Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – Ff (Episode 10)

Episode 10

Twinkle was seeing Sia with desire and dream in her eyes. Daai MAA saw this and thought to talk to kunj. Half Day passed with Twinkle helping daai MAA in kitchen. Kunj and Sia too came in afternoon. Twinkle was trying a new dish in kitchen when kunj asked
K: daaii MAA where is this siyappa?

D: (laughing) in the kitchen trying a new dish.

K: ho Gaya siyappa now who will eat her new experiment ?.

Kunj said while remembering the few days back incident
Kunj returned from office and saw Twinkle in kitchen. She was making something with full interest when kunj said
K: what r making siyappa queen that too with much interest

T:(glared him) I am trying to make aloo paratha.

K: aloo paratha and u impossible ?

T(angrily) I will show u Mr sadu.

K: let’s see miss siyappa …….. Kunj said while pulling Twinkle cheeks.
After sometime Twinkle came out of kitchen fully covered with flour with a plate of paratha in her hands. Twinkle put infront of kunj and said him to eat. They were looking very delicious by looks. Kunj put a piece in his mouth and then ..
He shoUted
K: aahhhhhhh……mirchi…Pani ….Pani

Twinkle ran and took water for him and gave to kunj. Kunj first glared at her but took water from her. When kunj feel better he shouted
K: I will not leave u siyyapa Queen…
Saying this he ran behind her
Flashback ends
Remembering all that kunj said
K: Nooooo …… This time I will not try her new experiment.
Sia and daaii MAA was laughing seeing him. When daai MAA sent Sia to her room and said kunj that she wanna talk to him
K: g daaii MAA say.

D: kunj beta what u thought about Twinkle?

K: what do you mean daaii MAA?

D: means beta that she gonna stay here or ….?

K: I am understanding what you are saying but I never have courage to ask her about her past

D: beta I understand that but u have to ask her and if she is here then at least u should think about her studies her future. Today I saw some dreams in her eyes seeing sia. She also want to study. U ask her what she was studying and help her to get admission.

K: thanks daaii MAA I totally forgot about all that. I will surely ask her.
At that only they saw Twinkle coming out of kitchen with plate of cake in her hand. Daaii MAA hurriedly excused herself and went to her room while kunj was there.
T: kunj try this new marble ?. I made it with so much difficulty.

K: no I am not gonna try ur new experiment. Still I didn’t forget ur last one

T(sheepishly) . But this is so yummy. At least try na

Twinkle made him eat forcefully and it was really yummy.
K: wah miss siyappa it’s so yummy. If u keep doing experiment like this then I am ready.
Then they had a lot of fun teasing each other and laughing wholeheartedly when kunj remembered daaii MAA talks and got serious
K: Twinkle

T: hmmm( she saw him getting serious and was worried) what happened

K: I wanna ask …..ummm…..that Twinkle … Wo …ur family.

Twinkle understand her question and her face paled at that. Then she said
T: I have no one in this world.
But if u have any problem with my staying here I will go don’t worry

K: no Twinkle it’s not like that

T: it’s nothing wrong kunj…. I can understand even I was thinking also till when will I stay here. I can’t being a burden on anyone

K: shhhh… No it’s not like that… U r not a burden on us. U r like our family. Daaii MAA also want u to stay here. Even me and Sia also want this. I just ask this becoz we can’t being selfish and separate u from ur family but now I am hell happy that my bestie will stay here….(he said while cupping her face)
T: but ku..( interupted)

K: no more arguments
He hugged her Twinkle also reciprocate. She was happy getting someone who r best and care for her a lot.
K: Twinkle u must be studying na before coming here

T: has

K: hmm ….. What were u studying ?

T: I was doing medical last year.

K: hmmm ok . Ok u go and change then we will talk.
He said becoz Twinkle smeared chocolate on her dress.
T: ok………….but she was sad as kunj didn’t respond after asking about her studies
On the other hand kunj had some other plans.


Surprise for Twinkle

Hii this time I am early becoz I was too much happy at the response seriously guys I love u so much. Keep commenting and reading . This is for all my readers specially for Sanju sweetheart and roshni becoz roshni want back to back episodes as I can’t fulfill her wish becoz of my exams so this is a small piece. Plzz pray for my exams. And if I get same wonderful response I will post two to three episodes as bonus so now upto u all.
Sorry dear writers for not commenting but still I didn’t read ur articles. I will read after exams and surely comment then.

Love you all ?
Keep supporting and smiling

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