Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – Ff (Episode 11)

Episode 11

Twinkle went to change her still sad that kunj didn’t respond after asking about her studies. Twinkle came after sometime wearing pink shirt and white tights. Kunj was not in house at that time. Sia was sitting in TV lounge seeing Twinkle she called her
S: Twinkle

T: Han bol

S: come sit with me
Saying this she pulled her down
T: what now?

S: sit na we will watch movies

T: no i am getting hell bor. From morning I was watching TV now I don’t want to see
Just then kunj entered and he listened Twinkle sentence and smiled
K: now I will not let u bor siyappa.
He went near them and said
K: oye siyappa Tu bor ho rahi thi. Why didn’t u do any siyappa? Han?

Twinkle glared him angrily . Kunj signaled Sia to go and take something for eating.sia went in kitchen unwillingly.
Kunj then pulled Twinkle cheeks as he know she was angry
T: don’t touch me ?

K: why r u angry? I was just joking yr

T: ??

K: ok I was thinking to take u out for ur fav pizza and ice cream but u r angry so I will go alone.

T: no I will come na

K: but u r angry on me? No.

T: I was joking. Can’t I tease u?

K: smirking) ok let’s go then

T: wait I will come after calling Sia and changing (she was wearing same pink and white for night to sleep)

K: no need to go to call Sia and btw u r looking very nice. Come
Saying this he drags her with him.kunj opened the door for Twinkle. Twinkle sat in and then kunj drove off.
He stopped his car at the entrance of the restaurant. Both came out and went in. At the entrance of hall kunj blindfolded Twinkle and whispered in her ear
K: surprise ? ahead

Twinkle was also surprised and eagerly waiting for her surprise ?
Kunj open her blindfold. Twinkle was awestruck to see the scenerio. It was decoration with white and blue curtain and balloons scattered every where. Beautiful lighting over the hall (not able to describe properly).
Twinkle looked at kunj. He was smiling at her.
K: u liked it

T: not like I just loved it. It’s so beautiful but what the need of this.

Kunj didn’t said anything just sat on his knees
Twinkle looked on confused.


Hello guys! I am back after my exams. Thanks for beautiful comments.
Next epi will be as soon as comments will cross 15
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  1. Roshini125

    Ohh such a short one….post next asap
    I m in love with this ff

    1. Thanks for liking it even urs is my fav.
      I didn’t realize it’s too short. Sorry for that. I will make next one longer??

  2. Presha

    Loved it

    1. Thanks preshu ?

  3. yrr fabulous episode
    pr bahut short tha dear
    next time plzzz thoda long
    post soon

    1. Thanks ?
      Sorry for short I will try to post longer

  4. Awesome…. guys pls do comment… and ya pls post soon❤️❤️

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      Will try to post today else tomorrow pakka

  5. Amazing

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  6. Jasmin

    Awesome epi..sry i m in a hurry soo not writing much..but really it was amazing..plzz post soon..n i hope the next one would be ya!! ♥♥

    1. Thanks ?
      Will try to post today else tomorrow pakka
      Next one will be longer hope so?
      Love you

  7. Kiya1234

    Nice episode post soon ????❣️❣️

    1. Thanks ?
      Will post today else tomorrow pakka

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  8. Nice episode

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  9. Awsm episode dear
    Loved it very much
    Why does kunj sat on his knees????
    Is he going to propose her or will simply say to twinkle that u are going to study from now onwards..
    Plzzz post soon…U ended in suspense??
    Main toh kitne maje se padh rahi thi par yeh toh shuru hone se pehle hi kharam ho gya….
    Post soon
    Love u

    1. Thanks ?
      Will see why he sat on his knees?
      And sorry for not fulfilling your tummy
      Love you too

  10. SidMin23

    Finally kunj is confessing to twinkle can’t wait for next part.

    1. Thanks ?
      Confession or something else will see in next epi?

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  11. Anusha

    Yar nice episode loved it so much
    Plz post soon

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  12. Nice episode

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  13. Ananya_DSK

    Awesome!!! Absolutely loved it!
    Is Kunj going to help Twinkle continue her studies?? I hope so… Fingers crossed ??
    It would be great if the upcoming episodes are longer yaar….

    1. Thanks ?
      Will see what is going to happen
      Sorry for short. I will try next one longer

  14. awesome epi
    definitely kunj is going to help in further studies of twinkle!
    can’t wait to read next part
    plz next time make it little longer
    luv u

    1. Thanks ?
      Sorry for short. I will try next one longer
      Love you too ?

  15. Unheard-Of

    Ooooooh!??… (This was the 1st thing that came accross my mind…)
    It was superb yaar?? n i really mean it…!? The last part was just as appealing as it could be!?
    Waiting for the next one eagerly…

    1. Thanks for beautiful appreciation ?
      Will try to post today else tomorrow pakka

    1. Thanks ?

  16. Pls a longer episode and it was just cliffhanger pata hi naHi chala pls agla wala post karo na

  17. Pls a longer episode and it was just cliffhanger pata hi naHi chala pls agla wala post karo na yeh toh drabble se bhi chota tha w
    Enna chotu nahi chahiye next wala

    1. Thanks ?
      Sorry for short. I will surely write next one longer ?

  18. Twinj2000

    That was just amazing ????
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    I guess kunj ll hell her continue her studies ???
    Want more of twinj …can’t wait ?
    Plz try To Post soon??
    Waiting ??
    Love you ❤️❤️❤️

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  19. Shalini15

    Amazing fabulous post. Loved it

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  20. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing
    What is kunj up-to

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      U will get to know in next one
      Next is posted

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