time. Go. Don’t talk to me.
Swara leaves the room.

Sanskar: even I don’t want to talk to u.
Swara moves upstairs.
She was shocked to see the decoration.
Sanskar: how is my surprise swara.
swara: sanskar .wow it is awesome.

Sanskar presses a button and flowers fall on her.
Swara was very happy.
Sanskar takes a necklace and made her wore it.
Swara: wow sanky u r awesome.
Sanskar: thank u for everything swara.
Swara: I love u sanskar.
Swara hugs sanskar.
Sanskar: I love u to swara.

Raman takes ishita to a lake.
Ishita: r we going to boating raman.
Raman: yes madam.
Raman operates the boat.
Raman stops at the middle of the lake.
Raman: ishita , this is a small gift from my side.
Raman takes a diamond bracelet.

Raman makes ishita wear it.
Raman: how is it.
Ishita: I like it but I love u more than this gift.
Raman smiles.
Raman: really.
Ishita: really. Promise yaar.
Raman: ok. look up na.

Ishita: yeah it is a full moon day. For that what.
Raman: u r very beautiful ishu with the moonlight on the face.
Ishita blushes.
raman: ishita I should thank ur ma and pa for giving birth to an angelic girl. how r u this much beautiful ishu? U r my cutie pretty princess.
Ishita smiles.
ishita liesher head on his shoulders.

Ishita: I wish to be like this forever.
Raman: even I wish the same.

On the other side.

Khushi was driving the car fastly in the ecr road.
Khushi: why this is only happening to me. I am very afraid. Please help me god.
She stops the car near beach and sits in the beach.

Khushi: will I never get peace god. Why r u always targeting me like anything. what mistake I did What sin I did it to u. why r u always making my life hell. If u want to punish me na take my life na. why r u always punishing me like making me suffer. I am too exhausted na. u always r doing this to me. first time when I loved him u separated me frm hima she loved lavanya and not me. I was happy as atleast he got his love and I moved away from his world. Second time u made me appear bad in front of all my family members and made me to suffer with their words and doings. Third now , I am now only trying to move on my life but now u again brought me in a worse situation. What if he files custody on Amaya an dradhika. I am alive only because of them. I wont cry god. I wont pour my griefs. Why should I cry.

She was completely thinking about this. a tear escaped from her eyes but she managed to control it.
Khushi was just silent and listening to the sound of the waves.
A little far away arnav was watching all this.
He was feeling immense pain seeing her like this.
Arnav: I am sorry khushi. I am the reason for this much pain. I am sorry. I cant see u like this.
Ther ehe saw a few drunk man nearing khushi.
Man1: see na there is a girl. we will kidnap her.

Man2: ok guys.
They move towards the girl.
Man 1: did u get lost from ur house beta. Come with me .
Khushi: no thanks .i will go myself.
Man 2: we r saying na we will drop u .come with s. he holds khushi hands.
Khushi: leave me . help. He drags her using her hands.
Arnav was very angry seeing this. he runs to reach her.
Khushi in meanwhile took sand from the other hand and throwed it in the face of man 2 and she runs.

The other member were following her. she runs and she sees a person.
Khushi: sir please help me. they r following. She couldn’t see his face due to low light.
Arnav: I will take care.
Khushi learns that it is arnav.
Khushi: no need I will itself take care. U carry on.

Before she finishes this arnav fights with them and beats them.
He comes after beating them.
Arnav: who asked u to come out this time.
Khushi: my question is simple who r u to question me? who r u to me? leave my way.
Arnav: khushi don’t test my patience. I am ur husband and I have every rights on u.
Khushi: what husband ha? that day when u thrown out don’t u know ur husband rights when throwing ur wife out. Please don’t test my patience arnav. please leave me alone from sometime.
Arnav falls down crying.

Arnav: I know I am wrong . please do forgive me na. why r u doing like this. hurting urself and others. U already punished me na separating me from u and our daughter. Enough khushi.
Khushi: who is ur daughter . they r my daughter. U don’t have any relationship between them and u. u also burned them na with my thinGs saying that I was dead. Like that think even they r dead with u as u told me na that time I am dead that time I was pregnant.

Khushi starts leaving. She had tears..
Arnva holds her hands.
Arnav: please khushi. I am sorry.
Khushi frees her hands.
Khushi: if u again try to cross my path.u will face hello of me mister raizada. She shouts.
She goes in the car an starts driving.
Due to the shouting she had wheezing as she is a asthmatic person. She took inhaler. After sometime she reached home and slept with Amaya and radhika.
Arnav too meantime went home.


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