Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 9

Pragya now meets outside Rinku for their chota gang meeting. In that meeting, Rinku accidentally asks her whether she likes his dad. Pragya says he is a nice dad to you & I like nice dad as she doesn’t have a nice dad.

Rinku feels sad for her. He asks her not to worry. He also says he feels some changes in his dad. Pragya asks what are the changes. Rinku reveals that now his dad is smiling in front of mirror. He frequently asks him whether he is looking handsome with beard or does he need to shave it off. Rinku informs that his friend said, his dad likes her and that’s why he is now being beauty conscious. Pragya hearing that gets alarmed. She brushes off his thoughts by saying don’t think too much as Abhi still loves his Ma. She also adds on saying Abhi is behaving different to give competition to him. Rinku hearing that said it’s possible as I am also getting handsome day by day. He is feeling insecure of his handsomeness. Pragya chuckles hearing that but at the back of her mind she keeps thinking of what if Abhi likes her like Rinku said.

Pragya, This is impossible. But as Rinku said I have also noticed him looking at me differently. He smiles at me more. He asks me if I want anything very gently. He always look at me when I am with the kids. I am not sure is he liking me for being with the kids or liking me for other reason. But definitely love can’t happen at all. It’s complicated if it happens. It is better for Rinku to think that his Ma is somewhere separated from Abhi. I have to do something to show Abhi that I can’t like or love him.

A few days later,
Abhi on Rinku’s stubbornness turned up at his dance class. Yes Rinku is learning dance! He loves dance. He recently joined the dance class. Abhi was very worried for him as he was already occupied with chota gang & now this dance class. But as usual Rinku convinced him saying he will manage. He also said if he can’t manage he will stop going to dance class. Abhi did dropped Rinku at the dance class but never went inside to see as Rinku asked him not to come in as there are more girls than boys are inside the dance class. But today he asked to come inside as he was performing his first mini dance performance that he learnt from the first few lessons.

Abhi asks one of the instructors of where is Rinku & she brings him to another instructor. Abhi finds her back similar. Instructor “Pragya….Rinku’s dad is here….” Pragya turns around & Abhi is surprised to see her!

Abhi “You are here?” Pragya “Yes…why I can’t be here is it?” Abhi “I thought you were…” Pragya “What were you thinking?” Abhi “No leave that.” Pragya was about to say something when some man back hugged her. Seeing that Abhi was gritting his teeth.

Pragya “Oh god! Krish! How many times I have to say not to hug like this in front of kids!!!” She breaks away from the hug & looks at the kids chuckling. Abhi was giving a blank face.

Krish “I came to surprise you sweetheart!! How’s the dance lessons going?”

Pragya “Ya it’s good.Krish, meet Mr Abhi, one of my student’s father.” Krish smiles & forwards his hand for a handshake. Abhi shakes his hand violently to which Krish screams “Oh man!!! That was a very tight grip!” He finally manages to take his hand away from the handshake.

Abhi smirks to himself thinking of breaking Krish’s hands that hugged Pragya.

Pragya “ This is Krish, my best friend.” Krish “Unfortunately, I am her best friend. Fortunately she is my best enemy. She always scolds me for everything.”

Pragya “Krish!!! I scold you for your good. If I never scold u then u will irresponsible yaar…” Krish “Not bad Sweetheart now u are being quite polite to me. Oh…I know, Mr Abhi is around na….” He teases her by pulling her cheek which makes Abhi to feel as if his blood his boiling.

Abhi interrupts “Where is Rinku?” Pragya “He is over there. He is waiting for you to see how he is in his new costume.” Abhi saying thank u leaves from there in anger.

Krish whispers “So are u going to make him believe that I am your boyfriend.” Pragya “No…first it’s a love failure then love success….” Krish “Huh?” Pragya asks him to come closer & she reveals her plan to him in his ears. Abhi seeing that from a distance, wish he have a scissors now to cut his ears.

Rinku “Papa!!! I think he is Pragie’s boyfriend!!!” Abhi frowns at Rinku for saying that way. Rinku test scared in response. Abhi then quickly changes his reaction by smiling. Abhi “You got scared na Rinku!!! Nanny Nanny poo poo! I made u scared too!!!”

Rinku “Papa, nowadays you are getting very naughty. I wish Ma is here to control you.” Abhi hearing it looks at Pragya.

Abhi, I wish she is your Ma….I know it’s wrong to think this way….but I don’t know why….By seeing her it makes me feel she is my wife & your Ma…..

Rinku pinches Abhi’s hand & asks to see his dance steps before he gives his performance.

Abhi gets impressed of the way Rinku dances. The steps were really very cute. Especially the step where Rinku shakes his back.

Rinku “Papa!! Why are u keep on laughing?” Abhi “It’s so cute & funny! What song are u dancing to?”

Rinku tells it’s zoobie doobie from 3 idiots.
Abhi “Wow, so u are Amir khan ah? Then who is your Kareena kapoor?” Rinku blushes hearing it. He simply points at a direction & Abhi sees a small girl in pink dress talking to her mum.

Abhi “She is good but if u are so shy then how are u going to dance my son?”

Rinku “I have practised Papa….you don’t tease I am dancing with girls!” Abhi hugging him said “Ok my amir khan! Dance well with your kareena kapoor. Wait let me go & wish her too.” Rinku “Papa!!! No!!! U just stay with me!!!”

Later Rinku & his partner performed well gaining applause & whistles from other students & parents. To his surprise, Rinku’s partner even kissed on his cheek as a form thanking him. Seeing that Abhi teased Rinku more saying his partner is likes him a lot.

Abhi thanked the dance instructors except for Pragya before leaving the place with Rinku.

Krish “Looks like he is really pissed off!” Pragya “It’s good that way too. But….” Krish “But?” Pragya “But when he looks annoyed he looks adorable….” Krish in a teasing way “Awww…..” Pragya “I told the truth. Don’t u feel that way?” Krish “I don’t feel that way. You feel that way as you have feelings for him….”

Pragya “No feelings! Just stop blabbering!” She says and walks away. Krish “No matter how much u hide….it’s clearly seen in your face you like him too…”

Pragya “Yes Mr Abhi, this is the same place he was lost.” Abhi “He was lost? Oh…he means he is a 8 year old boy ah?” Pragya “No! He was 28 years old when he got lost.” Abhi “What??? 28 year old man was lost!! He got to be a fool!” Pragya “Don’t ever say Dish as fool! He is like my tool!” Abhi “Dish is a tool! So u lost a 28 year old dish aka tool.” Pragya frowned hearing it.

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