Sometimes…..(KKB) Intro

Another random one….

Abhi is seen running after a small boy. He is breathing heavily now unable to catch up with the boy.

Abhi “Enough Rinku! How long are you running?”

Rinku stopped and turned to look at Abhi.

He giggled at how weak Abhi despite being much taller and bigger he is.

Abhi “I know what u are thinking Rinku. It’s not like u are thinking. You have more energy as you are younger than me!”

Rinku “Papa! You have more energy than me if not how you carry me?” He asked which made Abhi smile.

No matter how tired he was he doesn’t feel tired to carry his son.

Abhi coming near him “Because you are my favourite toy to carry and play with!” He said that and carried him immediately.

Rinku shrieked “Papa!!! I am not a toy!!”

Abhi then carried him to his car.

Rinku was keep on screaming to let him go as he wants to run!

Abhi doesn’t understand why he likes to run so much. Maybe it’s genetics he thought.

Rinku “Papa this is very unfair!!” He said by crossing his arms.

Abhi “My cute boy, we will run at our home. Ok?”

Rinku “Papa not on the treadmill!”
Abhi chuckled hearing it and said “Okok we will run around the house.”

Rinku squealed in happiness.

Abhi smiled at his happiness. Rinku is his shine of happiness that he wishes not to disappear forever. He would do anything for his happiness.

Rinku softly “Papa…” Abhi “Haan boy, what u want?”

Rinku “When will Mumma come?” Abhi jerked and stopped driving.

He doesn’t have answers for this. It’s very hard for him every time to come up with reasons to tell Mumma will come back. In fact is he is not even married. Rinku’s birth itself is something complicated that he can’t share it with him. He is still too young to understand about it. Now what reason will he come up with to divert Rinku’s thoughts.

Rinku “Papa! Papa! Tell me when Mumma will come!”

Abhi closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

When he opened his eyes he saw a girl in blue saree running pass his car hurriedly. It seems she is being chased. He looks closely and sees some goons chasing her.

Abhi “Rinku! Stay here, you see someone is trying to disturb her. I will go and help her.”

Rinku “I will come to help too!!” Abhi “Stay here Rinku. You can’t chase them!” He said by making sure his seat belt was on.

Rinku reminded “Papa it’s you who can’t run as fast as me.” Abhi shook his head before leaving the car. Rinku made a grumpy face in response.

He follows in their direction. He sees her crying badly to leave her alone. He raised his voice making the goons to look at him. The girl who looks at this sees him. She recognizes who it is. She finds it unbelievable to see him after many years. What’s in her destiny that she needs to see a man whom she never loved but shared a bond with him. A very distantly delicate bond……

How was it? I will only continue this based on response as I am not sure of how is it.

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  1. hii maya it was superb!!! you know that I am a silent reader but I couldn’t stop myself commenting to this. as usual I was reading all your ffs. I mean how can you come up with that much different types of ideas even when you are busy with your personal matters. its just amazing dear. keep up the brilliant work. I find that you are a very nice person. so can we be friends?

  2. Pls do continue sissy hw they r connected soonnnn reveal d suspense excited keep rocking eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt updt ❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????

  3. Hi.. Maya.. Its really nice.. Plz continue..

  4. Dilsh

    It was fantabulous. Cant wait for the next update. Pls update soon. Im in the mood for lots of reading today.mwah great work

  5. Fantabulous ????????
    Hope you keep ggving us more stories as they are inspiration for me
    Commenting for the first time
    Love you

  6. Loved it
    Keep updating waiting for more
    Keep it up
    Stay blessed

  7. Honey

    Lovely darls..i don’t how u guys get that much time to write yaar…while reading ur ffs i forgot to write mine??

  8. Saranya24

    Wow tis is marvellous no wrds u started itself wit suspense oly so iam waitng fr nxt love u akka??????

  9. Loved it

  10. I am a silent reader
    Please don’t ever stop writing or else my life will become slow and sad

  11. Hi maya sisy,
    Is it a question to ask?
    When is the next update? I am waiting to read

  12. Do you know one thing Maya. You are making me go crazy with you ending style. This is an awesome start. Waiting to know more to read more about them.

  13. U r the only one who regularly gives updates in kkb ff.the rest make us wait like decades(feel) .and ofcourse as usuall its really good do continue.

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  15. I heard u are going to stop writing!! No don’t do that please. You give me peace… And another different story from you.. I will comment regularly please at least for me. Don’t stop please

    1. Prabhi


  16. Good and hope ur all stories will be good as much as u give

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