Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – Ff (Episode 8)

Episode 8

Twinj reached downstairs still holding each other hands. Twinkle was feeling awkward so she drew her hand from him. It was when kunj realised that he was holding Twinkle hand all the while he feels embarrass and hurriedly went outward to take care. Twinkle and Sia came. Sia went to sit on front seat and Twinkle on the back. Journey was silent . Kunj was stealing glances of Twinkle while Twinkle was also sometimes looking at him through the this trio reached ice cream parlor.

Sia ordered strawberry flavour while Twinkle and kunj both ordered blue berry at the same time which lead to a cute eyelock between them. After sometime ice cream came and starts eating. Kunj was trying to talk to Twinkle as he was embarrassed at his actions but he can’t in front of Sia. Luckily after sometime Sia phone rang she went to attend was best time to talk to Twinkle so kunj started
K: umm… Twinkle

T: ya

K: I wanna…say something..

T: ya say

K: actually i… I am sorry for holding ur hand. I didn’t intentionally did it. I don’t know how but I am really sorry. U must be thinking me as weirdo

T: it’s ok.

K: I am sorry again.

T: no kunj it’s ok. U didn’t need to sorry.

K: so can we be friends Twinkle like u and Sia? I didn’t know what happened in ur life nor I want to know. Sia consider u and me as a friend so why not to start ur life afresh. So..

Kunj extends his hands towards Twinkle. Twinkle was staring at his hand not knowing what to do hold or not. Then after thinking for a while she hold his hand and smilingly said
T: ya friends ?
Kunj was hell happy he himself don’t know why but the thing was he cared Twinkle really by ?.
Sia came and saw them smiling and ice cream melted.and said
S: why guys u r smiling? What happened and why are u not eating? Do u both are planning to drink it?
Twinj laughed at her statement then kunj said
K: no nautanki actually we were talking and forgot about this and now it became soup
S: so now….
K: I know
He called waiter and ordered again ice cream for trio. They eat while chit chat and enjoying. After eating they head towards the car . Twinkle again sat at back seat.and Sia in front.
When they reached home kunj saw Twinkle sleeping. Sia hurriedly went before kunj. Kunj was thinking what to do. Then he took Twinkle in bridal style and walk inside mansion while in sleep Twinkle held kunj tight and cuddle in him more. Kunj smile at her and took her to room and put on bed.
Kunj leaves her room smiling and went in his room and slept while having a smile.

Next morning
Twinkle woke up due to continuos sun rays peeping through the window. She rubbed her eyes and sat up then remembered the previous day.A beautiful smile adorned her lips. Then she wondered how she reached in the room. She didn’t know how.then she left it thinking she will ask Sia . She went to freshen up and after sometime came out wearing pink and white shalwar kameez. Her hair was wet and water was dripping from them.

Kunj too wake up and after getting ready when he was going downstairs saw Twinkle from side. He thought to take her along for breakfast.kunj enter inside her room. Twinkle was standing with edge of bed. Kunj called her name
K: Twinkle
Twinkle turned and before she could say something kunj got slipped at water dripped from Twinkle’s hair and both fell on the bed with kunj on top of twinkle. Twinkle hair got scattered all over her and was blocking kunj view. Kunj tucked her hairs behind. His touch send shivers through her spine. Both were just lost like their is no world except them both. Kunj moves toward her face.they were so close that they could sense each others heart beat. Twinkle heart was beating more faster like it would come out at any instant. Kunj moves more closer and slightly whisper in her ear
K: beautiful ?
Just then they heard coughing sound and saw Sia at door step. Kunj instantly got up and both composed themselves.there was awkward silence when Twinkle said
D: daaii MAA was calling me. I am going.
She ran from there . Kunj was feeling embarrassed when he saw Sia giggling. He glared at her. When Sia came close to him and said
S: now also u will say that she is only ur friend aurrrrrr…….
Kunj don’t know what to say he just left from there. Sia was smiling behind him.
Screen freezes on Sia smiling face

Thinking to take a leap


So guys I am earlier here. Thanks for commenting on my post. I was really feeling wonderful.plzz keep commenting and next epi will be even I don’t know.sorry in advance. Also i will not be able to comment on every one ff. Plzz sorry for that but u all r awesome writer.keep writing . Thanks and sorry once again.

Byeeee ?
Love you all

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