sonica an untold love story (a samar-monica os)

In sns samar and monica r not given importance , so jasmine Rahul di suggested me to write a os on their story , sorry for the late response jasmine di and thanks a lot for the suggestion and this os is dedicated to jasmine rahul di . so here mona’s role is played by shivangi joshi (who plays naira in yrkkh )

This story starts from dheera’s marriage . dharam and meera r getting married . ahem comes home safe and sound . gopi says ahem ji , I am fed up waiting for u . it is ur daughter’s marriage and u r coming now . ahem says I am sorry gopi , I was stuck there . I did not find taxi at all , I waited and waited . gopi says ok ok and hugs ahem . ahem smiles . dheera get married , meera and dharam take blessings of elders , and meera leaves for suryavanshi mansion . she hugs tolu-molu and cries , gopi says call karthi rehna han ? meera says han ma sure and hugs gopi . meera and sv (suryavanshi ) family leave for their home . gopi hugs ahem and cries . The next day….

A beautiful girl enters modi mansion . samar is talking in his phone and does not see the girl , he bumps into her and the girl is abt to fall when molu holds her and they have a eyelock . gopi comes there , she says monica , aoao . monica gets up and says sorry . molu says sorry and smiles seeing monica , monica smilesback . monica goes and hugs gopi . gopi says itni badi kab ho gayi ? monica smiles and says gopi masi , vidhya kahan hai , mujhe use bhi tho milna hai na , gopi says vidhya is in her sasural ,vaise tum shadi kab kar rahi ho ? monica says gopi masi , right now I am not readyfor marriage . gopi says ok baba , now come in . paridhi sees monica and says gopi behn I have seen this girl somewhere , hy u r monica right? And hugs her . monica says pari aunty right ? paridhi nods her head . molu says oh u r the same monica , radhika aunty’s daughter .

monica says yes . gopi says monica , u can occupy meera.,vidhya’s room .monica says ok aunty and goes off , paridhi says ab molu ki bhi shadi karva dhoongi , atleast he will not keep seeing monica like this . molu says what ? when did I see her ?. molu says I don’t want to have arranged marriage . I will have a love marriage . paridhi pulls molu’s ears and says don’t be like tolu , he married such a low class girl . vaise voh acchi toh hai par . molu says voh sab mujhe nahi pata and goes away . pari says yeh ladka bhi na ? gopi smiles .

The next day…..
Monica is leaving for the hospital while she and molu bump into each other again , molu is abt to fall when monica holds him and they sharea eyelock (pehla nasha song plays in bg ) molu gets up and saysi am sorry monica , u go . monica goes smiling . molu sees her going and says , what happens to me , whenever I see her ? ahem comes there and says molu ,some clients r coming to meet us , tolu and jigar r busy wid other projects , so u go to the meeting ok ? molu says ok bade papa and goes . ahem says this boy is looking a lil weird . normally when I give a imp work he would be over enthusiastic and excited , weird… and goes . molu is in his office , he thinks abt monica and says why do I get a weird feeling whenever I see monica . monica comes out of her hospital , it was raining outside , she takes her car and goes . her car stops in the middle of the road . she tries to call gopi but gopi was busy . monica sees a car coming there . she says excuse me….

the window of the car opens and she sees molu in it ,molu says u ? come and sit in , I will call the mechanic , monica goes and sits inside . molu says u could have bought a umbrella , there is a shop right . monica says molu , u r samar right , can I call u molu . molu says sure . monica continues.. molu , its raining and how can I buy a umbrella . if I buy an umbrella , how will I enjoy the rain , molu says if u stay in rain , u will get fever . monica says come wid me and pulls molu out of the car . molu says monica , monica enjoys the rain . cham cham cham plays in bg . molu smiles seeing mona . mona says tum bhi enjoy karo na . molu says ok .
After some time . molu and monica come home . gopi says why r u both drenched . mona says gopi masi , it was raining and so we got drenched . gopi says ok come here , I will give u hair dryer .
After some days mona and molu become good friends but molu had a different feeling for her but he never told her that he loved her .
It was molu’s bday , all wish him a happy b’day . mona comes there and presents him a watch . molu takes her aside and says , will u give me a special gift . mona says , ask for anything today . molu says I love u a lot and I want to marry u . accept my proposal , that will be the greatest gift u give . mona gets shocked . she says molu ,I never saw u that way , I always considered u as my friend . I am really sorry . molu goes away sadly .

