Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – Ff (Episode 12)

Episode 12

Kunj sat on his knees. Twinkle was confused and surprised at his actions. kunj was smiling seeing her antics as she was making faces. Then kunj started looking directly into her eyes.
K: Twinkle! I will not say anything like speech that will bor u .I just wanna put my heart my feelings in front of you. You
know Twinkle when I brought u here u were very scared and some dreams were haunting u. I don’t know why but I
really feel very bad it’s not pity it’s just a feeling from heart. Those were the sleepless nights of my life. I used to
think how can someone can hurt such innocent soul.but when Sia came and u started coming out of ur past I
Felt an immense happiness. Then I did friendship with u and got to know u that u r so sweet. Then days goes on
And we became best what I say I didn’t mean that u r burden on us.infact I really want u to stay at
place only but didn’t say before as I don’t want to separate u from ur family and nor want to hurt u.but I want to
Welcome u to our family now please stay with us being a part of our family.

Twinkle was having tears in her eyes. She never thought someone will make her feel special to this extent. She was just starting kunj lovingly.
K: arey kuch to bol siyappa. Sorry if I hurt you….
Before kunj can say something Twinkle hugged him tightly and then speak
T’: thanks sadu for coming in my life for being my friend my supporter my everything. U know nobody make me feel so special like u did today. And it’s my good luck to be part of such a good family and I love family a lot.

K:now it’s ur family too.

Twinkle nodded her head and keep hugging him. Kunj thought to lighten the mood and said
K: oye siyappa uth ja meri sari shirt wet ho gai.

Twinkle broke the hug and looked at his shirt which was wet due to her tears.she cutely murmured
He said:. JHALLI
Twinkle glared at him and turned her face being angry.
Kunj smiled at went towards her and turned her towards him and handed her box and said
Welcome gift for u ?
Twinkle was hell happy and she opened the box and…….


Hy my lovely readers. I am back that too early. It’s all becoz of u guyz. Thanks for ur lovely comments. U know ur lovely response always made me hell happy. Thanks again. Keep giving same response and I will give u quick updates in return. And there was complaining of short update I am really sorry for that. Hope this one is long but I think it’s normal not long not short?. Ok enough of chattering. I am waiting for ur lovely response.
Love you all ?

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