i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 10

hi guys. thank u so much for ur comments. here we go with the next episode.

Khushi: ma can we start . first raksha bhandan and lucky u know I have brought ur faviourite.
Laksh: rabadi??????
Ragini: lucky.
Khushi: yes.
Laksh: wow . love u so much yaar.
Khushi laughs.
Ap: come we will start. Lakshmi bring the plates.
Garima: khushi.
Khushi ignores garima.
Khushi: ragini get the gifts an di will also get the gifts.
Khushi and ragini leaves..
Khushi goes to her room.
Khushi cries.
Khushi: god please do support me. she wipes her tears.
Then she gets gifts and goes down.
Khushi: pinky ,bubbly and chotu come here.
All were gathered.
Khushi was standing with Amaya and radhu and raglak with aarav.
Khushi first makes amaya stand before her.
Amaya does aarti of aarav and does tikka on his forehead and ties raksh bandhan band on his hand.
Amaya: happy rakshabandhan chotu.
Aarav: same to u dhi….
Amaya: my gift?
Ragini: chotu. here give it to her.
Aarav gives the gift to her. it was Amaya faviourite colour frock with necessary accessories to the dress
Amaya: wow. Chotu thank u so much. it is my faviourite colour blue. Thank u .
Same the way radhika does and she gets a same frock with her faviourte colour pink.
Radhika: thank u chotu.
All of them were smiling seeing there bonding.
Now ruhi ties rakhi to adi and adarsh.
Now it is khushi turn . she ties rakhi to laksh .
Laksh: khushi here is ur gift.
Khushi opens the gift.
She had tears and happiness in her face.
It was a cubical dice containing her photos from the birth of Amaya an dradhika.. there intial stages. Everything.
Khushi: thank u so much.
She hugs lucky.

Ishita ties to arnav and sanky ,nkand swara to raman and arnav,nk.
Anjali ties ti to the trio arnav,raman and sanksar.
Khushi takes a rakhi.
Khushi: nk .
Nk turns and smiles.
Khushi does aarti to him.
Nk: but I don’t have any gift…
Khushi: u r itself a big gift for me.
Khushi smiles.
Nk gves a side hug to khushi.
Nk: I was very afraid of u. why did u go leaving me there.
Khushi: sorry . I was not employed there. It was a just a matter of 15 days work over there.
Nk: ur both daugters exactly like u.
Khushi: no. radhika is like me. Amaya is exactly stubborn.
Swara: dotn talk to me. go na . why aren’t u not speaking to me.
Khushi: sorry shona. Sorry.
Khushi hugs swara.
Swara: how r u madam.
Khushi: I am very good.
Nk: how did u manage khushi?
Khushi: why should I struggle nk. I have a beautiful family. U know laksh takes care of me very well. he is exactly like u. I love here yaar. u know ap takes care of me very well. during my pregnancy u know she helped me a lot. Dp papa I love him a lot. He is caring . u know he made me study. I did my phd and bed and I simentanousily managed both business and my lecturing job bhabi is awesome . she too care me a lot.
Nk: ok ok. madam. Laksh. Thanks for taking care of my sister.
Laksh: she is my sister now.
Khushi smiles.
Anjali: bhabi. PlEase speak to me na . if u r angry please beat me. don’t so like this..
Khushi: anjali I am not angry at all. I like u a lot.
Anjali: please forgive me for my sins bhabi. I am the one responsible for this.
Khushi: its nothing beta. If u have not done I would have not about everyone and their character. She says this seeing arnav’s face. And u know I got a good family. So no sorry. be happy always and take care of ruhi well.
Anjali smiles.
Garima: khushi beta. Please forgive me.
Khushi: papa , can we start the party?
Sanskar: khushi please na sorry.
Dp and ap comes to the place after arranging for the party. They didn’t hear any of the speaks.
Dp: ok now we will celebrate my son’s birthday.
Khushi: vaise lucky did u get to know about ur gift from ragini.
Laksh: how did I forgot. Ragini gift. It is my birthday . please.khushi why r u always instigating me .
Ragini: I will give u once the party gets over.
Laksh: please na.
Ragini: come on khushi , why r u always doing like this.
Khushi smirks.
Khushi: just for a fun.
Ap: come on khushi all wen thtere. Only u three are here.
Laksh: coming maa.

At the meantime.
Sanskar takes swara to a side place.
Sanskar: how is khushi speaking to u?
Swara smiles.
Swara: she is my friend sanky and only took he rto hotel and booked a room and made her stay when she was thrown out. I knew she was pregnant and she took promise from me that I should not tell anyone about her whereabouts.
Sanskar: why didn’t u tell at that time we were all worried. u could have said na.
Swara: u were tensed atleast that time. U know she went to do sucide what will u do then? Tell me. u know I don’t want to betray her by breaking the promise so I did sanky.please even try to understand me na.
Sanskar: sorry swara.
Swara: its ok sanky.
Sanskar: I am really blessed to get u as my wife. U r my angel swaara. I love u a lot.
Swara: I too love u . come we will go inside. Chalo.
Sanskar: haan.