After some days
Gopi says molu , go and meet the girl once , she is in terrace , u talk to her , if u like her marry her , otherwise , its absolutely ok, u can tell us , this set up is arranged by paridhi , she has been more than a mother to u , so atleast see the girl . molu says ok and goes to terrace and sees a girl standing there facing the other side . he says dekhiye , I am not ready for marriage now . I love a girl , and I will love her forever , so please don’t be sad, u willget a person better than me . the girl turns back and molu gets shocked . he says mona u ? mona says yes , and I am going to marry u even if u say no . molu smiles and says I cant believe this . mona says u have to believe this and sits on her knees holds molu’s hands and says samar modi , will u make me mrs samar modi . samar says wid pleasure and hugs her . mona says I realised today only that I love u more than u love me and I went to pari aunty . she told ria , the girl to go and made me stand here . monica says its so surprising how we fell in love , is It not ? samar says no , we were meant for each other and our love story started when u held me romantically for the first time when I was abt to fall . mona beats him and says molu , I did not hold u romantically . molu says ok , for me it started at that time . mona says whatever, I am happy that we r together now and hugs him

After some days
It was sonica’s sangeet . paridhi and gopi dance on prem rathan dhan payo . sahir and sona come next and dance on balam pichkari…….. suddenly sona stops dancing and falls down on the stage itself . everybody get panicked , tolu takes her to their room . mona says let me see what it is , can u all pls stay out for some time . mona comes out , paridhi says what happened mona , is sona fine . mona says sona is not fine dadi . she is absolutely not fine papa , sahir says what , what r u telling mona ? monica says , tolu sona is pregnant , and I doubt if she is carrying twins . we will soon know that too . everybody get super happy . molu and mona hug each other
after 9 months .

the whole modi family is eagerly waiting for sona’s baby’s . after some time mona comes out with two babies and gives them to tolu . tolu kisses them . mona says tolu , u r father of two daughters . tolu smiles . mona says and ur two daughters r gonna get a sister or brother soon . molu says these two already have priyal . just then molu realises what mona said and lifts her and says r u serious . mona says I am serious mr samar modi , u r going to become a father soon . molu leaves her down . gohem hug each other . mona says we will see sona and give this news . sona gets super happy , she says ek shelfie keechte hai na . mona says zaroor , lets take a selfie . molu holds mona closer and takes the selfie . mona smiles . the whole modi family was very happy . they had got two good news at the same time .



  1. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    thanku so much 4 this beautiful OS.cvs never bothered abt samar’s luv story tho Sahir has a nice story.They chose a spoilt brat as monica 4 samar.sad that he doesnt even have proper scenes with monica on d show.Parodhi monica is d jodi on SNS.I was eager to know who will b monica in ur OS.And its shivangi.i’m very happy.i had a doubt whether u will chose Tejaswi as monica as pratap is acting with her on SR.And one of my friends suggested me to cast Tejaswi as monica in Laal Ishq.but since i had already cast Lovey as Monica i did’nt make Tejaswi as Monica.
    1st of all let me say that u twisted d actual scene of SNS very well in ur d show Ahem never came 4 dheera wedding,instead he died.but here he came n blessed dheera.loved it.loved monica’s entry as Modis’ friend’s daughter.She is a doctor too n she stayed in modi monica meeting was superb.samar holding her when was abt 2 fall n their eyelock,later when samar was abt 2 fall she held him…all were romantic.Monica did’nt find it romantic but samar found her holding her when he was abt 2 fall sweet.paridhi making fun of samar n thinking of getting him married to monica was sweet.samar giving lift to monica n rain scene was lovely,on b’day he proposed her.sad that she rejected it.the surprise was that she was chosen by pari 4 samar at d terrace.even samar was surprised.loved monica saying that she’ll marry him even if he says no.and she proposed him.romantic.sangeet was nice.sona preg n later she delivered sweet.the best part was monica too preg n samar lifts her up.nice ending.rly liked it

  2. Shakaib


    |Registered Member

    Hi varshini! Love the OS to the core. It was really different one from the show. Love ahem returning home. One more surprise shivangi as monica. You’re really a good writer.loved paridhi accepting sons as bahu. Come back with more os.

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