Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – Ff (Episode 13)

Episode 13

Twinkle was hell happy. She opened the box and saw some papers inside the box. She was confused and looked at kunj who gestures her to proceed further. She took out papers and started to read them. As she was reading her face expression was changing. First shocked then shocked to surprised and then surprised to happy. Twinkle screamed loudly in happiness and jumped and hug kunj tightly.

T: kunj this is best gift ever. I never think I will be able to complete my studies but u did it that too in best medical college of new York

Thank you so much kunj thank you I can’t express my feelings right now.

K: I just want to see u happy so I did this.

T: how u know my happiness lies in this?

K: what type of question is this yr? I am ur friend I know u very well.and today when I asked u about ur studies then I saw a spark in ur eyes in the name of study so I did all this

T: thank you so much. U r best

K: stop buttering me now I know I am the best
He said broking the hug and raising his collar. Twinkle playfully hit him on his chest and said
T: yes you r

Kunj mouth form an o shape and he said
K: seriously the great Twinkle the big star praised me

T: yes I did

K: but u don’t look good in ur sweet avatar
Saying this he pulled her hair and start running and Twinkle starts chasing her
K: u look good only while fighting ?
They both had some fight and teasing moments with each other. Then they had dinner all favourite of Twinkle and then after sometime return home happily.

Thanks for comments. Sorry for this boring and short epi as I am hell busy. This is on request of my silent reader. Thanks for broking ur silence. I was very happy at that. Keep commenting guys.
And a big wala HAPPY BIRTHDAY to veer from my side
Hope ur dreams come true and u live a happy life and get well soon
Love you

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