All moves to another hall which was beautifully decorated.
Laksh cuts cake and feeds it to ragini,aarav,dp,ap ,khushi,radhu,ammu and nk.
Khushi: lucky this is my gift.
It was a small box.
Laksh: hey. It is ring only right.
Khushi: open and see.
Laksh opens it and finds a instrument ( I don’t know the instrument name but it is used in playing guitars.
Laksh finds a note with it.

“ I know u stopped playing guitar before 7 years because of ur sister who died. I know how it feels when I gift u this. u r seriously an awesome player. U got ur sister right . in the form of me. ur sister have send me to be ur sister and she also asked me to make u play guitar and give rocking performances. Will ugive. It is ur sister wish. So please and a very happy birthday my dear lucky and the guitar is in ur room cupboard”.
Laksh had tears.
Laksh: thank u khsuhi. I will surely play guitar this time as god has sent me my sister back to me, I promise that I will surely fulfil ur wish.
Khushi smiles.
Ragini: laksh see na this is my gift. She gives an envelope.
Laksh opens it and was shocked.
Laksh: really.
Ragini: yes.
Laksh hugs ragini happily.
Aarav: what is the gift dad tell me na.
Laksh:new member is coming to our family.
Ap and dp smiles.
Laksh: u all know?
Khushi: yes only u and aarav don’t know and ragini told me that she will give u a surprise.
Laksh: thank u so much ragini . u have made my day. Hereafter no works only at home.
Ragini nods.
Khushi smiles.
Ap: khushi make the kids eat then we all will eat
Khushi was feeding Amaya ,radhu. Ishita feed adi. Swara feeds adarsh. Anjali feeds ruhi.
Ishita felt very bad when khushi didn’t spoke to her.
After they finish . khushi took all the kids to a room . and made them watch tom and jerry movie.

Meanwhile raman found ishita sad.
Raman: what happened ishu.
Ishu: why didn’t she speak to me when she speaks to swara.
Raman: so the problem is swara speaking to khsuhi right.
Ishu: not like that. I am feeling very guilty raman. I shouldn’t have done like that.
Raman: we.
Ishita hugs raman.
Ishita: raman.
Raman: chup. Nothing . everything will be fine. khushi will again enter in arnav’s life. She will make our life more beautiful. I promise u that we all will be happy like college days.
Ishita: ok.
Raman: say smiling .
Ishita smiles: ok.
Raman: see na how ur husband changed ur mood u should give him something na.
Ishita: raman. I am leaving.
Raman holds her hands.
Ishita: raman see na arnav is seeing there.
Raman leaves ishu hands.
Raman: where.
Ishu runs.
Ishu: bye raman.
Raman smiles.

Khushi was coming from the room when someone pulls her.
Khushi: leave me arnav.
Arnav pins her to the wall.
Arnav: I am sorry hushi.
Khushi: all is over leave me.
Arnav: I wont leave u. I did it without knowing. Please khushi . I need u. our daughter. Please forgive me.
Khushi: I am saying patienty let go of me. leave my hands.
Arnav: no khushi. I wont . I cant leave u . sorry khushi.
Khushi pushes arnav .
Khushi leaves.
Arnav touches her shoulder.
arnav: khushi.
Khushi: mr raizada dont u dare touch me .stay away from me.
Arnav: khsuhi . I wont khushi. Why should I leave u. why should I stay away from u. u r my wife only na.
Khushi: I am nothing to u mister raizada . she shouts. Wife. How dare u can say like that I am ur wife.
All of them comes hearing her shout.
Ap: what happened beta?
Khushi: nothing ma. He was about to fall that is why I shouted mr raizada as I don’t know his name.
Dp: ok beta come we will have food . arnav u too come . all come.
Raman: did she really shout on seeing u falling?
Arnav: she told me that she is not my wife.she has so much anger. I know how to handle her. she wont forgive me easily I know if I keep on asking her sorry.
Ramna: then.
Arnav: I am going to make her to fall for me again.
Raman: arnav.
Arnav: yes yaar . this way will not work out for her.
Raman: ur genius my friend. Exactly like me.
Arnav laughs.
Raman: I am seeing u laughing after 6 years arnav.
Arnav: I have reason to smile raman.
Raman: come we will go down.


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  1. Veronica

    Superb….So Khushi is acting as if she doesnt know anybody and is deeply hurt inside as described in previous episode….And this one was really awesome and mindblowing!

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  3. Jasminerahul

    rakshabandhan was very nice.laksh khushi gift scene, nk khushi ,anjali khushi scene,swasan,ishra scenes were nice.Khushi gifting guitar 2 Laksh which he had stopped long ago was emotional.ragini’s gift 2 laksh was a surprise.arnav after khusi.but as expected khushi did’nt mind him.but arnav is determined 2 make her fall 4 him again like b4.wow..arnav will try to make her luv him..interesting track.waiting 4 that.lets see how khushi will accept him.
    can u plz write nk anjali scene too as they r a fresh pair?

    1. Thank u jasmine rahul. I will give nk and anjali scenes too heraftrr

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    aawww.. awesome part Aks! read the swasan part, ty

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